Episode-497- Call in Friday 8-20-10 — 28 Comments

  1. Man, Jack!
    I always enjoy your show. But sometimes you just smack the ball right out of the stadium. Today you bounced the ball off of the moon.
    Great stuff! That ending was unbelievable.
    I hope you have a great time on vacation. Unwind and enjoy the break.

  2. Hey Jack, if you’re going to be in the Destin area LMK! Would love for you to take a look at my urban garden. My husband brews beer so we’ll have lots of cold ones to share with ya!

  3. I have been using RealPlayer to save videos from YouTube for a while and find it works very well. There is one thing that bothers me about it though and that is it saves video in .flv format. If I send a video to someone that doesn’t have RealPlayer they can’t watch it and I haven’t found a way to convert it to another format yet.

    Thanks for the reminder on the state of Jefferson.

  4. Jack,

    Your discussion at the end of the show represents some of the best work you do. So many people haven’t done the hard introspective work and really learned from it in the way that you obviously have. Plus you’re able to talk about it in a clear and effective manner. I think you’re shows on permaculture are a close second, but this is your best work and that is something to take to heart and be proud of.

  5. @dan, why not just send them the youtube link… I don’t understand why you would download a video and email it to someone…

    Not bashing, just curious

  6. Great show, Jack! I loved the end when you were introspective, trying help us get centered and back on track. I’m sure that there are a lot of 12 year olds that will be happy to reconnect with their “adult” selves.

    Enjoy your real vacation. You certainly deserve it!

  7. @ nick, I should have said transferred since I know people that have dialup and cant really watch stuff on Youtube. I have put some videos on a jump drive for them but they couldn’t watch them without downloading the player first. They didn’t download the player because of the previously mentioned slow connection. Now I just save videos on my laptop and take it instead of the jump drive when I want them to see something from Youtube.

  8. Jack,

    Your answer to the last question had me in tears. Most people wouldn’t tackle something like that. I think we’ve all been wear that caller is, at some point in our life.

  9. Have fun in Sanibel. I am from the area (Ft Myers). You should do well fishing and there’s no reason to leave the island. If you get the chance get a sub from Publix. Publix puts any other grocery store to shame. Best.

  10. Well, I am only half way through the show and have paused it in anticipation of a big ending.

    In regards to the tomato question. I believe that technically, tomatoes ripen from the inside out. If the nutrients aren’t moving normally through the fruit you can get uneven ripening or even parts that never ripen.

    What can cause this?
    As jack said nutrient deficiencies can affect this. Even if your soil is perfect and the plant has all the vital nutrients it is supposed to, it cans till happen. Environmental stress can restrict nutrient flow within the fruit. The culprit might be extended high temperatures or inconsistent moisture where very dry periods are interrupted by deluges of water in the form of thunderstorms.

    Additionally, direct exposure to long hours of very hot direct sun can cause uneven ripening, although most I have seen is more of a top vs bottom instead of inside vs outside.

    Solutions? Mulch mulch mulch, pay attention to soil moisture, and don’t prune suckers, ie lt the plant bush a bit and the extras leaves will do two things. 1. Absorb more energy t make more larger better tomatoes and 2. provide more shade for the fuit itself. The tomatoes in the inside of my bushes are always better quality (both taste and cosmetic)than the ones from the outer branches that get more direct sun.

    It doesn’t sound like you issues are the following but i thought I’d toss this in as well:

    In regards to the white on and in the tomatoes–
    if it is “on” and spotty it is stink bug damage; the enzymes left behind by the sucking stink bug cause a hardening of the area and it never looks normal (nor feels/tastes normal.

  11. Jack,
    Concerning the electric sewers, I would suggest anyone with these identify their sewer cleanout outside the house. These are required by code and are usually lower than toilet and tub drains. In an outage situation the covers could be pulled and any sewage that backed up would spill outside, instead of inside. This is not ideal, but at least the sewage would not be in the house and there are more options to deal with it outside than in. These cleanouts are located outside the foundation, between the house and the sewer line. Usually there are two four inch cleanouts, one sweeping toward the house and one toward the main sewer line. I found mine buried six inches below gound surface in the beds in front of my house.
    Love the show. I think today’s was the best yet, especially the last segment.

  12. Jack –

    I was a little dismayed by a couple of comments made on the show about the State of Jefferson where you bemoan the fact that large cities exert an “undue” influence politically over the “real” people. Are the people of Portland or Philadelphia not “real” people? It seems to me that people have to come to grips with the fact that if their views are in the minority, they aren’t going to prevail. Simple as that. Move to a state that is more to your liking/views. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect the views of others, but that in the final analysis we hold elections and those results are the wishes of the majority of people, and they are all REAL. If you don’t agree, work to change people’s beliefs and opinions, but don’t dismiss them as lesser beings.

  13. In regards to storage, go with the 18 gallon Rubbermaid bins, then build yourself a bed frame with 18″ clearance. You can make something rough and sturdy frame out of wood for around $100. I’ve done exactly that. I’ve now got over 40 cu ft of storage under my queen size bed (12 bins).

    The bins also make moving simple and fast.

    If you are broke and don’t mind some hassle when accessing your storage, you can just get 8 bins and a sheet of 5/8ths plywood for a twin size bed. Get at least 5/8ths to avoid flexing, and make sure it’s finished on both sides to avoid getting splinters in everything. It will be a little wider than the mattress, but you want the wood to touch the outside of the bins underneath for support. You can get it chopped down to 75″ at the hardware store for length.

  14. @ Debbie, I don’t believe that Jack was dismissing anyone as being lesser beings and I’m not sure why anyone would come to that conclusion if they have been listening for any length of time. I believe who he was referring to as “real” are people that are more grounded in the reality of what life is like in the other 99% or so of the state. I grew up in rural Oregon and now live in the third largest city in the state. I am constantly amazed at how ignorant most people in this city are of what life is like just outside the city limits. Because of its population and gerrymandering, Multnomah county virtually dictates what happens everywhere else in this state. They live inside a bubble yet how they vote affects every aspect of life in areas of the state they have no knowledge of.

    Btw, what you advocate appears to be an absolute Democracy which is, to use an old analogy, like two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. The problem is of course the wolves would then violate the rights of the sheep.

  15. When I was very young my grandparents, parents, and greater family of aunts, uncles, and cousins would sit arround and talk about what happens when California would split into two states. North and South California. They had some interesting debates after those family get togethers. This was the first time I remember it being called Jefferson. Interesting. Thanks for helping me remember some good times I had forgotten.

    Another subject:
    After my accident the medical staff trained me to take mini or minute vacations. You go there in your mind. They had me make a box to put treasures and when the pain and the stress got to very bad they encouraged me to open the treasure box and “live” there for a few minutes.
    I too was so lost I didn’t know what to do. SO I started writing a story to go with the treasure box. Mind youi now, everyone that I knew had said I was too much work/trouble to deal with and didn’t want me. SO I made up a story and then when I was finially able to get out of the hospice hospital I went on to do the story. I now am living the story. THAT Said if you can’t take a big chunk of time for what ever reason, take small bits. Think of the what if not the oh nos and you will be able to do it. I think I can, I think I can….I did it.

    Thanks Jack for another great show. THis one was over the top.

  16. A Jeffersonian state will never happen. Something like this was tried by the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and if failed misserably.

    Why? (Besides all the bureaucratic hurdles) Lack of a tax base to support a new state.

    It might be arguesd that the new Jeffersonian State will only need 1/4th the taxes that the other states need to oporate, but unless they can get 80% of the population to agree to the loss of services (fire, police, schools, ect…) it’s never going to sell and the State politicians know it.

  17. Dan, I’m aware of the old saw about the two wolves and one sheep. I think the numbers say it all. Is it worse to let the two wolves violate the rights of the sheep, or to let the ONE sheep violate the rights of the TWO wolves?? I’m not saying the minorities don’t have rights, but at times there is no way to satisfy both groups, and our democracy allows for a way to satisfy that . . . with an election. If the electorate passes laws that violate the rights of the minority, we have a judicial branch that can use the Constitution to undo the wrong. I agree that gerrymandering is evil – but not because it makes one group all powerful. More because it leads to a situation where Congressmen have virtual lifetime appointments and don’t have to be sensitive to the needs of all the people in their state. It’s almost impossible to get new blood into the system, and it’s rampant all over the country – not just in liberal districts, either. How else but gerrymandering could Tom DeLay have been re-elected over and over again??

    I actually don’t think Jack is bigoted or anything – I’m just offended by the idea that only people who share your ideas or philosophy are “real”. Or that people who live in big cities (I don’t) are clueless. How many Southerners have been offended by “big city liberal elites” looking down their noses at them as uneducated hayseeds? Different sides of the same coin.

  18. We live off grid & we use a 5 gallon bucket filled half way with peat moss. It doesn’t smell.
    It can be spread around trees…NOT VEGGIES!
    Peat moss should be on hand for this just in case situation.
    Thanks great show.

  19. @Gene,

    Sorry but you are totally wrong on your point. There are many reasons something like this won’t be pulled off but tax base isn’t one of them. Every service you mentioned is paid for with local taxes in 95% of the nation. Police, local, schools, local, fire, local (not to mention many rural fire departments are run by volunteers). Trust me the people in more rural areas are not supported by the 25% of most people in urban environments that are on some form of government support.

  20. @Debbie, I really hope you don’t expect to listen to my show and never be offended. I also believe the full quote was “real people that live in the real world”.

    Since I am a libertarian I believe people should live as they please. People in a city 300 miles away from me should not effect my life or I theirs. I should not have to move to “another state” to appease them. Nor should anyone in that city have the constitution shit on at their expense. San Fran, Philly, Chicago, DC as a few spring to mind.

    This type of succession is not about the majority trumping the minority it is about the majority having lost its mind and not following the US Constitution or fighting for it to be followed.

  21. Love the ending. Tune out(the drone of the world) to tune in (to the real you) is great advice.

    Remembering what you were all about back before you HAD to…. is a great thing.

  22. @ Debbie, Your question “Is it worse to let the two wolves violate the rights of the sheep, or to let the ONE sheep violate the rights of the TWO wolves??” assumes that someone’s rights must be violated. I don’t believe that is the case.

  23. Jack,
    Thanks for including the last call on todays show. I didn’t get a chance to hear it until 8/25 and in your words the universe knows what it’s doing. I am exactly where this man is, struggling financially and in a way of life I hate. I was in tears several times before the call and your response was over. It helped me renew my efforts to find a way out of the trap I have gotten myself into,even if it has to be in a less than optimum way. The kids and I will have a family meeting tonight to see what their thinking is about making a move even if it has to be to a part of the country far from family in order to have the a place we can buy outright and get debt free with what I can clear from selling what we have here.
    Thanks for having started the podcast. You are making a difference in peoples’ lives.

  24. Listen to the show off and on due to time restraints.. but had to come online and comment about your ending monologue..

    We are unplugging and finding some non-prep activities to get involved in starting today. I needed to know it was okay to do so.


  25. Really enjoyed the podcast, thanks.

    Obviously this is about more than just biltong, but being biltong is my thing I did want to point out something for anyone reading.

    If you are making your own biltong, just make sure you are careful what recipe you go by. Some older recipes ask for “saltpeter” which isn’t really needed and has been shown to be bad for human health.