Episode-533- Listener Feedback 10-18-10 — 22 Comments

  1. Wikipedia has a great article on Vitamin C megadosing.

    It’s a good idea to take several grams a day when sick, as our bodies essentially go into a state of scurvy as our vitamin C reserves are burnt up by the immune system (since we can’t make our own, unlike almost all other animals).

  2. Jack – sent you some docs on Xe/Blackwater tagged as Question for Jack. Looks like BS to me, though Xe is exploring the general concept of sale and restructuring.

  3. @Dingle got them and got some other info, I am about ready to call bullshit on this myself. Looks like Xe did some contract work for Monsanto totaling perhaps 300K over two years.

    300K sounds like a lot but would not even get you the services of two contractors for two years.

  4. About Zombies. They’re a good, light hearted way to get people to start thinking about prepping. One of the things that got me into this stuff was reading “World War Z” and “The Zombie Survival Guide” (both great books BTW). The scenario they describe is totally plausible in every war apart from the zombie thing. And just like in real life, the initial “disaster” isn’t always the biggest threat so much as the way people react to it and the breakdown of support systems. So those zombie books made me think “Well. What if a real disease came along? Or a war? Or a massive electrical storm or whatever?”.

    They’re a great metaphor for all the crap that we can never predict but which can hit us out of the blue.

  5. Ha Jack recommends “Pretty Womaning” the people at the gun store.

    Yes it is kinda sad I know that reference.

  6. Well jack, I was upset that you wouldn’t do a halloween show on zombies ;( but at least I got you using “zombies” in the show XD. Thanks. It still gave me a laugh!

  7. Jack, great show.
    Who sings the great theme song? I notice it is different than the one you used when starting out.

  8. Jack,
    Secret Blackwater Operative Shannon Here. XD

    This is why people shouldn’t treat blogs like news. There isn’t a remote way you could construe that nation article as Monsanto “buying” Xe. The closest that story gets is Xe worked a couple jobs for Monsanto.
    We’re (AHEM! EXCUSE ME!) Xe is far to big a company just be bought by Monsanto. One day those Monsanto people may very well work for us! Err, I mean, work for XE. Who of course, I am not a secret operative for in the slightest.
    Long live the grand ubersecret conspiracy!
    (Secret salute here)

  9. jack can all guns be dry fired? I have heard with an ar15 its bad just because you are letting steel slam into aluminum

  10. @Joey, the AR and the M16 are identical except for the components that allow burst (or in the A1 old models full auto). In the Army we all dry fired our M16 Thousands of times during two weeks of BRM and these rifles had that done every 8 weeks over and over and over again. The weapons we were using (in 1990) were early 70s era A1’s. Never heard a single armorer complain about this practice. Nor did I ever see a weapon in need of repair due to it.

  11. Well had “the talk” with my wife, she stated she wouldnt even carry pepper spray becasue she “felt safe” and thought it would be “dangerous for the kids”

    Last mont her mom, a sporting shop owner, was accosted by 8 members of MS-13. Now we are 1500 miles away but I was hoping that would shake the apathy, think again. She wont even let me run her through basics with the P85 and 870 that are avaiable to her for home defence. As it stands my 8 y/o daughter and 5 y/o son have more knowledge and trigger time with fire arms than my 39 y/o wife. I wish I knew how to correct this.

  12. Great show Jack. You speak the truth about many people working at gun shops (and gun shows). I used to work in a large sporting goods store in the gun department while in college. So many myths get spread around from person to person, salesperson to customer, customer to salesperson, etc. One of the biggest myths was the dry fire myth you spoke about. I know where the myth originated from, but modern firearms don’t have this problem. As a salesperson, it was always my goal to ensure that the buying customer was familiar with their firearm before leaving the store (it was incredible how few people wanted a run-down on a firearm they were clearly unfamiliar with). Watching some of the ignorant salespeople trying to explain a firearm was equally silly. Simply reading the manual (which many people don’t do)of most manufacturers reveals that dry firing is a perfectly acceptable and recommended practice. Lots of Good Ol’ Boy salespeople continued to spread these types of myths. I could go on and on. Anyway, great show, and keep up the fantastic work.

  13. I used to work in a back office at a hospital with the Social Work-Case Management department. It was secluded with only one way in/out and it definitely gave me the creeps. When you talked about the weirdo with the butcher knife, I couldn’t help but laugh at the way you said it, but still got that chill of the thought of someone being trapped.

  14. Jack,
    I wanted to leave a comment about the guy buying a vacation home in North Central PA. Within the last year, I bought 68 acres in North Central PA and know the struggles of getting a loan for that, mainly because it was raw land and had nothing that most banks consider “value” on it. So most regular banks, even small local ones that underwrite their own loans, would only give us a loan with 40-50% down and no longer than 5 years. We had 20% down on the property, excellent credit history, decent incomes, and no debt, but needed a loan with a longer term so we were not stretching ourselves as thin. We ended up getting a loan through AgChoice Farm Credit which work with farmers and rural living people to finance purchases not normally funded by regular banks. They approved us for a 30 year loan for much more than we were willing to spend for our raw land with 20% down. They were great to work with and very understanding of the different purchases for different reasons that people make. I would highly recommend that Ray contact them to see what they can offer. Also, I make a thread in the forum about purchasing our land, so Ray can check that out and contact me if he has any questions:

  15. Matthew,
    One way you might get your wife to “wake up to reality” is to get yourself a Police Scanner. Sit down with some popcorn for the weekend and enjoy the show!
    I would bet that she had no idea there was so much going on that never makes it to the news.
    My wife and I hear about shootings, assaults, robberies and all sorts of stuff that happen right here in our neighborhood.

  16. In regards to “Dry Firing”.
    The guns that are damaged are the old revolvers with the firing pin that is attached to the hammer. It should not be a problem with any modern firearms but doing anything in excess does cause wear and tear on your firearm.
    The firing pin is one of the parts that does occasionally need to be replaced and should be one of the spare parts you keep on hand if possible.

  17. @Derek – Absolutely financing land is not the same as financing a house on land. I didn’t read the question as buying raw land though, very good point though.

    @Capt Cook – Exactly and a firing pin can wear out with dry fire or normal fire, in fact typical fire causes more wear on the pin.

    @Kathleen – You are a grown woman and if you want to carry, get trained, get a permit and tell your husband to support you as he should. He can frown all he wants if you need a gun and he isn’t around you are on your own. Let him frown but you are a adult woman, this is a choice you make for yourself. Does he carry? Is this about you or guns in general? Either way in this nation women don’t need permission to defend themselves from their husbands.

  18. Man, I need to get an IPhone for these Apps but I can bareley operate my Blackberry 🙁