Episode-509- Listener Feedback 9-13-10 — 10 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Great show as always.
    China end game: Dead spot on target.
    I don’t see any other way to look at it. And I don’t think its conspiracy type stuff, I think is smart business on the part of China.

    Side note, I was gone for a week and really missed your shows. It was nice to get caught up today. You had several good shows last week.
    Rock On Jack!

  2. Jack you ROCK.

    The China thing. Just math. You are right.

    The wedding thing. Now being female I can say that I do like the nicey, nicey things. We bought matching rings no diamonds, just bands. Then we paid for the minister to marry us. Then afterwards we had dinner with those who wanted to come and eat with us. We didn’t do the honeymoon. We did buy a house. Now we have a house in the country and we are working on that garden. LOL I am working on fencing in raised beds so the dogs and wild animals will not eat the vegetables. [grin] rabbits, deer, dogs, and cats love what I am growing.
    We feel we spent the money wisely by investing in a house and not fru fru. Each anniversary that passes we celebrate by spending time with each other and taking our pulse on the upcoming year. We do anniversary pictures for our book and the albumn.

    Keep on rocking Jack. I was out because I had surgery, now I’m catching up. As usual great shows.

  3. Your comments on being a landlord really hit home. We rented our property to some folks who came highly recommended by our at that time realtor (they paid on time, took good care of the property, etc). Long, long, story short, they completely trashed my house. The damage is over $3k. Horrible experience, one that we will NEVER repeat.

    Hope your caller has better luck!

  4. Jack, You can use charcoal lighter fluid to remove the cosmoline from metal and wood. It works great and won’t hurt the wood plus it’s cheap.

  5. That LewRockwell article doesn’t have functioning sources for #21, 29, 30, 38, 43 & 45, which is a pity because I was interested in looking further into those.

  6. @Isaac, I think something is funky on your end. I was able to pull them all up except 30 and 38. 38 is throwing an internal server error and my best guess that site was crashed due to to much traffic and very low end hosting and should be back up tomorrow. 30 Seems like the whole site is down as well possibly for the same reason. This is often what happens when a site with very low end hosting is killed with kindness by being featured on a really popular site like

  7. I bought my wedding gown online from Target. It was an Isaac Mizrahi gown, on sale for $89. Needed no alterations. The slip to go under it was $119. A wedding gown can be very reasonably priced if you look around. I have seen many beautiful ones at thrift stores and second hand shops that were designer labels and less than $200.

    I chose not to get have an engagement ring or diamond, but mostly because I do not trust that every diamond available for sale is cruelty-free. (meaning some “employ” children)

    That being said, we did splurge on our reception, treating everyone to a nice sit-down meal. However, we paid cash for it that we had set aside for the purpose. It was a lovely evening since we got to spend time with our families who both live in different states than us. No worries afterward about how to pay it off. That was the best part.

  8. Jack,

    FYI Dekalb county is part of the eastern side of the metro Atlanta area. Clarkston, were the homeowner lives, is an older suburban area near the perimeter and was developed in an era when 1-2 acre lots were the norm. (ha, not recently.)

    I did some searching and found that the homeowner / farmer has been having issues with the county government for a couple of years.

    I don’t think the county is right but this isn’t as simple as a “home gardener gets busted” story line.
    Miller calls himself a farmer and advertises/sells his produce; this is probably what attracted the “special attention” he has received for a while now. He is smart; he obviously has compromised his neighbors by sharing fresh produce lol; usually this sort of zoning issue comes when neighbors complain but it appears this isn’t the case here.
    The county probably has a been up its butt for Mr Miller and has pursued this “to win” or make a point it seems.

    I’ll definitely watch how this one plays out.

  9. I’ve been a landlord for almost four years now renting my old condo. It was worked out rather well. With that said I’ve had my bumps. My tenants almost burned down the deck and earned me a $350 repair bill just last month. There was also the time one Thanksgiving when they caught an electric outlet of fire… Oh, and I can’t forget the laundry sink adventure…

    Anyway, I actually don’t mind these things too much. All told, I am still well in the black at the end of the year. Fixing dumb screw ups goes with the territory. I’ve got my tenant on a payment plan for the deck repair, and so long as I get the cash, its no skin off my back. That’s another thing, many tenants are not very good with money management(or they would own sooner or later.) You have to be able to deal with that and stay on them….

    Basically, if you take damage to your property personally, you are not the kind of person that should be a landlord. You just calmly deal with it and find a way to recoup the cost.
    Well, I could go on for hours on land lording. Maybe I will start a thread in the forum.