Episode-520- Chef Keith Snow Joins Us To Discuss Harvest Eating — 7 Comments

  1. Have not listened Jack, but I’m saving this one for my 14hr road trip to see my mom

    I am overwhelmed with the harvest. Dehydration/canning/freezing. It is a bit much.

    This will come in handy next year

  2. Glad you had Keith on the TSP today. I look forward to learning how to cook with what I grow, I just wish you had him on earlier. I joined a CSA this year and honestly didn’t know what to do with half the stuff we received.

  3. Thanks Jack….excellent guest. I ordered the cookbook since I love to cook and love to eat our harvest. Cleanup? Not so much. 😉

  4. Thanks for this Show! I had brain surgery and I have forgotten so much when it comes to cooking. I have been buying cookbooks like crazy, but they never cover this subject in this fashion. I am so excited that I am ordering the book when I finish this post. Jack ;you rock! We need more people like you to help the rest of us find our way back and special thanks to your guest for joining your ranks!

  5. Jack, I just want to say you give great interviews. I was thinking an interview once a month with a listener might be interesting.

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  7. What a timely show topic and an interesting and informative guest! Thanks for your hard work bringing knowledgeable guests in the Podcast who have a breadth of experience to share. Always, quality above quantity.