Episode-571- Marjory Wildcraft of Back Yard Food Production — 13 Comments

  1. Awesome interview…I also have Marjory’s DVD and have watched it with my family (as well as rewatching it myself a few times). We’ve been able to apply some of her concepts on a small scale in our backyard and my kids (as well as my wife and I) have benefited from the experience in many ways…working together on each project has been my favorite and has been a real growing experience for my family…along the veggies and herbs my kids have helped grow and enjoyed on the table. Plans to expand are in the works, one being we’re building a pretty cool chicken coop 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration and info Marjory…and thanks for doing this podcast series Jack. I found your site through Ron and Karen’s magazine and you do an awesome job here!….Dennis

  2. Great interview Jack!

    Marjory hosted Sam of Human Path for some workshops a while back and was a very gracious host. She gave a tour and it was great to see what they were able to do.

    I also have her DVD… it is truely a great resource. Get it if you don’t have it.

    However, I did find the background noise in the podcast a bit distracting.

  3. Thank you Marjory for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us today! Your explanation on how to deal with the emotional side of butchering your own meat was very helpful for me.

  4. Really enjoyed the content. Sounds like you are using a new microphone, it picks up everything. I noticed when Marjory was talking I could hear you “multi-tasking”. Maybe turn down the gain (sensitivity) a bit.

  5. Same mic as always and I am not sure what is going on. Believe it or not the majority of the noise is noting more than the chair moving as I shift in it. Very weird if you notice it never does it when I am talking. Seems like some skype setting I need to sort our that is upping the gain on my end when it is quiet and dropping it when I am talking.

    This is the same mic at the same gain I do the show with every day. I will sort it out folks sorry about the issues in the mean time.

  6. What a super show! I had family visiting my little farm from California. They were very interested in what we’ve been doing and even started taking notes. When I turned on your podcast for the day, they were riveted!

    It was great to watch n00bs have the “lights go on!” I’ll be ordering the DVD for them as soon as I can.

    Point of interest, they live in the Dervaes’ neighborhood!

    Thanks Jack and thanks to Marjory as well.


  7. Yeah, Jack. I swear I could hear you clipping your toenails during this interview.

    Kidding, kidding, kidding.

    Very good interview. You definitely need her back on in the future.

    While watching Marjory’s DVD, I had guessed that she grew up and lived there her whole life. It’s inspiring to learn that she chose that lifestyle as an informed adult.

    Great work.

  8. Hey Jack,
    I’m running way behind so I just got to hear this today (Friday).
    But great show. Marjory did great!
    I’m so glad she came on and shared with us.

  9. I love her DVD! She is very thoughtful.
    I am looking forward to you having her back on to discuss forming local communities. I want to do this.

  10. Outstanding interview Jack and Marjory!

    Thank you both.

    I am a bit behind on my listening and had the opportunity hear this interview while driving to work this past weekend.

    I’ve learned a great deal from Marjory’s excellent DVD, but this interview helped to answer some questions that popped up.

    The segment on butchering was one of the best explanations I’ve heard, and I come from a background of raising and butchering livestock.
    That segment will be of great benefit to anyone that hears it.

    I look forward to future interviews with Marjory, life is a “learning experience”, & I appreciate the work you both do.



  11. I just heard about sustainable farming recently
    as in last night on Coast to Coast AM.
    We may not live in dire times on stressful ones.
    However as a city child I know I’d better learn
    lessons quick! Though the first cowboys were from
    New York City, Metropolis folk are spoiled.

    I’ll crisscrossing the country for a while and need
    to learn farming even it I’m landless for now i plan
    to begin planting mushrooms where I live and buy Ms.
    Wildcrafts video, and other books.

    I don’t know how to kill rabbits,butcher animals but I can learn step by step process.
    Errors made by many will help me make less and
    hopefully nothing fatal. From animal husbandry to
    growing medicinal herbs, learning to make bows+arrows
    to may bullets if not guns. It seems even if nothing
    bad happens it’s always wise to be prepared.

    Soon as I can there will be video orders and books to buy. For now learning to grow mushrooms is a priority and watering my cactus (Don)lol.
    Thank You, this in need for folks like me who didn’t
    have a clue but are able to self start once logic
    dictates certain scenarios whether they arrive or not.