Episode-496- So What is this Permaculture Stuff All About Anyway — 8 Comments

  1. On my copy of this episode that I just downloaded the first 11 minutes and 11 seconds are blank but the whole show is there after the 11:12 mark.
    So if anyone else has what seems like a blank copy, fast forward to the 11:11 mark and enjoy.

  2. FRICKEN SONY VEGAS! give me a minute and I will fix it folks. Always, always, always when I am twice as busy the day before a leave for a bit. Dang it! Sorry folks.

  3. It is fixed you may have to do a browser restart to get the right file though due to cache issues.

  4. Great podcast.

    I look forward to each new episode. One question about todays permaculture discussion:

    You mentioned the 7-layer system of permaculture, and that if you look at anything closely enough you can see layers (eg. a city – as you discussed). My question is: How does this system pertain to a 7-layer salad? I am not quite sure what the low tree layer would be…

    I am joking of course. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your vacation.

  5. Your Permaculture episode is great. I have been trying to convert my garden to a Permaculture food garden for two years now. Still working to create my own system. I’m doing a mini orchard along the western fence with other plants around them. Having problems combining things like blueberries and blackberries. Have grapes with other vines growing with them. It gets complex, but I love it. I love how my yard has come alive with life. Thanks, please do more on permaculture.