Episode-488- Listener Feedback for 8-9-10 — 19 Comments

  1. Another great show, Jack.
    Also, a late welcome back.
    It was great meeting you and Dorothy.
    One quick comment.
    At the end of today’s show you gave a little teaser for tomorrow’s show. I know you’ve done that before, but today I found it particularly effective in making me want to hear tomorrow’s show.
    On an overall basis, this pattern that you have adopted with specific day’s for feedback and days for call-ins is also very attractive and effective.
    I thought I would miss the randomness of your old “on the road” shows, but I’m actually liking how stable the podcast has become.
    Anyway, enough rambling from me.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. The 86 machine gun ban (actually a freeze on new registration) was passed on May 19th 1986 as part of the “Firearms Owners Protection Act” which was signed into law by Regan with support from the NRA. It actually did quite a bit of good for gun owners but included a poison pill called the Hughes Amendment which was added.

    After failing a voice vote, the Hughes amendment was voted on via electronic device with 124 ayes, 298 nays, and 12 not voting, easily defeating the amendment. However Charles Rangel presiding over the voting allowed it to stay in the wording of the bill and sent it off to the senate where they either conveniently overlooked it or just voted on the bill not noticing it.

    The congressional records are here:


  3. Great show, Jack. The question on jury nullification really peaked my interest as I am probably like many of the other listeners who do not trust the individuals who have been granted the privilege of governing this great nation. That mistrust even went as far as the jury system since I did not understand the true power that the jury wields. Thanks for the mention and links to the informed jury site. The next time I am served notice, you can bet I will be sitting on a jury somewhere instead of thinking of the inconvenience the summons has caused.

    If the people are to take the country back, then the jury seems to be the best place right now to start.

  4. NPR giving a pass to GMO, no doubt. NPR likes is super-big-super-rich sponsor, Monsanto.

  5. About 7-8 years ago I friend was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. She was asked what cooking oil she used: canola. The doctors asking replied that canola oil was a high corollary in breast cancers. She passed on within a few months.

  6. Huh?

    The overwhelming majority of the data suggests that canola oil REDUCES the risk of breast cancer (and most other cancers as well).

  7. @marauder,

    Dig deeper, canola is actually “rape seed” and the canola we use today is 100% GMO always has been they had to modify it so that it was “no longer toxic”. Here is the official version of why it is supposed to be safe now.

    “Rapeseed oil naturally contains a high percentage (30-60%) of erucic acid, a substance associated with heart lesions in laboratory animals. For this reason rapeseed oil was not used for consumption in the United States prior to 1974, although it was used in other countries. (Americans chose to use it as a lubricant to maintain Allied naval and merchant ships during World War II.)

    In 1974, rapeseed varieties with a low erucic content were introduced. Scientists had found a way to replace almost all of rapeseed’s erucic acid with oleic acid, a type of monounsaturated fatty acid. (This change was accomplished through the cross-breeding of plants, not by the techniques commonly referred to as “genetic engineering.”)

    By 1978, all Canadian rapeseed produced for food use contained less than 2% erucic acid. The Canadian seed oil industry rechristened the product “canola oil” (Canadian oil) in 1978 in an attempt to distance the product from negative associations with the word “rape.” Canola was introduced to American consumers in 1986. By 1990, erucic acid levels in canola oil ranged from 0.5% to 1.0%, in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.”

    Please note this is the official reason given to debunk the supposed myth that canola is bad for you. You see we can all rest easy because….

    “Scientists had found a way to replace almost all of rapeseed’s erucic acid with oleic acid”

    Well gee wizz Batman that makes me feel better about it! Those science guys have our back and can magically transform toxic oil into what is claimed to be the safest oil with just a tad of genetic manipulation!

  8. Shorten the opening music and fade it out quicker. No offense, but I don’t tune in to hear music. Just don’t have the time to listen to it.

  9. @CJHames – If I try to give everyone what they ask for I end up with nothing. The control you are looking for is fast forward. Thanks for listening and I don’t discount your feedback just can’t please all.

  10. If you like a product why not just link directly to the manufactur’s website and not to Amazon?
    We know you get a cut from every click to Amazon that buys the product thru you but the way you are doing it now looks like you are in it for the $$$ instead of promoting the product you like…
    Folks can figure out where to buy it on their own. Plus the manufactur’s websites usually give more techincal spec and other details than Amazon does.

  11. Observation about locating near a lake: make sure it will stay there.

    When I moved to Georgia near the biggest lake in the state, I was comforted knowing all that water was nearby.
    Until the drought.
    When the lake nearby starts drying up, and news reports say there is only 30 days of water left, you start wondering what will happen when 4 million rednecks can’t flush.

    No matter how wonderful your water source, stock some.

  12. @CVT because if you want manufacturers info you can get it and believe it or not profit isn’t an evil thing. I don’t recommend anything I won’t buy myself in fact I own every item I have ever linked to on Amazon. Yes I occasionally like to make some money, that is why you can be sure TSP is a stable enterprise that will be around for years to come.

    Sorry if you begrudge me running a business in an intelligent manner. Sorry that you seem to have a problem with me being paid (at no cost to the consumer) for some of my recommendations.

    Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with this but for those that do, don’t buy from my links. For those that choose to thank for your support of the show.

  13. On the subject of the 1911 and CC, I have found that my disease, Dunlap’s disease, makes IWB a little less comfy, especially with my Browning Hi-Power and it’s pointy spur hammer. OUCH! I have resorted to carrying a Glock, but the Kholster (google it) or the Cross Breed holster has a thin leather back piece that will prevent hammer poking. It breaks in like good shoes, and works for ME. Like many others, I have a drawer full of holsters that don’t work as well, and others that I use for different reasons, but if you like IWB, you might wanna try one of those.

  14. P.S. Hey Jack, If I click on one of your Amazon links, and buy something else entirely, do you still get a few pennies? If so, I’ll do that to donate a bit to the show!

  15. @Norm, first yes when you click on any Amazon affiliate link your browser is cookied for that affiliate for 48 hours. If they buy anything during that period you get the commission (and it isn’t a lot, about 4% average). The only time you will loose out is if the visitor clicks another amazon like from another affiliate before they buy, which seems fair to me.

    Second, thanks for your support.

  16. Not looking to get into a pissing match about the merits of GMO (decidedly against them). HOWEVER, the minute anyone here can like a peer reviewed study that suggests Canola Oil is a factor in INCREASED cases of ANY sort of cancer, I’m all ears.

    We may not LIKE something, but that doesn’t make it a provable fact.

  17. I have degrees in Biochemistry, Chemistry and Medicine. It is settled science that the plasmids (DNA carriers used to modify the genes) can be transmitted between species, like a virus. Could you be ingesting these plasmids in volume? Yes. If you eat GMO food, you do. All GMO food is modified with plasmids. Plasmids are known to move between species. That is how we learned to use them. The plasmids from bacteria are modified to use them on GMO food. Effectively you are exposing yourself to the same genetic modification agents. If you want peer reviewed articles about cancer, you’ll have to wait until the incidence of cancer caused by plasmids to rise above the noise of the background caused by all the other carcinogens in the environment before it is even detectable, let alone statistically ‘provable’. The purpose of plasmids is to cause mutation. Genetically Modified MEANS Mutated. That’s what mutation IS. Cancer is a consequence of mutation of specific genes. It’s Russian Roulette to expose yourself to mutagenic agents, cancer is only one potential consequence.