Episode-583- Listener Feedback 1-10-11 — 19 Comments

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  2. Inflation in plain sight. So true it is.

    I am a Director with one of the larger Fortune 500 US Foods producers (hey – it’s a job, for now). We will be announcing the first of a few increase this year in just a few days. At trade events all fall, every other manufacturer I interface with was also planning substantial increases to implement just after the 1st of the year. You won’t see this reported until July/August when the B2B pipeline readjusts and the new prices start hitting the street.

    The base ingredients are costing us more, employee benefits costs are skyrocketing (Obama Care), and the bean counters are integrating heavy diesel prices into our plan for the year. Oil/diesel increases are most evident in shipping and fertilizer expense.

    I am getting off my but and getting fruit and nut trees planted as soon as we thaw out. FOOD WILL COST MUCH MORE this year. You are spot on. No downside to self production and buying ahead (store what you eat). For investments- it’s a sure thing.

    Thanks Jack
    Keep up the great work.

    • Something to keep in mind is the cost per unit. Often the changes in packaging results in a lower cost per unit. I did see that Kroger reduced their 6.5lb Tyson chicken breast package to 6.25. The per unit cost was actually lower M/M. I suspect in the coming months we’ll see that increase. The other thing to keep in mind is to look at the 3-month rolling price average Y/Y.

      With all the stories about how how much a can of beanie weenies have gone up this month people need to keep in mind manufacturers are constantly throwing promo/advertising dollars for sales incentives. You’d be amazed to look over time on a month to month basis, how much product increase and decrease in price (ergo the 3-month rolling average).

      That’s not to say inflation isn’t happening. I about had a heart attack last weekend. I’m just saying there are a lot of factors that I don’t believe is being addressed in many of the lame stream news stories. Yeah, I know. Shocking.

  3. I’ve been planting 50 nut seedlings a year for 8 years. Not all grow but figure soon I will have some black walnuts and pecans growing. Black walnuts seemed to have done best so should start producing in the next few years. will keep planting them and hopefully we’ll get lots of them. BTW We planted hickory’s also and have been getting heavy harvests every few years so they grow faster. Hard to crack them out but mighty fine eating! We do our own water supply from our own pond system so no chloride or fluoride here except for what might be there naturally but nothing shows up in our periodic lab tests.

  4. @Cherlynn,

    Hey try boiling those hickories for about 10-20 minutes and let cool then crack. I can’t say if it works because I haven’t tried it yet but it is supposed to make shelling a lot easier.

  5. I just wonder could they stop you from buying thing,s on the internet.Like a large surplus of food or ammo etc.Or god forbid a firearm.

  6. The internet ID bull crap will work as well as the ariline trusted ID thing that went bellyup, another wast of money on someones not very bright idea.

  7. I read another article about internet ID here:

    To me this is just like (sorry Jack)Senate bill 510. Even if they don’t get it right the first time or take baby steps with it there is still a frame work that flies in the face of the America people and our liberties and freedoms protected under the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. I was surprised to hear Jack get so wound up about Obama and I found it refreshing and I cheered him on. We all need to get that upset about this guy. He and others like him want us under scrutiny and want our money, all of it and they will stop at nothing to get it. We are faced with a country who’s leadership in all levels is blinded by the amount of power they think they can throw around. Just like SB 510, they say they are doing it for our own good and that we need protection from farm grown E Coli but I find that completely false. The infected foods came from Mexico and really, why are we buying food from there? Do we think they can grow better greens with material salvaged from a destination with a waste facility?

    Let us contact our representatives and congress people and send them this information, most likely they know nothing about this. If Obama puts this through it will be through his back-door system that he has constructed over the past two years all but making congress an obsolete entity. Tom Gresham said in last Sunday’s broadcast of Gun Talk that he believed 2011 is going to be a very tough year. It is not an election year, it will be a stealth year for Obama and all that he will inflict for how this country has rejected his agenda. Be on the look out for more maneuvers from the E.P.A, the B.A.T.F.E and many other alphabet soup groups. He may not be able to cut off our manhood and brag about it but he going to squeeze’m hard in a vise.

  8. The fluoride crap has been a bit of a button for me. I was absolutely livid when I read the nonsense that Eastern Municipal Water District sent out when they announced a few years back that they were going to start adding fluoride to the water. They even had an insert openly insulting the “small minority” of individuals that believe that the fluoride in the water could be a health concern. I’m definitely planning to write these clowns to ask them if they are ready to yank their heads out and breath something other than their own methane.

    Plain and simple (and Jack touched somewhat on some of these):
    – Fluoride is the one and only pharmaceutical additive being openly added to public water supplies by our government despite having no objective evidence of safety or efficacy.
    – The “streaking” seen in the teeth is present in every bone of the affected persons body.
    – The new lower amount proposed has no rational to it. It is just another guess for how much rat poison they can get away with putting in the water.
    – Their may be a certain degree of fluoride that the average person can tolerate, but given that there is already ambient fluoride to deal with, and there is absolutely no evidence (or even a half cocked theory) that internal use of fluoride has a benefit, the amount of “supplemental” fluoride being ingested should always be ZERO. Less is better.

  9. Just an FYI (not nitpicking), I always heard my dad and grandpa pronounce chinquapin as “chinky-pin.” Both of them are southerners who know their shrubs/trees. Thanks for another great show!

  10. Just listened to this episode again. Spot on on the gun buying advise. I picked up a Hi-Point 9mm carbine for Christmas. For $225 at Cabela’s and a lifetime warranty I wasn’t to worried.

    For fun I ordered the suppressor for $15 direct from Hi-point. They got it to me in a week and even three in a free T shirt. Even better deal.

    Then I took it to the range to have some fun. It was as accurate as I am. Shooting 2-3MOA groups off hand. Dead on at 25 yards. Trigger was a bit stiff and I had to use some para cord to make a slung attachment in the right place to not cant the rifle when slung up. But for $225 more than I could have asked for.

    I was having so much fun I let the guys I’m the next lane put a msg through her and both said they were going to pick one up. Don’t let the marketing hype and expert opinion foil you. Some cheap guns can be very accurate.

  11. We grow pecans, black walnuts, and some English walnuts. You are exactly right about the production periods.. 7 to 10 years to come into production and that’s if the trees are well managed. If anyone plans to grow improved variety pecans, try to do your homework.. location, weather, rainfall, humidity, cultivar, variety and any pre-existing pecan pests in your area can make or break a small orchard. We’ve learned a lot over the years about these things..

    I was glad to see some news finally coming out about the fluoride. I was frustrated with the folks at our water treatment plant after taking our Cub Scout troop on a field trip to see how our city treats and provides water to the community. When I suggested that fluoride is a pollutant that is allowed into our water, not an additive with health benefits, the superintendent became a bit upset with me.

    I’ll be watching this internet ID story and contacting my elected officials.. thanks for bringing to our attention.

    RE: hidden inflation – I think most folks who are food preppers have already learned to focus more closely on package volume or price per ounce. So while the common shoppers may continue to purchase their usual products, it will take some time for them to realize their losses.. which will probably occur when they find themselves making additional trips to the grocery store to replenish their stock of items that used to last a bit longer.

    Thanks for a great show.

  12. Hey Jack, thanks so much for your insight on the JPMC/commodities question. I hear you loud and clear on the motivations of the JPMC and it’s not something I had thought about before you said it, but now makes perfect sense.

    With that said, obviously they’re predicting a shit storm of inflation and/or devaluation and are hedging and we all should take that perspective as part of our balanced opinion. Regarding my personal situation, this year we purchased the home I plan on living in until I’m in my 80s (and I’m in my 40s now). It’s a three acre homestead that was built between the 1920s and 1950s in stages and we’ve had a blast bringing it up to date and making it ours. My greatest concern is peak oil and the economic consequences we’ll see as $100+/barrel oil takes its toll on the global economy in the not-so-distant future, thus, energy self-sufficiency is my highest goal (I already have 18 months of food stored and have plans for the garden and food forest in the works). My portfolio is gold-heavy since the price has risen 45% since I entered the market, so to re-balance with an investment in solar (self installed with some help from my electrical engineer brother) seems like one good place to go. I also need a wood stove to help with heating expenses, although the new 91% efficient gas boiler has done amazing things already (vs. the electric heat it had when we bought it). Overall, I see a better ROI on energy producing and energy efficiency investment right now as far better than anything I’ll see in any of the markets over the next decade, so that’s where a good portion of my asset allocation is going (with obvious cash reserves, continued retirement contributions, etc.).

    Thanks again for all that you do to help make the lives of your listeners better every day.

    Mark (endurance)

  13. @Scramblin

    Not a suppressor…a compensator. Big difference. A suppressor would require a class 3 FFL that costs $150 not including the price of the suppressor.