Episode-514- Listener Feedback for 9-21-10 — 16 Comments

  1. I knew Jack was from the future!
    This proves it!

    The file name is correct, Jack just got the title wrong.
    I’m sure he’ll fix it when he sees it.

  2. “I knew Jack was from the future!
    This proves it!

    Ahhh…now it makes sense why the “Herbicides showing up in compost” link under Resources is broken. They still need to write the article. 😛

  3. Link and date fixed.

    The date got screwed because Chris Martenson’s interview was originally on the 23rd and got moved to today so I had that 23 in my head.

    The link, well the assclowns moved their article with out a redirect but I figured it out.

  4. You can use Bluetooth as a means of tracking people. Other issues are tools like carwhisperer, allows people to listen in or SpoofTooph which automates spoofing or cloning of Bluetooth devices.

    I’d avoid using Bluetooth if I were you.

    Great show btw.

  5. AWESOME topics today Jack! My kids are age 6 and 10, and they are very much involved in our prepping – gardening, food storage, fishing, hunting.. all of it. My son listens to most of the shows after school and I feel like he understands more about prepping and world events than 90% of the adults we associate with. I want my kids to have the skills and knowledge to survive in what may be a very different world than we experienced as children.

    RE: Earth shelter home.. I would LOVE to have a home that is partially or completely underground. I think more and more people are exploring the idea of earth-berm and underground homes.

  6. Jack, I love the “Listener Feedback” format. It must be a good way for you to do trend analysis and decide which topics are “hot” and merit a full show. No apologies needed for me for the format. Thanks for everything.

  7. On the matter of paper money not being unconstitutional, you’re mostly right. Article 1 Section 10 says:

    “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts …”

    Right off the bat that nullifies most of the compacts, uniform codes, etc that many states seem to be embracing lately… But never mind that. It also plainly says that states can’t allow any kind of money under state law other than specie. Now it could be that the federal level has the power to run the presses and flood the country with monopoly money. But then there’d be a severe disconnect between what’s legal at the state and federal levels. Especially since coining money and regulating its purity is a stated federal power.

    A constitutional case could be made for a dual money system with unbacked fiat paper for interstate commerce and federally supplied specie for purely in-state payments. But it makes more logical sense to me if we read between the lines. The guys who wrote the constitution clearly meant for us to have a nationwide bimetallic commodity-backed money supply.

    But you’re right that there’s nothing we can do about it anyway. Not unless we replace at least 300 elected federal officials with new people who actually read and care about the constitution…

  8. @Charlie that clause has NOTHING to do with the federal production of currency, it applies only to the state and was specifically designed to prevent sates from creating competing currencies.

    I wish you were right, I wish there was a legal challenge to be made here but there is not. Again The Coinage Act of 1792 was past very soon after the ratification of the Constitution which did limit money at the time to being metal backed. In that act Congress used the power given to it in the constitution to bind money to metal reserves. The fact that they had to pass a law clearly shows the constitution did not do this.

    Your interpretation of this clause is a common misconception. When read in full everything is clear.

    States are prohibited from “making money” in any form other than gold or silver which effectively allows them to use metal as payment but only as it floats against the national currency in what ever form it exists at any given time.

    Congress is given the power to create money and oversee its production as they deem fit. The people are charged with ensuring this via the popular election on the congress (at the time of the constitution only the congress stood popular election at the federal level).

    Read with an open and honest interpenetration and viewing the acts of congress once empowered there is no other way to interpret it.

    If we want sound money the power to create it lies with the people. There is nothing in the constitution that makes our current currency invalid.

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