Episode-545- Five More Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty — 5 Comments

  1. Yes- re: not the freest nation on earth. You only have to look at western Europe! I did some touring of europe with a band, and found out quickly that they have freedoms we don’t. Much does have to do with ‘vices’ such as public drinking. As long as you don’t interfere with others you can drink. Here, I get a ticket or a night in jail. Not for being drunk, not for causing a ruckus. For a bottle. AND THIS IS EUROPE – THE ‘NANNY STATE”!!!!!! We micro-manage our Sugar, trans-fats, tobacco, alcohol usage. yet we are less healthy!

  2. Rich, we also have freedoms they don’t. See what happens if you protect yourself from someone who threatens your life or the lives others. Look at what happens if a person decides to set up residence in your home (a squatter) while you are away. Try just purchasing a firearm to keep in your home while in Europe.

    The truth is, freedom is quickly dieing out across the globe. Your best bet is to make yourself as independent as possible and find a place where the government doesn’t care what you do, as long as it does not interfere with others.

  3. “What the hell does alcohol have to do with firearms?” Good question! Great show. Nice Thailand example.

  4. @ Ben, Jack actually recently touched on this. Alcohol, Tobacco and firearms are all major trading commodities in a post monetary system. Is that the why behind the agency? I have no idea but maybe. I think maybe it’s the “vice/sin” factor. I will never understand the need for such an agency in the “free-st(?) nation on earth.” Just another control device by .gov IMHO.