Episode-52- Basics of the Bow and Bow Hunting for Survival Living — 8 Comments

  1. Great timing!

    I was just thinking about trying my hand at bow hunting. The biggest advantage that bows have over rifles, that I can think of, is that you can reuse arrows until they get damaged.

    Thanks for all the info.

  2. Hello. Today is the anniversary of 9/11. I thought you would say something about it in your podcast today. Anyway, I always listen to the Survival Podcast and I’m starting a little group in my community to talk about food storage and emergency preparedness and your podcast is very informative and beneficial and helpful in my group’s endeavors.
    As we remember 9/11 today and what this day symbolizes and the memories very many people in the world have that this day commemorates, I take a moment just now to give Thanks for the country we have and the faith and commitment of so many to the cause of preserving and protecting our freedoms. Thank you very much for your contributions to this, and may you continue, which I am hopeful you will for a very long time.
    Mary Franklin
    Sacramento, CA

  3. @Mary, I did speak about 911 and included a strong message to be thankful for our veterans that risk their lives for us. In fact once I mentioned the addition of numbering to the episodes it was the first thing I covered. It runs from about 2:38 to about 4:30.

    I did not do a whole show on it because every other media source will.

  4. Jack, sounds like you’ve a serious cold… (based on the audio quality of today’s podcast) 🙂
    On to the topic, I’m listening to it with interest and though I don’t think gun ownership is a right, I do understand the usefulness of it. As to hunting with a bow, I’m interested in the idea (so will listen with intent).
    I do agree, whatever one’s view on 9/11, it’s cause and the resulting military activities in Iraq or Afghaniston, that they should be honoured. Doing less than that is disrespectful of those who died and those who are out trying to make a better world (whether the political motivation for the actions are right or wrong). I know in Canada that though many don’t agree with the activities in Iraq or Afghanistan; as a rule, there is stronger support for our military than there has been since probably WWII.

  5. Again, great podcast.
    Just to let you know I am grateful for the respect you show (and try to get across) for the animals you hunt.
    Keep up the great work


  6. Thanks Braden,

    I respect the animals because they are sacred to me. Sure I may kill some of them but I provide for (via land management, etc) far more then I will ever harvest.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  7. Apparantly, there are TWO Mary Franklins in Sacramento, CA. Who could have imagined it. I am the second one…and I didn’t reply to your article about 9/11…even though I’m the Mary Franklin who grew up in NY.
    If you could please delete the reference to Mary Franklin in Sacramento on your page as it is creating quite an issue for me and it isnt’ me. (People can find it on Google.)
    Thank you.

  8. @Mary Franklin in Comment #7,

    No I am not deleting the comments of another individual on my blog just because you share her name. I don’t think anything is “creating an issue for you” either. Sacramento is a big place.

    You are actually quite arrogant to expect that I would delete another person’s comment on my blog. Do you have a trademark on the name Mary Franklin? Jeez if what you asked was reasonable anyone named John Smith would be totally screwed.