Episode-562- Dave Canterbury on Survivability for the Common Man — 13 Comments

  1. I would like to give an example of getting lost through no mistake of your own. I used to run in Orienteering meets (cross country with a map and compass). This particular meet used a 20 year old map that they gave to the participants. I discovered that there was a massive underground pipeline not on the map that was throwing my compass way off. Luckily, I was able to re-orient myself using topography. But, there are plenty of external factors that can cause you to get lost.

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  4. No Power Nights… In the podcast the topic of living without power was mentioned. “Duct taping the electrical outlets for a week. Here is my personal experience and comments on this:

    Too many moons ago, when we were still newlyweds, the ‘better half’ and I would spend at least one evening a week in “NO POWER MODE”. Aka: A no power night. Quite simply: No electric lights, No microwave or electric range/oven. (We cooked on gas anyway.), No TV, Radio only if wind-up or battery powered, No telephone. (did not make calls, did not answer calls), Nothing using standard household electric power. The two exceptions to the above were: 1-the household (220 VAC ) water pump when we flushed the toilet, Not practical for a short duration exercise like this. & 2-If my Mother in-law appeared on caller-ID since we looked after her we did answer her telephone call.

    The reason for this was being newlyweds, we were basically penniless, and this was a great cost-saving exercise. We read, played board games/cards, etc. We had a blast! The blizzard ’93 proved how valuable this weekly lesson was. We were living in NE Alabama at the time and received a 4-foot ‘gift’ of snow, and no power/water for 3 weeks. It was like camping with the following differences: The “tent” was whole lot more comfortable and warmer, and the chow was a whole lot better! Ok, fast-forward 25+ years. Yes, we are doing a whole lot better financially. But the exercise and experience is just as important for other reasons.

    Ever notice just many otherwise “normal” people totally freak-out if the electric goes off? How do your kids or grandkids react when the normal conveniences of modern life (IE: electric and running water), suddenly go off-line?

    Nowadays, the list for a NO POWER NIGHT would also include: No computer, No MP3 player (kids), No video games.

    Now that I have rambled-on for a few minutes of your time, the above occurred to me tonight while sitting around a fire outside. Simple pleasures. A fire, good company, hot beverage, great conversation. NO ELECTRIC REQUIRED! But also a great exercise for people who wish to camp, or prepare for living without our ‘modern conveniences’.

    Simply food for thought.


  5. On to less primitive methods of starting fire. On several occasions when it was very wet in the backwoods and I wanted fire, I have used my backpacking stove to get-er-going

    Another reason to keep one in your BOB, and probably more useful than carrying around a flare

    I would say it qualifies as “sure fire”

  6. Cody has turned down repeated invitations, it is on you guys to get him to come on the air at this point.

  7. Listened to this episode in the car with my kinds and after it was over all my son could say was “hit in the groin with a bat……daddy that would hurt real bad”. That made me laugh again and again.