Episode-495- The Unique Needs of the Urban and Suburban Prepper — 9 Comments

  1. … 42, slightly bad back, and a couple of kids … did you HAVE to use that exact combination?? LOL Look that up in the Dictionary and there’s a picture of ME next to it.

  2. Discussion of hygiene and human waste disposal reminds me of something I have not looked up in years, but maybe worth researching: Composting toilets. I remember old articles on Mother Earth News, but I bet they are on the web now-days. They are certainly simpler than installing a septic system. I think there are DIY plans to build one that maybe useful if your BOL is somewhere you don’t have immediate plans or money to build a shelter on it.

  3. Take your average US citizen. Of the five needs, they provide their own water (bottled; even the tap is something I pay for). They get their own food, and their own shelter. They buy their own energy. But security, for most, is something that is provided for them. Yes, they pay taxes to have police and fire and a 911 system. But that’s the extent of what they do to ensure their personal security.

    It’s the only need most people don’t have to provide for themselves and most never have a personal need for.

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  5. Surviving long term in an urban area is probably not going to be easy when the shtf. Even in a suburban area it will not be easy. There will be millions of people wanting your stuff and they will be roaming and migrating to find it. Our home are not built to repel an assault, especially when a group of twenty or more people show up with guns and firebombs.