Episode-513- Listener Feedback 9-20-10 — 7 Comments

  1. Regarding the young man who inherited some land and was referred to get an RV. The answer provided was excellant but there’s a couple of things not mentioned. In addition to the electrical hookup for the RV, you need to consider water and sewer hookups. If you’re lucky enough to have septic on the land it might be relatively easy to put the RV close to the septic system. Just remember that you don’t leave the dump valve open when you are hooked up to sewage directly. You need to use the holding tank and dump it periodically. If you leave it open you’ll end up with crap getting stuck in the system.

  2. Thyme and oregano essential oils will take out any bacteria, virus or fungus. Including MRSA and any other superbug.

    Other essential oils and different kinds of natural remedies are also highly effective against acute illness, and bacteria/virus will never develop a resistance to them. Why? Each bottle of oil/herb capsule etc. is slightly different at the molecular level due to different soil/climate conditions of each harvest.

    Antibiotics, on the other hand, are all exactly the same. They can’t keep the bad bugs “guessing”, as do natural remedies.

    If you’ve never heard this before, it’s because Merck can’t make any money from it.

  3. @Brian, well good point, I did leave that out. Odds are with the old house on the place there is a septic system you can tie into but big miss on my point!

    @Emily while herbs and their oils can do many wonderful things they can not and do not have the ability to cure all things. I actually find such beliefs to be quite dangerous. Further just because a substance will kill another substance doesn’t make it a suitable treatment. Common bleach will kill the Aids virus but you can’t treat aids with bleach. So while an essential oil may be a good topical treatment for an infection if the infection is in the gut, oregano oil ain’t going to kill the infection.

  4. Hey Jack you answered another question that I had by answering the officers question. I have a lot of kits. I have the black out kit, the first aid kit, the emergency papers kit, the stuck on the road kit, the you name it kit and mama has it in her purse kit, then the back packs with emergency supplies, kit and even more. Well I had been wondering and you answered the question. Thanks.
    I color coded the bags to be grab and go. I still have a long ways to go but everyone in the house has a 72 hour bag. We have bikes and horses and atv.
    Thank you Jack. It’s just thinking on the way out there side and then trying to figure what would be best.
    Thank you as usual great show.

  5. Here’s an idea for your Homestead dilema.
    Rent the farm land out. You can give them some conditions as to Organic only farming and also provide some of the Permaculture plants you want and where you want some things planted. Then work out a payment in goods and cash to cover your land costs.
    You get the land worked, somebody will be there to keep an eye on things and cover your expenses!

  6. When TSHF and you grab your BOB, don’t worry about it being a little heavy to begin with.
    Once you get going you are probably going to be taking a few things out and putting them on your person anyway which will lighten the load some. If it’s still a little heavy, then stop and eat some food and drink for more energy and again lightening the load.
    I know that with my BOB I will be taking out around 6 pounds right away and keeping it on my person. It’s only in there so that it is ready to go with me when I grab my bag.

  7. The super bug and swine flu etc.. reminds me of when I was in the service. A hemorogic fever outbreak occured. Our medics were not familiar with this and it was not identified until the first death occured, who was also the first to contract it. All anyone could tell us was the cause of this disease and how it was contracted was unknown.There was no cure.The best defense was good and proper hygiene and to eat right to keep ones immune system strong. About a dozen or so were medivaced out, total of two deaths . All one could do was eat right, keep themselves and the area clean, and wait their turn.
    Proper hygiene and diet is important to all kinds of survival. You cant wait until the outbreak occurs.