Episode-536- Call In Friday 10-22-10 — 38 Comments

  1. Jack,
    I have owned both German shepherds and curs. I agree with your assessment on the show. Some other differences.

    German shepherds don’t generally make a very good hunting dog. My curs all lived to kill varmints and tree squirrels.

    Curs leave a lot less hair in the house.

    There is a very wide difference in blackmouth cur strains (Ladner versus carnathan etc). My Ladners were a bit less suitable as watchdogs.

  2. @richard,

    Dang it and thank you! I was all set to say that too and just forgot to. Thanks for covering my six. Curs are great hunters specifically for squirrel (one of two really popular squirrel dogs the other being the Feist) and good for many fur bearers as well.

    For those who want to know what a Feist is

    Cool little guys. When blackie passes on after the grief I know will come with it, this is what we are going to get as our next dog for hunting with me in the Ouachita mountains.

  3. Hey Jack, another great show.
    On the “disability/handgun” issue, I think I may have something to add.
    When we were all together in Tennessee last summer you brought an Airsoft pistol to the cabin and we all had a chance to handle it and use it. In Episode-126 of your show you included Airsoft guns in your discussion on training and practice, but I thought I could bring these things together in a way that may help some people.
    I generally hide it pretty well, but I have a rather severe disability which has, in the past, prevented me from carrying a handgun for protection. I have a “Parkinson like” illness that causes uncontrolled and unexpected movement, often in the hands/arms, and its worse during high stress situations. Therefore I have spent years learning alternative ways of defending myself. That is not to say I don’t own guns. I own and shoot, but getting to a range often enough to overcome my handicap is not an option at this time.
    In comes the Airsoft.
    At your recommendation, I dropped by Kmart to see what they had to offer. I found an Airsoft mock-up of a Taurus with a sticky target and a pack of pellets for $9.
    Now I can set the target up anywhere in my house and practice room to room or down the hall, gun handling and shooting, without a trip to the range or the fear of an accidental discharge from an arm spasm.
    What’s more, the more I handle this Airsoft the better I am with my CZ52 when I do go to the range. I can envision a day that I will be as comfortable with a handgun as I am with garden sheers.
    I also want to mention that, from you, I learned to switch to my dominant left eye, and now I can shoot equally well with my right or my left hand. (right eye-right hand/left eye-left hand that is)
    Anyway, maybe that can help someone.

  4. Great points, HoC.

    Jack and Sis Wolf, maybe we should get a TSP airsoft in the gear shop…?

  5. regarding heating greenhouses:
    there is a permaculture design for a house/greenhouse that involves having a large water tank on the northern end of a greenhouse, during winter when the sun is lower during the day it shines into the house from the south and is able to hit and warm the water tank which heats during the day and dissipates the heat back to the greenhouse during the night. In summer the sun is higher in the sky so it does not hit the water tank but the water tank acts like a cool sink regulating temp in the greenhouse during the summer.

    I suppose adding additional heat into the water tank via woodstove during cold winter times would give you that same slow heat dissipation over night.

  6. Holy Hell can we not get floride to be discontinued in our water? who the hell orders this and who the hell has to order it stopped?

  7. Hey Jack, I have a Black mouth cur / Sheppard mix who is a male fixed. He is laid back until he senses a threat then is ready to go. He hunts small wild life in our backyard every chance he gets. My other dog is a mastiff/black lab mix who is a female and is hyper vigilant and protective to a extreme. I think I would get another Cur mix. Very easy to train.

  8. I will suggest to Susie and other women who might be interested in learning more about gun usage, even with a disability, go to the Appleseed Project at My husband passed away this year before he could teach us about guns, rifles, etc. The Appleseed Project teach anyone to become a marksman. Women, children and active duty military are free. We’ve been to 2 Appleseeds this year and my kids love it. The instructors are all volunteers and not only teach the safety and mechanics of using a gun, but they also teach the forgotten history of WHY we need to bring back this lost art.

  9. As always great show Jack. Just wanted to make a couple comments. Pepper sprays are great but if used inside your house or car the effects can last a long time. An old girl friend of mine sprayed a guy inside her car it took weeks to get the smell out and she couldnt drive the car without all the windows open for days. If used and you need to clean up use 10 parts water and 1 part baking soda and you may have to scrub a long time.

    I am a Corrections Supervisor and many convicts are not too terribly effected by Law Enforcement OC/CS products and almost all can fight through the effects for a period of time. What it does do is take away your ability to see very well and that is huge. Another things to consider are Tasers. I am a Taser instructor and the civilian models are quite effective for a single target. They are a bit pricey at $250.00 to $850.00 dollars.

    I am also a German Shepherd breeder and you really hit the dog question right on. These guys are great companions, work dogs and protectors but few of them ever become good hunting dogs-unless you’re hunting Humans! You want to get an appreciation for German Shepherds? Put the suit on when they are training bite dogs to bite!

  10. Who’s the 1000’s of idiots across the country who take a bag marked with a skull and xbones as deadly poison and sets it to slowly release into their and their family’s and their community’s own water supply every day. How does a sane person even attempt to justify that? If this isn’t absolute proof that society is messed up, I don’t know what else will convince people.

  11. @Dan,

    Exactly why I now recommend Inferno by Cold Steel it has very little effect to people in the general area. It also has devastating effect to those sprayed with it.

  12. The dome structures built with the Star Plates is probably what you are thinking of, Jack. You just insert equal length 2/4s to make a geodesic dome. You make them about any size you want, and they come with instructions for a greenhouse, shed, home, or whatever use you have for little round buildings. Here is one link to a supplier from Google:

    This is not an endorsement, just an example.

  13. Jack,
    Thanks for your comments on the toxin Fluoride! I’ve been ranting about this for about 2 years now (on facebook) and no one seems to listen. Walmart sells Fluoridated gallon water that is MARKETED as infant water with the picture of a baby on the bottle. It sickens me every time I see it. Can you imagine the increased toxicity level to a body that only weighs 10 lbs?

    My only further comment would be to say, I don’t even think it’s good for one’s teeth. For example, some of the symptoms of Dental Fluorosis is mottling/staining of the teeth and week bones.

    From my own experience…when I was a kid I never had cavities, gum problems, or tooth pain. I brushed with baking soda then (and not as regularly as I probably should have). In high school I started using fluoride toothpaste. From then on and into adulthood, I have had constant issues with all 3. A couple of years ago my niece’s (breastfed)baby was vomiting and getting sick. It turned out she got Fluoride poisoning through the breast milk because of my niece’s new found decision to start taking care of her teeth by using massive amounts of fluoride toothpaste and rinses. My nieces symptoms were mouth pain and loose teeth. The baby was vomiting. She had to stop breastfeeding for a couple of weeks. My thought was…if a symptom of fluoride poisoning is loose teeth and mouth pain…why am I using this product at all????
    I stopped using fluoride toothpaste (and drinking the water)- went back to backing soda, and I haven’t had any tooth problems since!- this has been for a couple of years now, which is practically a miracle for me.
    (when I think of all the money I wasted at the dentist over the years!)ug!

    There is a group trying to get the practice of fluoridating the drinking water stopped called Fluoride Action Network, if people want to join the effort.

  14. Re: Building a dome green house with supplemental heat.
    Consider a chicken coop/greenhouse combination. Basic idea being that hot little chicken bodies roost at night, roost space is open (with a wire barrier or similar) to the greenhouse. Chicken body heat mingles with greenhouse air, adding heat, carbon dixide (desirable in greenhouses), manure and feather dust are inputs for compost/greenhouse. I believe that there are well established working examples in North America – Google can surely help you if interested.
    Cheers, from The Permaculture Research Institute Australia.

  15. I concur with Aaron on the NRA programs. I am a Refuse to be a victim instructor, and the course really deals more with the mindset of what you need to do to avoid being a victim. You’ll be given specific examples in a lot of areas, but the biggest thing the course will do is show you how to evaluate situations and deal with them. One of the simplest things Susie or anyone can do is to get a male friend to record a non-descript answering machine message. It’s surprising how much information that message can tell someone based on the voice and simple information you provide, like the family surname. This is a valuable resource and is typically taught free of charge or very inexpensively.

  16. In ref to the greenhouse stove:

    I would recommend heating the water with the wood stove rather than deal with the expense of soapstone if budget is the main concern. The air does not care if the supplemental heat is coming from a stone or a tank of hot water.

    Using water has the additional advantage that the volume and surface area is more easily varied (ie: coils, radiators, tanks) to speed or slow the thermal transfer. Changing soapstone volume or surface area is somewhat more permanent.

  17. Jack,

    One thing you didn’t mention about fluoride. It is naturally occurring in coffee, tea, and many other things that come from the ground. I know you’re a coffee drinker. Do you recommend avoiding coffee and even some supposedly healthy teas (green tea, white tea, etc.)? Or do you believe that there is a difference between synthetic sodium fluoride added to the water supply and coffee, tea, and other plants that naturally have fluoride in them?

  18. @RationalHusker,

    Some tea can actually have more fluoride than publicly fluoridated water. The amount that they put in our drinking water is designed to be one part per million. Tea can have anywhere from 1.5 – 3.9 PPM, quite a bit more. The occasional tea, just like the occasional sip from a hose doesn’t worry me.

    Herbal teas (not containing actual tea plant) which I drink and mostly make for myself from the garden and forest have on average .05 PPM that is five one hundredths of a part per million.

    Coffee is talked about having natural fluoride as well and there is some but a lot less then tap water. Most coffee will have .1-.5 or one tenth to one half part per million. At worse half of what tap water has.

    When we look at total intake the issues are even more clear though.

    Typical day a person like me drinks 4 cups of coffee perhaps a tea at night to discharge and relax, I get some natural occurring fluoride. Now that fluoride is just as toxic as any fluoride, it is the same molecule. The stuff in that Chinese fluoride that isn’t fluoride and is “unknown” concerns me a lot. The point be though is fluoride is a toxin, natural or synthetic.

    The body though is equipped to deal with some toxins every day. There is cyanide in most grapes for instance, trace amounts but it is there. Those white mushrooms in the store have small amounts of a very toxic substance in them but your body handles it. That doesn’t mean we should infuse drinking water with 1PPM of cyanide though does it?

    So I get some fluoride from my coffee and tea. Perhaps on Friday and Saturday there is likely some in my beer too right? Odds are the brewery uses a public tap.

    What does the person who doesn’t filter their water get though, all that and more. They get it in their coffee PLUS another 1PPM in the base water, they get it in their drinking water (including most bottled water), in soup when they make a pot of that from scratch. In anything they drink or cook where they add water to it.

    When you add it all up my intake from some coffee and tea and food product is likely 5% of that of the typical American. If there was a fluoride free coffee would I buy it, sure but it probably isn’t economically feasible.

    In short our bodies take in toxins and deal with it every single day but intentionally adding them to the public’s bodies with no real proven benefit is either stupid or malicious or both.

  19. Thanks for the response, Jack. All things in moderation is almost always a good rule. But I agree that we should be uneasy about adding additional unnecessary and potentially harmful substance, from questionable or unknown sources, no less, to the water supply. Thanks for the clarification on coffee and tea.


  20. Jack,

    In response to the military spouse overseas, she should carry her passport with her (in her purse, not just in the car) at all times, if she isn’t doing so already. This would be better than having it stored at home unable to retrieve it. Also, kids passports should be carried so if she is unable to return home for whatever reason, all she has to do it pick up the kids from school and go. I would suggest having in her document package in her vehicle a list of embassy and consulate addresses and numbers with maps. I can see having a credit card or some sort of emergency fund with quick access capabilities to buy a plane ticket to the US on short notice.

    Military spouses do have some orders that they should follow. OPSEC instructions need to be obeyed to the letter because straying from the order puts lives at risk. Although a military spouse is not beholden by law to obey the chain of command, in times that are not SHTF/life and death, straying from what the chain of command dictates could negatively affect their service members career.

    Army wife and army brat,


  21. In regards to the wood stove, I had a Ben Franklin stove that worked very well and heated both floors of our house.
    It was in the lower floor with an attached garage. The heat came up the spiral staircase. With a fan placed at the top of the stairs blowing down the hallway it heated even the bedrooms down there.
    Sometimes it would get so warm we would have to open the sliding door to get some cool are flowing in.
    What was really nice about it was the savings on propane and the fact that I would sometimes get paid to cut and haul trees and limbs that had fallen on rental properties I took care of 🙂

  22. @Stephanie

    And it the days of RFID in passports carry them in a “static bag” or foil lined bag. A static bag is like when you order a toll tag and they mail it to you, it is inside one of those. RFID readers can’t penetrate them, nor foil.

    I know this may seem a little foil hat (almost directly) but given a 9 meter public range of RFID readers the concept of being tracked is not just probable but totally possible.

  23. Some comments about flouride I’m assuming the Irishman that you state on your show is actually David Icke.

    David Icke if you research the gentleman is actually a conspiracy theorist that believes the world is dominated by 12ft blood drinking lizards in disguise the queen of England. (a little wacky)

    However flouride in the drinking water however I don’t believe is benefical in fact detrimental. I would state though on using sources for the show that you be careful who you use as a viable candidate for conversation otherwise you’ll be branded as a “In Like Flint” conspiracy theorist.

  24. @Johnnyboy41, Icke is a first class deranged squirrel no doubt. But even a deranged squirrel finds a nut on occasion. As I said nothing he stated in the sources he cited was inaccurate.

    His claim that the use of fluoride is specifically to dumb us down and kill us is in my opinion back to being a fricken fruit bat.

    Remember there is NO MANDATE for fluoride no requirement at all. Your local water authority does or does not use fluoride all on its own. This is one very easy thing to change if people really want to in small municipalities.

  25. Here’s a thought on heating your Greenhouse.
    Use a soapstone set up with mirrors reflecting the sun onto it.
    This will heat it up and it should radiate the heat most of the night.
    Combine this with the black water barrel idea and it should work even better.
    Remember that sometimes the simplest ideas can work the best.
    Look to the past for answers to the future. The Egyptians used reflected light to brighten rooms and caves. I have no doubt they used it to heat as well.

  26. @Capt Cook

    That will absolutely work, bad ass idea. It also gives me some ideas around black sand that Bill Mollison ranted on in one of his lectures where he just brain dumps ideas he has that have yet to be tried.

  27. Jack,
    The black sand idea would work great set underneath the water barrel and soapstone, thereby heating it from the bottom up throughout the night making it twice as useful.

  28. Mollison’s idea was to put black sand in a glass covered box. Run pipes inside the sand and use it to heat water. Add that to your idea!

  29. I’ve checked and apparently I’m really lucky. My region of the Portland metroplex (Hillsboro) doesn’t floridate the water. Woohoo. Of course there’s still the choloring to filter out, but that I can live with.

  30. Jack,

    Your comments about females being easier to train confused me. For over five years, just about the only training I have been able to complete is stopping her from being scared of guns…But then again I am married and have never owned a dog 🙂

  31. In my experience women are far easier to teach basic shooting and gun safety because they aren’t convinced they already know how.
    They do have to have the actual desire to learn though.
    The pepper spray is a good option, but I do think the women should find a serious firearms instructor who can show them some options; there are a lot of compromise guns that many people don’t think of.

    On the subject of dogs for defense, a while back a guy put his hand on my girlfriends arm, her 8 pound Yorkie tried to take his hand off! He was even more freaked out by her patting the dog and telling her what a good dog she was!