Episode-554- Listener Calls 11-18-10 — 16 Comments

  1. Hey, not sure where to post this tid bit, but Glenn Beck is going to do a show tonight on food storage!! Expect more people to find you Jack. This is how I found you in the first place…

  2. 1. I concur on riding a motorcycle daily in the DFW area. I did that at one time. After getting hit twice in 2 months by idiots yacking on their cell phones, I gave up on it. It was just to dangerous in this area.
    2. I got rid of squirrels by attracting feral cats. I put out food for them. Once they were coming around regularly, I trapped them, took them to the vet and had them fixed. When the vet said it was OK, I released them back into the yard. The cats keep the squirrel population down and it keeps the feral cat population down. Plus, there’s nothing like watching 3 feral cats play with a squirrel tail.

  3. Really disappointed that I can’t find a (Eton) Grundig FR200 anywhere – seems to be no longer made. 🙁

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on some of the newer models of Grundig. Amazon directs searches for the FR200 to the FR250, but there’s not much there in the way of reviews (and then there’s the issue of how reliable the reviews are anyway :).


  4. You may also checkout the Nokero solar lights for rechargeable lighting. I could not find the lights the one caller talked about.

  5. I was a bit disappointed that Glenn did not cover much about food storage or preparation. Hopefully he has sparked some attention and interest in people who were blind to the level of trouble we are in for. I have enjoyed using this website as a fellow resource for food storage methods:

    This site is run by two women who are very much into all methods of canning, dehydrating and gardening. I recommend it.

  6. Sangean makes a great line of shortwaves, I use separate rechargable batteries and a solar battery charger.

  7. Hey Jack, all the talk about your draw today and the mention of cinders (which I didn’t realize was a local PA term) reminded me of a funny, but true website about the local slang. There are a lot of general “redneck” terms, but a lot of things in that list are local to the PA coal region like halushkies, soupies, and youze. Good stuff!

  8. I am a female bike rider & use it to save gas which is over $3 a gallon! (I wear a helmet!)
    I now live in NE Pa. from south Jersey & find the people here have a west Va. twang also.
    We are VERY rural & use wood, propane, solar & wind to keep us away from the burr of winter.
    Thanks for all the great shows!

  9. @Derek I saw that before, kinda cool. Been thinking about emailing them some the ones they missed like “daseer”. As in go into the shanty and get me the daseer off the green ting on top of that fridge”.

  10. Just wanted to ring in on the ladybugs.
    Often they are looking for a spot to overwinter. They hibernate (sort of) every winter and will return to the same place year after year. They will also bring multiple generations to the same location.
    Jack hit a great point about selling them. There is an active market and people gather them in the woods for the purpose of selling them. If you have a steady supply it could be a side income. Maybe set up a web site and sell them mail order.

  11. i have the $30 Eton red cross radio, also marketed as the Red Cross Microlink. Its the small handheld one with a solar panel which actually powers the radio pretty sufficiently. The hand crank comes in at night or to charge the USB jack.
    I like that it has the more robust manual tune wheel as opposed to a digital one.
    Small enough for the BOB!

  12. I recently picked up a used Grundig FR200 from ebay complete with case, manual, and a flawless looking exterior. It works as advertised with a reasonable amount of cranking, which is cool. The only issue I have with it is that not matter how high I turn the volume up, and even with batteries in place, the speaker is barely audible. I mean you really have to be in a silent room, and be pretty close to the thing to make anything out on it. I’m wondering whether other people have experienced this or if I just got stuck with a lemon.

  13. @Justin, not at all I used to listen to mine in a boat at the lake. Sounds to me like this is whythe guy sold it, I do think it has an earphone jack though if I remember right so you might keep some ear buds in the kit with it, that could salvage this buy.

  14. The headphone jack works just fine, so that’s what I’m planning on doing. I do like the radio so I’ll probably try picking up another FR200, just not from the same seller.

  15. The emergency radios are available at ‘CC Observer’ Hand crank with shortwave, WX,AM/ FM. They have alots of other emergency items that are quality. Extra battery charger available also.