Episode-507- Whats Going On Out There — 21 Comments

  1. Haven’t listend yet and maybe you mention it, but I didn’t see anything in the show notes, but another “Event” I read about yesterday were the fires in Detroit.

    Winds caused power lines to go down, sparking fires that resulted in the loss of 85 structures. There were reports of 90 minute waits for a response by the vastly understaffed FD, and additional reports of no answer by 911 when people tried to call.

  2. I heard Eric Cantor the no 2 gop say that they want to repeal the healthcare bill knowing Obama will veto it.So then they can use it against him to get somebody else in power dont know if that would work or not but it sounds like to me a lot of people want Obama out of office.

  3. A related point about people who say “the debt is not a problem because we can always issue more.” A hedge fund manager, Kyle Bass, put it most succinctly, but I paraphrase from memory: There is an endgame with Keynesian economics. When the current debt service requirement nears current tax receipts.

    Those who say the government can just issue more are left with this problem. When this endgame happens, the government has reached technical insolvency. Interest rates have to shoot up because the government debt is technically a junk bond. Government receipts have to shoot up, but such a situation means the economy is already bad, and lack of profits means lack of tax receipts. So the government has to resort back to its historical primary nature of war and genocide for profit. We’ve been prepping Iran and North Korea for that, like we prepped Japan in the last depression of the 1930s hoping they would make the first official military move, and military leaks have also acknowledged aggressive US war game preparations against Venezuela inside Columbia.

  4. Jack I am sure you don’t need a history lesson but “Great Britain not suited to fight WW2 alone” seems a strange thing to say because that is exactly what GB did untill 1941.
    GB declared war on Germany and it’s alies on 3rd Sept 1939.
    Britain and the commonwealth stood alone between june 1940 (when france was defeated) and June 1941 (when the Soviet union was Invaded).
    We fought the German Luftwaffe over Britain and German forces in the Mediterranean.
    While also fighting the Italians in areas of Africa (from libya and Egypt to somalia and Ethiopia) and the Mediterranean (famous for the battle of Taranto that served as inspiration to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.
    Mark the Limey

  5. @mark, Look at your own locations and remember the retreat across the channel that wasn’t pursued by the Germans?

    No disrespect to the gallantry of those brave men but the only reason you guys made it that long alone was the Germans didn’t invade your country and you didn’t invade Europe.

    Despite what the history books tell us both of our nations were nearly bankrupt before the war and technically bankrupt after it, only the spoils of war saved us both.

    Besides much like Tim your argument is with the author of the source story no me, ;>)

    @Tim, I never said the unemployment numbers were good anyway.

  6. And now a residential area of California is exploding because of a problem with their natural gas pipelines.

  7. Sept 15th is the 70th anniversary of Battle of Britain day.
    Last week was the 70th anniversary of the begining of the London blitz. The change of target by the German’s from air bases to cities enabled the RAF to regroup and effectively defeat the Luftwaffe. This in turn led to the cancellation of operation sea lion (the invasion of Britain).Britain then fights alone for our darkest part of the war(until you guys came).
    The way the people coped with lack of food (dig for victory) and a make do and mend world are an inspiration to me and relevant to a survival mindset.
    Mark the Limey

  8. My husband and I are weather enthusiasts, and we’ve seen our share of tornadoes.. nothing gives you that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach more than seeing a wall cloud hovering over densely populated areas. Storms are beautiful photo op’s over huge fields in Kansas.. not over skyscrapers in Dallas/Ft. Worth. We saw a little bit of action close to us from this storm system, just over the TX/OK border in Colbert OK. All we got here was rain, rain and .. oh yeah, more rain.

  9. @ Mark the Limey,
    The galantry of the Brits in WWII can’t be denied, but if not for lend-lease, the logistics wouldn’t have worked; almost didn’t anyway.

    RE: healthcare; its been law for a while now, but the agencies haven’t disseminated implementation regs. If the IRS thought that it would hold as passed, we’d have gotten the regs from them rather more quickly.

  10. @ Cooter Brown
    No argument from me without land lease and American participation, the war could never have be won. But you must remember that land lease did not start until March 1941.
    UK only finish paying back the loan in 2006.

  11. @Mark, Do you know when the US stopped paying the UK under the settlement of the revolution? That date is a shocker!

  12. @Mark, Do you know when the US stopped paying the UK under the settlement of the revolution? That date is a shocker!

    Jack can you point me to some info on this please

  13. @mark, I have hesitated to answer because now I can’t find anything about it online again but I believe it was 1996. Came up when I was watching one of those tin foil hat time documentary online videos.

    The claim was that the US pays a portion of our taxes to the UK to this very day, that the US was nothing but a corporation under UK control and our freedom was a myth. Like must stuff to this level I figured bullshit and started trying to dig to find the fact behind the myth.

    The underlying fact appeared to be a war payment settlement that was not ceased until 1996. Now when I try to find it the results are all cluttered with stuff about US – UK tax agreements for when we work over there or you come work over here. But trust me while the movie was BS on this point the 1996 date is fact.

    I can’t remember this movies name it was a lot like Zeitgeist but it wasn’t that one or its Addendum.

  14. Oh the movie had a lot about significance of how names are written on legal documents too (which apparently there is truth to) if anyone has seen this film or knows its name let me know. Not recalling it is driving me nuts.

    what I mean is

    jack spirko
    Jack Spirko

    All have very different meanings on a legal document, now folks go look at your drivers license.