Episode-561- Building Your Own Long Term Rations — 8 Comments

  1. Do you guys have transcripts available? I never seem to have more than five uninterrupted minutes (2 puppies and a grandbaby) but I spend a lot of time waiting in cars etc when I could make good use of my time reading. Thanks

  2. It was mentioned that the size vegetables were chopped affected how much of the item is in a given measure. One way around this is instead of using volume measurement use weight. It would take a little reworking and the level to which different people get their foods dehydrated might have an impact, but an ounce of cellery is an ounce of celery no matter how you cut, chop, or dice it. Just a thought.
    Thanks for the great starter ideas Jack.

  3. This was for me was a very timely topic extremely well researched and communicated. I hope the listening audience isn’t hearing the info here and missing its’ significance. I will go over this one over and over. A great perspective also on Mountain House foods, one of our favorites, but we also look to the homemade, custom approach. More of this topic will be welcome.

  4. Jack,

    Another great show. Can’t wait to try some of them. A good book with similar advice on the subjects is Dinner Is In The Jar: Quick and Easy Dinner Mixes in Mason Jars or Mylar Bags by Kathy Clark.

  5. Hraz: just found that book on Amazon for $15 and good rating, I’m going for it. I learned about using dehydrated veggies to make a seasoning from Mary Bell’s book on dehydrating. Nice thing about that is that it hydrates along with whatever food your using.

    I replayed this episode again today, next time with a note book. Couple these techniques with cast iron cooking and we are approaching nirvana.

  6. You had me right up until the hate on TVP began. I have been cooking for 20+ years with TVP and actually enjoy it quite a lot. For most of that time, I ate no meat or fish. Slowly I am getting back to eating fish and fowl but still enjoy cooking with TVP. I think that the problem that most people have with it is that they expect it to be a meat substitute when it is not that at all. It does not actually have a flavor until you give it one. Anyway… I guess it is something you either love or hate. For me, TVP is a big part of my preps because it is a cheap protein source that I am well versed in and know how to make it flavorful to me.

  7. This episode combined with a B.O.B is a great combo Jack. I like the idea of ‘bases’ to go.

    Even for everyday living, I’m a single guy who is always trying to come up with single meal solutions.