Episode-523- Listener Feedback 10-4-10 — 16 Comments

  1. May parents have had a chest freezer in their non-climate-controlled garage that has been running just fine for over 20 years in Nebraska’s climate of extremes. It has seen temperatures from 20 below to 110 Fahrenheit.

  2. The Indy school you referred to: Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) is a joint campus between IU & PU which have main campuses in other Indiana cities. Not a pretty name but a great urban campus. As an alum I wanted to exlain their lenthy name.

  3. Regarding the ‘short sale’ thoughts. At a minimum, you should do what Jack said regarding getting the quotes for the houses that couldn’t sell and get an estimate on your as well. Take that information to the county assessor and push them to get your property taxes reassessed. It might not save a lot, but it should result in lowered property taxes.

  4. Keeping a chest freezer outside in Seattle will probably save you money. You’ll spend less money cooling your house in the summer, and less money cooling your food in the winter.

    Given Seattle’s humid climate, I would make sure the freezer is somewhere dry to avoid mold issues, especially the soft plastic lid seal. Also, you may have end up with mice, attracted to both the heat and the insulation for nesting material.

  5. Three comments to add, as OTR trucker.

    Using that scanner is clearly a violation of 4th amendment rights if used on normal citizens. However as a driver of a commercial vehicle you don’t have a 4th amendment right in that vehicle. We can (and we regularly do) have our vehicles searched during normal random DOT inspections.

    Second, I pitty the black drivers down there going though this. Its well know among truckers how Georgia DOT treats black truck drivers.

    Also if this is the scale house I’m thinking of (around mm 18 on I-20 near Center Point), that’s an easy one to run by dropping down GA-61 and coming back up US . Or you could stop at Pilot or Flying J at exit 19 and wait it out.

    So if someone really did want to do harm they could easily get around this checkpoint. Do they forget truckers have CBs and it would only be a surprise for the first few trucks going through???

  6. Is there any effort to communicate with law enforcement directly regarding breaches of civil liberties like mentioned here (4th Amendment)? I wonder if it would be effective for somebody to send direct mail to the residences of law enforcement as well as to police stations.

  7. Regarding the last article on first responders…

    The first year at my current job a hurricane impacted our HQ operations. All the DR plans were in place, fully tested, and the staff was prepped and chosen to fly or drive to our site that wasn’t in the path of the weather.

    Guess what? None of them went – they chose to either stay with their family and home, or had already bugged out ahead of time. I did phone support for weeks to assist those outside the impact area and didn’t mind a bit.

    That was minor compared to a pandemic. I’m not surprised at my colleagues’ actions, nor do I blame them. It was a big lesson learned for us, and one that is sure to repeated in a regional or larger emergency. Especially one with longer lasting effects.

    Shoot, I’d more than likely do the same thing if in their shoes.

  8. Jack, Alex Jones has been talking about DHS targeting vets for the past two years. The radiation thing is new though.

    About a year ago my friend in Montana was at the VA in Helena, and he was told he had PTSD and DHS surrounded him when he said “no fing way!”

    A week later he went to buy a new rifle for elk hunting and was denied.

  9. Great! So now they are going to make GMO trees that over carbonize the soil killing the plants around them. Will they also spew out more oxygen, therby over oxygenating our atmosphere???
    These people never think these things all the way through!!!

  10. To the guy who can’t sell his house:
    Get involved in your Home Owners Assoc and get them to change the rules.
    If they won’t let you put up a For Sale sign…get the rule changed. If they won’t let you plant fruit trees…get the rule changed.
    You get the idea, make it into the place you do want to live!

  11. So, in response to Jack telling us to do something about the 4th Amendment violations discussed on the show, I figured I would do something I’d never done before: write my congressmen. So I did. And I thought I would share my letter with the community to gather opinions and comments. Keep in mind this was my first time to do this, so I had no idea what you’re supposed to do. Regardless, the following letter is what I sent to my two state senators and one representative:

    As you may or may not know, it was recently reported in the news that federal agents are now scanning vehicles on public roads with backscatter vans. The fact that these agents are scanning and searching vehicles without a warrant is a violation of the US Constitution’s 4th Amendment. Not to mention, that whoever is subjected to these illegal scans is receiving an unwelcome and dangerous dose of radiation. When we go to the dentist we are given lead vests to wear when a tooth is x-rayed. Do the people who undergo these scans in their vehicles get a chance to do this? No, they are unaware and unable to protect themselves from such treatment. This is reprehensible and inexcusable. If federal agents wish to search people, they must not use new technology to circumvent our constitutionally granted right to avoid unnecessary search and seizure; they must instead, have a warrant to perform such actions. If there is no active congressional oversight over these actions, we as a people will be made the worse for them. As a constituent in your district, I ask you to please see to it, that these actions be stopped, and that oversight be provided for the use of this new technology, to make sure no more Americans are illegally subjected to this treatment.