Episode-550- 94 Listeners Tell Us What Prepping Has Done for Them — 10 Comments

  1. Congrats on the milestone, Jack! One place where TSP has NOT helped me is with my procrastination. Yep, I called in my message this morning! I’m a moron. Anyway, you’ve helped me focus and mature my preparedness thoughts and efforts. I’ve really bought into the disaster commonality principles. I’ve also gained a lot of inspiration from you toward growing my work independence. I’ve started my own blog, which is already reaping some slight financial benefits. I’m also laying the groundwork for some consulting and training side business.

    Thanks, Jack, and keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Jack, I’m listening to show 550 on my iPod right now. I had to chuckle when I heard Dan from Minnesota. He said he would be thinking about something and then you would talk about it on the next show! That has happened to me at least 4 times. I wanted to mention it in my call but didn’t want to go over 2 minutes. After my first garden sprung up, I told my hubby “Boy I’ve made a lot of mistakes…”. Next show you assured us “You’ll make a lot of mistakes with your first garden”. When the hubby hollered from the kitchen “Are we out of canned mushrooms?” I trucked over to our secondary reserves, grabbed a case of mushrooms, made a note to replace it, and thought to myself… “We’re never out of anything!” Next show was on food storage and you asked “How can could you possibly run out of the things you use all the time?” It got kind of spooky, but I do think we’re all kind of on the same “wave length” at times. It also shows on the forum as well :)Love the show!

  3. Amazing episode! Wow. Every single call inspired me. You’ve touched a lot of people, Jack. Thank you.

  4. One thing that I noted from all 90+ people that responded was this-not one sounded like a lamb! Many talked about getting guns, learning how to shoot and defend themselves. Sounds to me that we have many Sheep dogs here.

    Also wanted to say congrats Jack-hearing what your podcast has done for so many people should tell you that you have a great product that is really appreciated by so many people. Keep up the good work

  5. Congrats on this milestone, I have been listening for over a year now & have learned sooo much. I too feel better that I’m not a nut case, I’m NOT alone! Our garden is bigger, we have canned more food & have it stached all over the house. We had to build more shelves to store it; under the beds, wherever we can put it till the next go a round of snow storms.
    Thanks Jack for all you do & looking forward in listening to the next 550 episodes!!

  6. Had to listen to Episode 550 in parts (and then re-listened to it again) – what an awe inspiring message of hope. How far TSP has come in such a short time. It’s all because of you, Jack – you help us want to do more, to be better and to never quit. I heard people from all over getting “The Revolution is You” and changing their lives. Thanks for ALL you do.

  7. Took two days to get through this one, and I am glad it took so long. It is great to hear from everyone in the community. Great job with the show

  8. Jack – Great show! I think this show is the perfect answer to those wondering what Modern Survivalism is all about. All the callers have their head on straight and their heart in the right place. Didn’t hear anyone sounding anxious or fearful about the present or the future, which is a tremendous testimony to the way you do the podcast.

    Thank you for helping to change my life, and the lives of so many others.

  9. Honestly, I didn’t think I would listen to much of this show but once I started, I couldn’t stop listening… Good stuff! I really was inspired by and could relate to so many of the callers. Thanks for this and all your shows Jack.