Episode-531- Life On Your Own Terms — 22 Comments

  1. Jack, I’m interested to hear if you hot the additional Fluoride/Arsenic filter for the Berkey.

  2. Jack, what do you mean when you say you buy small amounts of silver each month. I want to start that also but do not know how to start.

  3. Amen,

    Teach your kids to be leaders not followers. That is what we plan to do with our little one. He will be home schooled and hopefully skilled enough to care for himself and others. I was a drone so I hope to save him from those mistakes I have had in my life.

    I thank my parents for not coddling me when society did.

  4. @Kevin – Yep installed easy in about 2 minutes flat.

    @Doug – You just do it there are thousands of places to buy silver. Check out (site sponsor) for some cool rounds. For Eagles and Bars check out APMEX they have some of the best prices, great service, great selections, etc.

    @Kenneth – Good for your man! I sure wish some of you home schoolers would band together though and perhaps create some affordable private education options. Of course I realize the gubernment probably makes that hard if not impossible to do.

  5. You have really been on a roll this week with some very timely and inspiring shows. It took me about 3 hours at work to listen to all of today’s show because I kept backing up to listen to sections over again. I love that sometimes you just toss the outline and just deliver from the heart. Whenever I feel like I’m slacking or need a kick, you always seem to bring it. Thanks for all you do!!

  6. jack,

    wow, i’ve been listening for some time, but this was awesome. Simple, easy to understand concepts that apply to EVERYONE. It should be part of the mantra of TSP. “NOOO, I want to do it myself” and “I dont’ know how. Teach me”. For the biblical folks thats the line about giving a man a fish vs teaching him how. I’m not a religious person – but that one is SO true. I’ve been folliwng your show and i’m taking baby steps, and I’ve gotten some of my family involved (mom especially, she’s got some major back issues, lots of pain etc – no excuses – you have to get up mom.) She’s really gotten into canning and preserving (we’ve done almost 1000 quarts this year and there is more to come) i get her out and have her help in the garden every year now. This sort of thing has let me get to know my mom as a person – not just “mom”. I have to push, but the “quit monster” is dying in her. It’s great – she’s more active now, and more confident than ever. Thanks Jack.


  7. Jack,

    I found myself nodding my head along with you on so many points on this one. I’m saying to myself…”Yup. Yup. Yup.”

    Thanks buddy. Great show.

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  9. Jack,

    New listener here. Im hooked to the show and learning everyday. I gotta say this was a GREAT show! Keep up the great work.

  10. Jack,
    F-ing EPIC! I LOVE the alternative title. “NO! I Can Do It Myself! Lessons I learned from a 3 year old” LOL! It felt really, really good to be standing in the middle of the manure pile for the garden shouting along with you. NO! I CAN DO IT MYSELF!

    You also opened up something for me. You were talking about how the programming of victimhood is a constant struggle. How true.

    It occurred to me that this is why I love your show and can’t stand talk radio or most of the rest of the media. Regardless of “side” the constant message from those people is; “You’re the victim of ‘group X’, and theres nothing you can do about it but support ‘group Y’.

    I am now committing myself to a permanent diet from all those talking heads that tell me I’m the hapless victim of the other guy, and I need them to save me. To them I say;
    Well done.

  11. Jack,
    Excellent! One of my favorite episodes so far, especially the rant on Kindergarten and coddling children. You nailed it in a way that anyone could understand it. Great job. I know more than a few people I’m sending the mp3 of this episode to. Thanks for the great work.


  12. I found the best deal on silver was buying local in a state like Oregon or Montana that has no sales tax. If you haven’t noticed, some online sellers charge outrageous shipping fees.

  13. Excellent show Jack! Excellent!
    I personally hate graduation ceremonies and do not attend them. I did not even attend my own college graduation.

  14. Will you just read objectivist non-fiction already? Because the only difference between you and an objectivist is in the vocabulary 🙂

  15. @Brianna so instead of saying things the way I see them in my own words you want to read the work of others and use their words? ;>)

  16. Jack, oh Jack, I love your show, but I really wish you would have taken the opportunity to blow the minds of a few of your nutjob teaparty followers by reminding them that there are THREE, not two, but THREE Abrahamic religions that all teach the same basic tenets.

    Carry on…

  17. Jack, I listened to this twice. I just got back from a grueling 14 hr drive to see my 81 year old mother who is not doing well. You got me through Montreal during construction/rush hour and a nor’easter. This is why I will continue to be part of the MSB.

  18. Hey Jack, just thought I’d leave a quick comment about this show. I think self-reliance is great (I obviously wouldn’t be listening to you otherwise), but it seems to me you’re oversimplifying a bit. You, me, none of us would be nearly as successful as we are without a community of people we rely on, without the folks who produce canned bacon and all the other fine products you endorse, without skill-sharing and trading and all the other things we rely on our communities for. I’ve heard you say similar things before, and I know this is nothing new to you, but I thought I’d point out that you’re oversimplifying to say 100% independence is the be-all end-all. Most people who think they’ve created themselves from nothing are a little deluded, and you sounded like Rush Limbaugh channeling Ayn Rand on this show. Do you really think enforcing the self-made man myth does anyone any favors? Of course people can and should take responsibility for their lives; I’m all for creating your own reality and dismantling a culture of victimhood, which is a real issue in our society, but it doesn’t end there; there are communities that we are a part of and affected by: social, global, and the natural world, whether we want to admit it or not. This “I’m only responsible for myself” bullshit mindset leads to literal and metaphorical shitting downstream, which winds up affecting everyone.

  19. Jack
    Thank you for all you do with TSP and specifically this episode. You are my “most interesting man in the world” although I WON’T resist the strong urge to thank you after you punched me in the face. THANK YOU. It’s the most empowering kick in the junk I’ve ever gotten. This episode may be a monthly listen to for me.

    I have to say that I didn’t hear the same message you did. I believe that we are self made? Are there great influences in our lives that shape our minds and help us become what we are? Of course, but ultimately we decide our own fate. I did not hear a single thing about screwing the other guy, any guy. The point I got was to man up and take responsibility for our lives and to never let someone else decide our fates for us. I don’t think the message was “screw the world I am the only important being on the planet” I believe it was “Take %100 responsibility for your life”. The only “screw anybody” I heard was to the drones and naysayers who tell us what to, and what not to, do. The statement “I don’t know how to do this, teach me” carries A LOT or responsibility to also teach in kind. At least the way I see it and that is true community in my book. I also believe that until we, I, have my household strong I cannot truly help others do the same. I guess I just didn’t see the same underlying message you did. Any way have a good one and I wish upon you success in all your lives endeavors.

  20. Great show Jack!
    People cannot control what happens to them but can control how they deal with it and it is so easy to fall into a self indulgent hole.
    One of my favorite fictional examples of living life on your own terms are the Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker.