Episode-499- Call In Friday 8-27-10 — 20 Comments

  1. Soon not tomorrow but soon. I shelved it over the summer so that I could do all the photography with out being covered in sweat!

  2. Hurray for Joe Demeo!
    If the sheriff in Waco had done this the mess there would have never happened.
    Local sheriffs need to know about this!
    Big thanks for shining your light on this Jack!

  3. Another few caveats about flexible spending plans…
    1. If your company goes bankrupt, you loose whatever is “left”.
    2. If you don’t spend it by the end of the year you loose the remainder.
    Just FYI

  4. We have new insurance and signed up for flex med spending plan.. not all plans keep your money at the end of the year. Ours rolls over. Plus, our company matches a very generous portion of what we put in. At first I was not sure I wanted to be part of the flex, but after looking into what was being offered, it turned out to be a good decision for us. We normally do not have enough medical expenses to itemize at the end of the year, so we don’t get that deduction. The flex plan that we have allows us to use the money for deductibles, things like OTC meds, extra eye glasses, etc.. I went through our medical expenses for the past 3 years to see what we spent on average, adjusted for things we did without because we didn’t have the money (like extra glasses) and then determined how much I wanted to put into the flex account. We’ll see how it works out after a year or so, then adjust what we contribute based on use. Hopefully the new Healthcare Law won’t bunge us up too badly 🙁

    Loved the DeMeo story!

  5. If anyone else wants to look up some documents on what Sheriffs in the past have done about ill legal actions of the federal agents and courts you can find it at It is about the court case in Florida where a sheriff stood up and won. The records were written by another Sheriff from AZ.

    Thanks Jack for letting us know that there are other Sheriffs that are aware and they care.

    Another great show.


  6. @Gloria, thanks for the contribution. I bet that Florida Sheriff is Sheriff Mack!

  7. So I’m a little late to the party…

    Unfortunately the caller on the hybrid diesel was wrong on almost all counts. The company is Mahindra (Mahatma is a brand of rice), the truck gets 30mpg not 50, and they are not available in hybrid and I can find no evidence that they intend to try.

    Peugeot is supposed to “debut” a diesel hybrid concept car at the Paris motor show. As Jack mentioned, Mercedes is indeed introducing a diesel hybrid for model year 2012.

    Expected price: >$100k

  8. I liked what I heard about the sheriff in Nevada. I don’t really understand what the cattle seizure thing is all about. I’d like to know more on that. I did some searches on the internet on this story, but nothing where I could get an easy grasp on that. Anyway, I do feel that the federal govt seems bent on overstepping boundaries defined in the constitution. I recently downloaded an audio of the constitution onto my IPod.

  9. Hybrid diesel:
    Apparently hyundai came out with a hybrid diesel concept car this year…haven’t heard anything new:

    1. CO2 is not inert. It reacts with water to produce carbonic acid, thus any residual water in your food would become acidic. Now I can’t comment on whether this would lengthen or shorten food storage times as this isn’t my area of expertise.

    2. Vinagar + Baking soda does produce CO2, however it produces CO2 that is saturated with water vapor…so this is probably not a good way to produce CO2 for food storage.

    3. CO2 is NOT NOT NOT a “friendly” way to kill rodents. As noted in #1, CO2 reacts with water to produce carbonic acid in the lungs and is a VERY painful method to kill an animal. If you don’t believe me, take a 20oz bottle of pop, shake it, hold it over your mouth and while slowly opening it breath in the pure CO2…it hurts like HELL! I know it’s frequently done, heck I’ve done it myself when I was ignorant of its effects, but it’s better to use nitrogen.

  10. Just a comment on the caller who had the Morgan Stanly IRA…it doesn’t answer his question, but he really should think about transfering his IRA to a LOW FEE IRA like those run by TIAA CREF ( He’s probably paying way too much in fees, which is eating away at his investment.

    TIAA CREF’s fee is 0.26%
    Morgan Stanley fee is ~1.5%

    These fee’s SEVERELY limit the growth of ones retirement fund.

  11. Jack,
    Missed this show but got an email from a friend in Alabama that turned me onto the show. Thanks for the Kudos… It was an exciting vacation to say the least. And yes, I am available to do some terrific video work for anyone out there… Fortunately when I started listening to Jacks show, I started to prepare for something like this. Still have months worth of food and some money in savings that I never had before listening to the show.
    Thanks Jack.

  12. A few comments for the gentleman who called about the M4/M6. The M4 was made by Harrington and Richardson in the 1940s; it is chambered in .22 Hornet only. These are collector pieces, and in the US is considered an NFA weapon (unless you can show original registration during the 1968 amnesty period) because the barrel is less than 16″.

    The M6 was originally made in the 1950s by Ithaca and was chambered in .22 Hornet over .410 Ga. Like the M4, the original M6s are also NFA weapons due to barrel length. In the 1980s Springfield resurrected the weapon (calling it the M6 Scout) and made some changes, to include lengthening the barrel to meet ATF regulations and adding a trigger guard. They distributed the weapon up through about 2001, which included .22 Hornet/.410 Ga as well as .22 LR/.410 Ga chamberings, as well as blued and stainless versions.

    To most (in the US, not sure about Canadian law) owning an original M4 or M6 would be difficult due to the paperwork requirements, though they are both considered Curio & Relic weapons and may someday be taken off the NFA list. However I strongly recommend finding an M6 Scout on Gunbroker; it is a very robust and reliable survival weapon.

  13. Regarding milky spore and Japanese beetles: After three years of an increasing infestation decimating everything in my yard, I tried putting down milky spore. It made a world of difference. I didn’t find this product until April, so I was a little late in getting it applied. It works by attacking the beetles in the larva stage when they’re still in the ground, so I only had about two months for it to work before the beetles emerged in June. This year, I had less than a tenth of the swarm that appeared last year. It went from totally blackened plants covered in beetles to being able to pick a few off by hand or spraying them down with a cayenne/garlic spray (which they seem to hate).

    As I understand it, milky spore is guaranteed for 10 years and can work up to 20 years. I expect next year to have even fewer beetles, when the product has had more time to work.

    I bought a box for 10,000 sq. ft., which was about right for the area of my yard that isn’t covered by buildings/driveway. I did not buy the special yard applicator. A scrap of 2″ PVC and a piece of cardboard with holes punched in it worked just fine. I think milky spore worked very well, and I would recommend trying it if you have a problem with Japanese beetles.

  14. Regarding the comparison of flex spending to deducting medical expenses when filing income tax…this is not the same. You can only itemize (deduct) medical expenses in excess of a certain % of income. In the past, it’s been 7.5%. With flex spending, every dollar you put in is tax free. Another benefit of flex spending is that you can use the money before you contribute it. For example, if you are setting aside $3000 for the year because you’re going to get some dental work done, you can spend that money in January but it would be paid off throughout the year. I’m not sure if all cOmpanies do this, but a place I used to work did not make me pay back the money when I left the firm midyear.

  15. Catching up on shows…

    For the C02 / N topic, a paintball store might be your friend. The small tanks are not that expensive and refills are dirt cheap. I’ve actually thought about using C02 with container gardening.

    On FSA, you can’t deduct medical expenses below a certain % of your income on your taxes but you can pay on a pre tax basis with an FSA. If you do medical completely out of pocket, you need to look into an HSA. But for most people, you won’t typically have enough medical bills to deduct them on your taxes. As for the loosing what’s left over, you can be creative about stocking up on certain listed items and either storing or reselling them.