Episode-506- Why We Prep – The Real Reasons — 11 Comments

  1. On a recent episode, someone asked about Ike and you told a story about how both sides of your family was connected. I was wondering if it would be appropriate for you to do an autobiography on how you came to be where you are today, with the level of detail you feel comfortable with. You could do it over three shows.

  2. ‘Prepping’ is like owning a gun. The ‘progressives want you to be totally dependent on them. They hate ‘preppers’, gun owners, and anyone who tries to be self sufficient or take care of themselves. Why? they have less control over those people and would like to see them ‘go away.’
    If they find out about you, they will ridicule you as a ‘survivalist. – a dangerous anti-social person.
    Best to work with your family and friends and make your preparations in secret, or best yet, from a farm or place in the country.
    be prepared to help your fellow human beings by encouraging them to prepare, despite what the progressives want.
    Sure, FEMA says store this n that. Then they want you to evacuate and leave it all behind.!
    Love this site, it has so much information and encourgaement.
    Send all your friends here to get their eyes opened!

  3. One thing I get from prepping is a true freedom that I haven’t been able to replicate from the “systems” I am trying not to rely on!

  4. What you said about slavery is S-O-O true! From elementary schools to jobs to social-security dependent retirement, Americans are continually brainwashed into thinking that what is truly life-long slavery, is normal, perhaps even good.

  5. I prep because my family & myself are more than worth the effort. the ability to be self sustainable is priceless in uncertain times that we may find ourselves in.

  6. Hi Jack, I’ve been listening in Scotland to you for over a year and I feel that 506 is your best programme yet. Of course the others were good, with lots of different content which I enjoy. We’re preppers too.

    But this was exceptional, you kept it simple, passionate and I was moved. I will refer a number of people to this episode to start them off. Keep it up bro. We need you to do this.
    Many thanks, George

  7. – this is a must listen! | Survival Collective

  8. I think you mention the hippie bus in the Pixar movie Cars that talks about “The System”, and I think unfairly criticize that, given the deeper details of the statement and the giver.

    Let me give a little more info on that. That hippie Volkswagon was voiced by comedian George Carlin. George’s point is that all the “systems” are interlocking, referring to government, Wall Street corporations, education, and media are all controlled by the same cadre of people he refers to as the owners of this country. This is definitely worth 3 minutes to watch.

  9. For me, prepping is simply turning most situations I might find myself in from “OH NO! What do I do now?” to “Huh, what do I want to do now?” The mental shift is easy to see, and have a profound impact (at least for me). Thanks for all you do Jack!

  10. jack. i have been listening for a little over a month now and 506 was the first one i stumbled across. needles to say this episode has helped to open my eyes and mind toward the “prep” lifestyle. we were always preppers of a sort but i grew up in the classic mindset “i have weapons and i can take whatever i want” but when i hear that now it turns my stomach.

    i have burned a couple cd’s of 506 (hope you dont mind) from i tunes and handed them out at work, i have noticed that no one would listen to you when i told them they should but when i did a little of the work… well lets just say 90% of them at my work nor regularly listen to you and it seems that conversations about the latest shows consume our breaks.

    your show has worked wonders for me, my family and others close to me. thank you for all you do and keep up the good fight.