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  1. For expecting parents: talk to people who have had newborns in the last 6-24 months (beyond this, they may not remember) and find out how much of what they go through and how often, then stock up accordingly.

    Also beware stocking up on the size N (newborn) diapers. My wife bought a couple boxes before our first born and he came home from the hospital wearing size 1. Our second was also a whopper.

  2. Definitely agree on the diaper size thing. Our son wasn’t in “N” for long either. Also, some kids bottoms don’t take to certain brand diapers that well. My son did great in pampers and the costco housebrand, but Huggies would leak like a sieve and leave him chafed. Also, pampers brand wipes (even the special dye free hypoallergenic variety) would irritate his skin, but kirkland and huggies were fine. Long story short, it’s tough to “pre-stock up” on kid stuff until you see what brands they can tolerate.

    Same is especially true with formula. My son ended up needing a prescription brand that was mucho $$. Regular off the shelf brand stuff nearly killed him–he was highly allergic to cows milk and didn’t like soy.

    On the other hand, things like t-shirts, burp clothes, “onesies” etc are things that new parents will need dozens of and hardly present any sort of tolerance problems. That is the stuff I would stock up now, for a newly expectant parent.

  3. Re: Passion?

    Just curious – how do you narrow down your passion? I answered to myself the questions that Jack brought up and the answers were actually quite varied, not just one. I am lit up by things like gardening, religion, teaching, writing novels, and a few other things. I have done all of these to one degree or another and they truly light me up (just ask my wife)and I am decent in each arena – the problem is how to pick just one? If I pursue one I find myself drawn to another within a few months. What can I do to determine which will provide some staying power and allow me to make a life of it? If I keep hopping from one ladder to the next it is one delicate and dangerous ballet and could lead to nowhere.

    Any thoughts?

    Also – thanks for listening Jack! I’m looking forward to the videos, i’ll find them tonight after I get home from this dead-end job I’m stuck in.

  4. There is no way the police should shoot (to-kill) rioters.

    It’s too much like a police state when the cops start shooting unarmed citizens that are not attacking people. There is a valid place for violent protests, and if the valid reasons for violence occur and people are shot by the cops, then it would be appropriate for citizens to shoot back.

    If someone was bashing in my windows, I would shoot them. The difference between me and the cops is that I am protecting my own stuff and the cops are not.

    Also, as responsible gun owners and concealed carry holders we are taught that we only use deadly force when we feel that lives are threatened. I believe that the cops need to be held to that same standard. The cops should not shoot to protect a few windows and some theft.

    I have seen some indications that our police forces in the US are becoming more and more forceful, sometimes with not nearly enough concern for our rights. This is the perspective that my comments are coming from.

  5. The verdict was absolute crap. The guy that got shot wasn’t a choir boy. He didn’t deserve to die, but it wasn’t dumb luck that he was in the position he was in when he got shot. It also had nothing to do with his race. It also wasn’t intentional. He had two tools that are identical in shape and function on the same belt. One kills the other subdues.

    The officer screwed up and made a mistake that has been made a number of times before under fatigue. Jail time is just stupid for this type of thing. He had no business on duty. That was his negligence, and his department shares it.

    Where he really screwed up is after the incident, he fled to Nevada. I think he is getting the book thrown at him for that more than what he actually did.

    Just to clarify my view of these “protesters”:

    CA PC 196:

    Homicide is also justifiable when committed by any person in any of the following cases:
    1. When resisting any attempt to murder any person, or to commit a felony, or to do some great bodily injury upon any person; or,
    2. When committed in defense of habitation, property, or person, against one who manifestly intends or endeavors, by violence or surprise, to commit a felony, or against one who manifestly intends and endeavors, in a violent, riotous or tumultuous manner, to enter the habitation of another for the purpose of offering violence to any person therein; or,
    3. When committed in the lawful defense of such person, or of a wife or husband, parent, child, master, mistress, or servant of such person, when there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design to commit a felony or to do some great bodily injury, and imminent danger of such design being accomplished; but such person, or the person in whose behalf the defense was made, if he was the assailant or engaged in mutual combat, must really and in good faith have endeavored to decline any further struggle before the homicide was committed; or,
    4. When necessarily committed in attempting, by lawful ways and means, to apprehend any person for any felony committed, or in lawfully suppressing any riot, or in lawfully keeping and preserving the peace.

    In other words, even in communist California, it is explicitly legal to shoot varmint like this on sight, and there is not excuse not to.

  6. Jack,
    Great stuff.
    Believe what you want about religion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Everything has consequences. Doing good pays off somewhere and somehow. You are 100% right.
    Even if a person is a complete atheist, I can present a compelling argument that their good actions will cause good to return to them.
    Great stuff there Jack.

    Also, I would love to hear you talk about Jury Nullification. For me its one of our most important tools against tyranny.

    Thanks for all you do!

  7. @IS:

    I kind of agree with you on the police state part of your comment. The problem I see isn’t that they are being more forceful (really they aren’t – it is perception), they are being more forceful where they have no business being and less forceful where they belong. They see no problem trashing a persons private residence, shooting their pets, pointing guns at children, stomping on peoples neck (as if they couldn’t be anymore cliche) on a hunch that the occupants might have drugs, but stand by and watch as rioters trash a city.

  8. Not a word about breastfeeding? For shame.

    Yes, some women aren’t capable, but far too many parents default to formula.

  9. @IS PLEASE NOTE I did not say they should shoot to kill “rioters” as in anyone in the crowd of a riot. I did say and I do stand by saying they should shoot to kill rioters actively destroying property an steeling. I believe my exact quote was something about when a scumbag starts smashing a window of a shop owner to steel from him. I say when that starts shoot the son of a bitch on sight, do it once or twice and put a medal on the chest of the officer and this shit will stop fast.

    No I don’t think they should gun down crowds but once people start destroying property and steeling, screw that. These people are not protesters they are taking advantage of an incident to steel, damage property and victimize people who are not part of the incident. You will notice they didn’t go breaking in windows of the police station now did they. Hell no they prey on the weak. Shooting a few assholes like that would prevent advancement of a police state, letting this shit continue empowers one.

  10. @Chris, I believe I did mention it. You still better have formula, what happens if mom gets sick, infirm, dies, etc.

  11. @josh, you don’t have to limit it to one, look how varied the subjects on TSP are. The key is you do have to have some primary niche that is the focus and draw behind what you do.

    Looking at your list for instance, teaching can be part of any of the others. Your religion and spirituality naturally comes into anything you do. Writing eh? What if you wrote novels that taught people about spirituality from your view point. But you did that in an entertaining more main stream manner. You of course market yourself (the author) more than the books with blogging, facebook, twitter, etc. (like Tim Ferris) No reason gardening can’t be part of how you market yourself or that it can’t creep into your books. A novel that has spiritual lessons and relates man’s place in the world with gardening, I would probably read that. I am just thinking out loud here. I may be totally off with what is right for you I am just trying to help you find the answer to your own questions.

  12. Another tip for expecting parents. As soon as we found we were expecting, we painted the nursery (previously a droll white ‘junk room’) yellow (generally considered a gender-neutral color). This gave time for the paint to ‘dry’ – not to get all environmental – as low-VOC wasn’t commonplace back then. It worked well for our son and is still serving for our daughter. Friends that didn’t know ahead of time if it was a boy or girl went with green. Gender-neutral hand-me-downs are great – whether clothes, bedrooms, etc.

  13. @Cureofars

    I am not sure exactly how life kicked you in the ass to make your feel that way but I feel sorry for you. What is your job, are you by chance a high school guidance counselor?

    Your comment is one of the SADDEST statements I have ever heard in my life. You go around living with a life you hate if you want, that is fine. However anyone else reading this please disregard this statement.

    Most Americans live lives going broke the entire time doing shit they hate. I promise you that you can do AT LEAST that good doing something you love.

    I really am sad for you Cureofars, in all serious honestly.

  14. Jack, I don’t want or need your pity. There is honor in doing work that you don’t love (and very few are willing to do) to provide food and security for your family. To think that the only way to a meaning full and happy life is to follow your passion in work is bullshit.

  15. @Cureofars

    I never said a man or woman should not be willing to do a job they hate to feed a family, keep a roof over head or pay bills, not ever. It is not sad to do that when and where one has to.

    However, to consign oneself to such a life until the gold watch at 65, no wait now that is 72, no wait by the time we retire it will be 84, is SAD.

    I was not following my passion when I packed boxes for 5.90 an hour in 1993 but it paid bills and was honorable work. In 2002 when as Fluke Networks top Sales Person I made 145K, I was not following my passion it more than paid bills but sucked my life essence from me.

    In those years I was not unwilling to work like a slave for minimum wage or for a big check on the other side of that journey but I NEVER GAVE UP the fact that I could find and live my dreams.

    I pity you not because you work a tough job, hell I honor you for that. I pity you because based on your comments you seem to have confined yourself to that permanently. You seem to feel that chasing your dreams is for the few not for all, not for yourself. That is sad, seriously. It does NOT have to be that way. Again I don’t begrudge hard work and doing tough things.

    My first job was in a Turkey Farm, my second in a grocery, my third a solider, my forth that shitty one packing boxes in a warehouse that was about 130 degrees in the summer. I don’t shun or disrespect tough work I honor and respect it. I do pity a belief that it is all you can ever have, simply because it is all you have ever known.

    If a redneck like me can succeed chasing his dreams anyone can. My sympathy for you is not for where you are but because you SEEM to believe it is where you must stay. If that is not how you feel remember text is the lowest form of communications.

  16. Formula and nursing moms. Many breast feed babies won’t touch a bottle/formula. Try feeding one, esp. when stressed. Each baby has their own Still I think some formula should be kept as back up.

  17. Sorry, comment posted before through, babies have own quirks. Different nursing mothers have different takes on bottles, I feel it is best if you teach a baby to take a bottle occasionally, even if it is pumped breastmilk. During an emergency not the best time to teach a baby to drink from a bottle. Also, a nursing mother could nurse another’s baby if necessary.

    Diapers, yes have both. Cloth diapers not so bad as they used to be, no more diaper pins, can use wool diaper covers which are much better than old rubber pants, etc. Short term, esp if power out you want disposables.

    Baby food, jars are convenient, but you can mash and blend same food you eat for babies. Some mothers don’t buy baby food but make their own.

  18. @ Modern Survival & Cureofars:

    I have several passions. They center on creation and problem solving. I suppose if I had to, I’d take a job that sucked, payed misserably, and held no passion for me. But why would I? Just because people have worked all their lives in jobs they hate just to give something to the next generation doesn’t mean that if somebody was there to slap some sense into them they couldn’t have done better and enjoyed a heck of a lot more of what they spent their life doing.

    I read the comments from the link. They were telling. One even said that the best one can get in life is to have enough money to dabble in a hobby. The commenter even used painting and building cars as an example. Go figure I have an uncle in law that makes a great living doing just that.

    I’ve held a series of jobs at different points, and not one of them was something I wouldn’t consider doing for free if money was no concern. Job descriptions have varied, but in the end, I’m a professional problem solver. It is what drive me, so that’s what I do. I’ve had my setbacks but on the whole I do what I love and I earn about triple my demographic’s average doing it.

    I could have taken a job flipping burgers (and I’ll tell you what – if I really liked to flip burgers, I’d be doing it and making decent money for it – and probably in my own restaurant by now; I could even consider going into restaurant business just as an excuse to innovate something new) but that isn’t really my thing so I looked for jobs that suit MY interests. It really is that simple.

    If it helps, following your passion is a matter of turning a passion from a consumer to a producer which is virtually identical in principal to turning a home into a homestead. You can live in a home or you can manage a homestead. You can go into dept to do a hobby that helps you forget the life you hate or you can find a job that includes your hobby (or make a job if you have Jack’s entrepreneurial itch) and live the life you love. Fact is that since I work jobs that include my hobbies, I get to play with toys I could never even dream of owning if the hobby was a consumer rather than a producer.

  19. why anyone would want to have children in this time of history is beyond me!!

  20. @Inbox485 – That deserves a dramatic slow clap common from an 80s movie. But since I don’t know the internet short hand for such a thing, if it exists I will just tell you, WELL DONE! Exceptional post!

    The key is chasing your passion, not everyone will do it by owning a business or working independently and not everyone will fully pull it off but you should never give up the chase. Most people will make it part of what they do if they just keep trying.

  21. @Foxy Huntress – Because most of us have a lot more faith in humanity and ourselves than we do in government and economic systems.

  22. Jack,
    First of all, thanks for answering my question. It was undeniable by the sound of my voice I sounded nervous. I have good reason, most of my friends live in Oakland, SF, etc.

    I wanted to clarify a couple things about the situation, because I think that some things you said might lead people to an inaccurate understanding of how things went down and why.

    First the undebateable. It is not really accurate to describe the situation as “protesters looting”. After the verdict, there was a group of people that were protesting. These people, by the police account even, were well behaved, compliant with the law, and largely were members of a group called “Justice for Oscar.” They practiced their God given right to peacable assembly and we should honor them for that. they were very angry, but chose to express that anger within the boundaries of civility. Even to the point of publically denouncing violence and destruction. If we don’t respect people for this sort of behavior, they have little incentive to perpetuate it.
    And then the sun went down. The people who were stealing from footlocker were not protesting anything. They were engaged in thuggery. I suspect they were outside agitators from Berkley as they targeted large chains like footlocker and starbucks. Anti-corporatists, I used to be one when I was younger.

    Anyway, what isn’t getting a lot of news play is that people in Oakland were so convicted that their protesting be peaceful and (i’ll say it) not destructive to the black community that some of them were (brave/foolish/both) enough that they actually braved the riot to STOP people from looting.
    Can you imagine wading into that mess to protect foot locker? Because “This is not justice for Oscar”? I can’t.
    The police say that the people that were rioting were not protesters, they were self-described anarchists from the outside. I hate to say it, but they were probably far left loonies. We have them in bunches out here.

    The debateable;
    The reason people are pissed about the verdict.
    You said you havent familiarized yourself with the case. Let me tell you what I’ve learned. The cop got invoulentary manslaughter. This is manslaughter through gross negligence.
    Like if you leave a brick on a balcony and it falls off and kills someone.
    What happened that night on the platform was far from negligence. There is a video of the killing. Oscar is sitting against the wall. He takes a picture of the cop pulling out his taser (testimony says he brandished it twice at Oscar). The cop gets mad pulls O from the wall and puts him face down on the ground. The police are holding him down to the ground and the defendant pulls out his pistol and shoots oscar in the back, while he is pinned face down on the concrete.

    Now contrary to an above comment. The cop displayed his knowledge of where his taser was on his body by removing it from its holster and pointing it at O twice. There is a picture of this on the net. He then replaced it, pulled out his gun and shot Grant.
    Unlike the above comment, the pistol weighs 2 pounds or so, the taser a few ounces. The taser was BRIGHT YELLOW with an LED screen.

    It is debatable, but I for one can see why the public is furious with the verdict. The cop pulled out his bright yellow taser twice. Put it away, pulled out his much heavier, black pistol, undid all the safety mechanisms (supposedly thinking he was operating the bright yellow taser) and shot a restrained man execution style in public, on film.
    And got involuntary manslaughter for it.

    Rioting is wrong. But the OPD is as crooked as the day is long, and they are never, ever held accountable for their corruption.
    As a citizen familiar with the ground reality of the area, I want to ask people “If you lived somewhere where the only people more dangerous than the gangs were the police, what would you do?”

    There are a lot of people in the survivalist community that talk about the tyranny of the police state that is coming. They prep for it, and prepare to defend themselves from tyranny and the erosion of their liberties. For some people it isn’t coming, its already here.

  23. Geeze, that sounds like I’m really down on cops. I’m not, I have a background working with law enforcement really. I think a quote from Donald Rumsfeld describing the situation in Afghanistan sums it up best;

    “The situation on the ground is not one that is conducive the the production of a lot of angels.”

    So much more why we should respect the protesters that stood up to the rioters.

  24. And no… “Shooting looters on sight” is ridiculous. What you have is a bunch of opportunistic thugs stealing stuff. The moment you shoot one, the radicalized activists and gangs go nuts and it turns from an opportunity to steal into a full on war zone.
    The gangs here have grenades, closed communication systems, fully automatic rifles and armored cars. Police outfits, listening devices, bombs, trained dogs, you name it. When the police start just shooting people in the streets THOSE people come out and start burning and killing. Everybody who is “On the Fence” or trying to cultivate a peaceful solution towards justice either joins the mob or gets ignored. The moment you start killing people for STEALing, any argument against looting, or peaceful resolution goes right out the window, and the real protesters stop trying to protect private property and either pick up a rock or go home.
    The total destruction of Oakland is a high price to pay for turning sneaker theft into all out warfare.

    There are reasons police don’t shoot fleeing suspects.

  25. @Shannon,

    I appreciate your opinion but if I was running the show I would one…

    1. Announce in advance you loot we shoot
    2. Set reasonable rules of engagement, IE, active destruction and theft
    3. Shoot the son of a bitches
    4. I would have National Gard Involved not just cops

    I grow weary of how bad ass gangs are supposed to be. If they start a war, end it and the world will be better off for it. With advanced warning the real protesters can pick a different venue. Armament is only one part of combat.

    People only do this shit because there is little to no consequences.

  26. @Shannon:

    I understand where you are coming from on the Taser vs gun thing. All I can say is nobody that carries tools like that for a living puts conscious thought into deployment. It is pure muscle memory. You think deploy and next thing you know it is in your hand ready to go. You don’t think about the steps, the weight, color or anything like that. All it takes for an officer to pull the wrong tool is for a wire to get crossed upstairs. Fatigue and stress has a history of doing just that. Going from the thought “brandish tool” to “deploy tool” can make that difference. Also the officer had to know he was on film (they get reminded of that fact constantly). Finally the shocked reaction to the bang vs zap is also where I’m thinking it wasn’t intentional.

  27. “All I can say is nobody that carries tools like that for a living puts conscious thought into deployment.”
    That is contrary to the police training I received concerning the use of deadly force. If you are right, and the police pull guns on restrained people without putting conscious thought into deployment, that is very terrifying indeed.

    The shocked reaction is consistent with every instance of unexpected firearm discharge I have ever seen, or hell, even a car backfiring. That doesn’t demonstrate that they were expecting a taser. Even if it does, it only demonstrates that his coworkers were expecting a taser. It doesn’t say anything about his intent.

    If someone I was standing next to pulled out a pistol, and fired it point blank into a concrete slab next to me, you can bet I would jump, regardless of my expecting a taser or a gun.

    The bottom line is this. The guy pulled out his pistol pointed it, and shot someone. To make a caracture of it, lets say in one hand I have a pistol, and on the other hand, I have a banana. If I were to shoot someone in self defense, and then say “WEll, I thought I was going to pull out the banana and throw it at the guy so he would slip on it, but I got confused, and pulled out my gun and shot him instead”, my defense would get laughed out of court..
    Really how different is this..
    I’ll just say this. If you have a gun for home defense, I suggest buying a taser to put right next to it in the nightstand. Don’t bother learning how to use it, just buy one so that when some a-hole breaks your bedroom door down, you can shoot him and then claim that the stress and fatigue led you to mistake your pistol for the bright yellow plastic taser. Its insurance against a murder rap.
    Criminals could bring a taser to bank robberies. Hey, mistakes happen ya know?

  28. RE: babies.. first, BIG CONGRATS to the caller and his wife! 🙂 My family IS MY BIGGEST PASSION and it thrills me to hear about couples making plans for a new family member.

    I recommend buying a book called “Super Baby Food” that shows you how to make baby food from scratch. I used it and it was great. Rather than stocking a lot of baby foods in jars, you can store common foods that the entire family can use and learn to convert it into healthy baby food.

    On diapers, start buying now in various sizes using coupons and look for sales. KEEP THE RECEIPTS and find out return policies from the stores. That way if the baby out-grows your overstock of small diapers, you can exchange them for larger ones. I did this with both of my children. I found the best approach was to tape the receipt to one of the bags at time of purchase to make it easy to find when I needed it. Also stock up on wipes.. buy 3 or 4 in the tubs, then stock up on the refill bags. I dedicated 1/2 of my baby’s closet just to supplies and was pretty well prepared when he arrived.

    Formula has a relatively short shelf life, so it was more challenging to store.. Be careful about stocking up on regular formula, only to find out later that the child is lactose intolerant or allergic, or gets “gassy” with certain brands. It’s a slippery slope at first when trying to find the right formula for your baby. Of course, breast feeding is best, but not always an option for a variety of reasons– and if your wife plans to breast feed, buy a manual pump (maybe even 2 .. since as Jack says.. 2 is 1 and 1 is none..) and buy extra supplies that go along with those like storage bottles & lids, etc.. There are some pumps that are used for both manual and electric pumps. These are nice to have so that they can be used with a rented pump (many hospitals are providing this service now) plus can be used when electric is not available.

    When your wife starts getting requests for gift suggestions, have her ask for clothing in various sizes, especially if you know the sex of your baby ahead of time. Most people want to buy you those cute little newborn outfits, but the baby outgrows them in just a few days.. having clothing in sizes up to 1 year or even 18 months is very helpful.

    Buy things like motrin, tylenol, orajel, ear drops, gas relief medicine, and all of the little special gadgets that go along with those items like dosage syringes, etc.. ahead of time so you aren’t making a trip to CVS Pharmacy at midnight.

    I think that cloth diapers, diaper liners, safety pins and plastic pants should be part of your preps for your baby’s first year. Even if you never need them, cloth diapers are good to dust with, safety pins are handy to have around anyway. The paper liners and plastic pants can be used when the baby is potty training to help avoid “accidents”..

    Remember all of those extra things like baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder, baby soap, baby laundry soap, etc.. in case your baby has sensitive skin and can’t tolerate the harsh stuff we adults use.

    Get a good reference book specifically geared toward baby care. I have “The American Academy of Pediatrics – Caring For Your Baby and Young Child Birth To Age 5”. I have some others, but this one was by far the best reference tool.

    As part of your baby “prepping”, get your insurance info, overnight bag, etc.. ready EARLY so in the excitement of the moment you don’t forget anything. If you can pre-register at the hospital, that’s even better. Put some $1 bills and quarters in the bag for vending/cafeteria.. you may be there for awhile. But please don’t pack a hunting magazine to read while the wife is pushing.. she WILL hold that against you for a very long time. Keep gas in the car.. the last thing you want to do is stop at EXXON on the way to the hospital 🙂

    Lastly, check with your local hospital or pediatrician office. The pharmaceutical companies are infamous about leaving tons of samples like formula, meds, even baby bottles, diaper bags, etc.. and the medical offices will give these to you for free especially if they are overstocked. Check with the nursing staff or the Case Management/Social Worker departments.

  29. @Shannon:

    I was referring to muscle memory. There is a conscious thought to deploy. The sub steps are what become automatic. This was not the first incident where a gun has been pulled rather than a Taser. Unlike pepper spray, a baton, or a banana, a Taser has the same ergonomics as a real gun. If Taser International had so much as two brain cells to rub together, they would make them more like the civilian model which is made like it is so that it doesn’t get confused with a gun. The elements for a mix up were there, and I’m not convinced that the officer realized he had a gun in hand until the shot went off. If you really think that an officer who had to have known he was on camera would deliberately execute a guy like that on a subway platform, that is your opinion and I won’t begrudge you for it, but as for myself, I don’t buy it.

  30. The first thing I realized when I read @Cureofars’ comment is that obviously he/she has great passion for their family.. willing to do whatever job necessary to to support them. We all strive to fulfill our passions, even if we don’t recognize that we are doing it.

    My first jobs included cleaning up crickets around silos at a factory, building boxes to ship printers, a veterinarian’s office, a cashier at a hospital.. when I finally got a job in my chosen field (working as an IT Tech) and as luck would have it, I ended up working for the boss from hell — he was so bad, I actually missed those crickets… 🙂

  31. I have done the cinder block garden thing, after hearing about it here on an older episode. I would like to post pics and experiences on the forum. Will look for a appropriate thread, is one already started?

  32. @stinger570,

    When you do post it let me know I would love to see your results. Don’t worry about the right thread, just go to the gardening board and post a new thread.