Episode-471- Mike Gasior on the State of the Economy — 27 Comments

  1. Jack,
    I have been listening to you for little over a month now and have found you a real breath of fresh air. I just finished hearing todays show with this Gasior fellow. I found him rather Pompous and annoying. Throughout the interview you would give great analogies to back up a point, that he was not really getting across very well, yet he was very condescending to them. I was put off by him. I learned nothing from him today, where as had it just been you talking for an hour I learn at least 3 or 4 new things. Just my opinion of course. Keep up the good work.

  2. I listened to today’s show and I was informed and amused at the same time. I got the both of your sense of humor trying to give information on such a depressing topic and yet keeping it light. The road ahead is going to be very hard and we need to deal with the truth but yet keep out whits about us and stay calm. A good way to do that is to laugh at the as clowns (your term) as we buy that extra food, pay of debt and start homesteading! I like the fact that you both could laugh. I know a lot of listeners did not get it but we all have to remember along with darkness comes light! All wounds heel whether by closing or through death. We have to decide whether the medicine we need to heel will go down easy or hard and that is why we prep!!
    Happy Prepping and keep doing what your doing so that the rest of us can have a beacon of light!!!!!

  3. Hello,

    It is coming. The hard times that our fore bearers endured. Prepare now! It may be a year or 5 from now, but it will come and it won’t be easy.

    What to do? Listen to Jack and think about what others have done.

    Look at how our grandparents dealt with there situation. First they did not spend money they didn’t have.

    Second they did not waste! We waste way too much everyday! Don’t through that item away if it has any use. My grandmother who is still with us at 94 NEVER threw any thing away.

    Third they raised their own food. My grandmother told me that they never went hungry. She had five brothers and four sisters of which only one sister and one brother are left. She said “we always had plenty to eat” They raised their own food and canned and stored it for later.

    Forth they were very GRATEFUL for what they had. Thankful.

    Don’t swallow the info put out by the media.
    Caveat emptor!

    PS I found a wild muscadine vine on Saturday which was loaded!

  4. Thanks for interviewing Mike Gasior. It helped me to better understand to whom he directs his training. Regarding the comment of “pompous,” you must not be from the “East Coast.” Our uppity accents are often mistaken for pomposity.

  5. Must agree with the pompous statement, maybe was arrogance, just didn’t seem to relate, that’s fine tho, not everybody sees eye to eye. I’m seeing the upcoming collapse being sooner than later, and hearing anybody pointing fingers or making light of the situation makes me sick to my stomach, not saying that happened at all. Just my feeling. In my opinion if you are not actively prepping right now in a big way. You are still in the dark, lazy or just plain stupid. If your in stocks get out. – simple. OMG if you knew some of the things happening, read Bush/Obama executive orders in detail for a clue.

  6. once you get past the guest’s BS, he did have some valid comments but not one of the better guests. I would suggest getting Peter Schiff to speak for a show.

  7. I’m not seeing the “arrogance” or “pompous” attitude that some other commentators are claiming; I thought the banter between Mike and Jack was excellent, the two of them play well off of each other.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there in case Mike is reading, so that he knew we weren’t all accusing him of starting a Smug Alert. 🙂

  8. To anyone that thinks Mike is arrogant you are just flat wrong. No one who is at his place in life with wealth and public recognition would come on a little show like TSP if they were arrogant.

    You should also know we did this show a week back, the system failed and it was all lost. So Mike did this show twice. He won’t get anything from doing my show, he doesn’t sell how to trade stock courses or any thing like that.

    This man cares about people. You may not like his style and it is different than mine but don’t insult him. Mike is my friend and if you insult him you insult me and you are not welcome on the blog.

    He also already did a second show on homesteading. That will air at the end of the month. When someone does something with no request for anything in return that is far more humble than arrogant.

  9. Jack,

    I thought the show was great. I disagree with some of the posts about the guy being arrogant. He has some of the same sense of humor that I have, so I can relate to both him and you.

    I think some of the people making those derogatory comments ought to lighten up a little bit, smell the roses, and don’t get their panties in a wad just because someone didn’t sing kumbaya.

    Learn how to get along with different personalities. You’ll need all the help you can get when the SHTF.

  10. Jack,

    I am shocked at your reply here. I was under the impression listeners were free to politely comment on the show even their opinion varies from yours.

    I have read through the comments above twice. I did not see anyone making a personal attack on your show guest. I see a number of people offering their *opinion* on the subject, but I do not see anyone being outright insulting.

    In my opinion, the most closed minded comment of this entire thread is the comment you made about ‘insult him, insult me, not welcome here’.

    Yes, this is your blog. Yes, there is no right to free speech here. Yes, you can zorch my post and this thread completely out of existence.

    As someone who has religiously listened to every one of your last 350 or so episodes, I am just very surprised to see you write what you did. It is just not the reply I would have expected.

    As always, thanks for the show. I learn something every day.

  11. @Biff, so if I call you arrogant I am not insulting you?

    I am pretty damn sure if I said you were arrogant you would consider it an insult and you should, it is a very insulting statement about a person.

    Now just to clarify what I meant was after my comment and my explanation anyone that would continue with such insults is not welcome here. As for my comment being closed minded I don’t consider it closed minded to not allow a friend to be insulted. Anyone here and I mean ANYONE is welcome to disagree but insults are not tolerated, I won’t insult you and I would not let you insult me or anyone else here.

    You should have expected my response as it is totally consistent with everything I have always said here on the show and in print. Mr. Gasior took his time to do this episode not once but twice, he did so with no personal gain. Call that arrogant and I have a big issue with it. Now say you think he is wrong, did not care for his style or what ever that is fine. Hell Mike and I disagree with a LOT about the Federal Reserve but I respect him, I expect everyone here to respect each other. Those that can’t dissent with out resorting to name calling are not welcome.

    I also gave everyone BEFORE my response a pass on things, I THOUGHT knowing the man took his time to do this twice might enlighten a few folks to things.

  12. Jack,

    Obviously what you do takes tremendous amounts of time and energy to produce a real worthwhile 1 hour show 5 days a week. Today’s show (Friday 9th) Caller show, loved it. Mondays show, I will be listening. With that said, you can’t please them all and yesterday proves that. Oh well. I apologize if it came across as insulting to you or the guest. Just 1 listeners take.

  13. Hey Jack,

    Did Mike ever discuss his thoughts on storing wealth in gold or silver? He described staying away from real estate, which kinda confused me. Wouldn’t buying rural land be a great hedge against future chaos?

    – Ryan

  14. @Reid, No worries mate! I don’t mind for a minute that Mike is not your cup of tea, like I said above I expected the stuff to stop after my explanation.

    Hopefully the fact that Mike was willing to take time out of his insanely busy life will mean something to you and show you he isn’t arrogant. I don’t expect that to make you like him, just understand where I took exception to how you said what you said.

  15. @Ryan,

    Mike is not a big believer in gold (as I said we do disagree on a lot of things) he also sees gold as over valued right now and a good way to get your knee caps broke if you put a lot of money in it, on that we agree.

    He is also answering as a pure investor. What I mean is if real estate drops in the next five years it would be seen as bad to buy now. However, if you buy a home you want, that you can afford, go 20% down, make payments on a track to pay it off in 10 years vs. 30 and its “value” declines do you really care? Personally I don’t. Now if I buy three houses and want to live on rental income and the market goes to shit I have a real problem.

    I took Mike’s advice on houses as to not buy a house as an investment seeking short term monetary return. Simply because if you should not buy under any circumstances now, that would me that I you and everyone else here that owns should sell now wouldn’t it. Far as I know Mike’s 200 acre estate isn’t on the market right now.

  16. Notice I said MAYBE, or was that not noticed. “Must agree with the pompous statement, maybe was arrogance, just didn’t seem to relate, that’s fine tho, not everybody sees eye to eye”. did not point call names or accuse.

  17. I agree with Jack that Mike isn’t pompous or arrogant, he’s has the East Coast sarcasm. This sarcasm is often mistaken for a snobbish attitude.

    Jack – Your last question about how your audience can prepare wasn’t revisited nor answered. Is it possible to re-ask this question to Mike at a later date? Thanks!

  18. Your right, the welfare gets their health care FREE, I have no health care & can’t get it because my husband works part time…we have to pay for those slobs who gets it free at my husbands expense…not right!

  19. I finally heard the show this morning and have read the comments and can only say…I like Mike! Great interview Jack. GlenM above wrote what I was thinking as I listened…Mike’s East Coast sarcasm was bright and sharp on subjects that worry us all. I’ve known guys like this and would be glad to buy them a beer (something softer for me) and shoot the bull anytime!

  20. Hello Jack, thank you for having Mike Gasior on the show. I heard you mention him a couple of months ago and I watched his video twice. I do not take his attitude or accent in any negative way. I think he was great and he has great insight and knowledge as to how a world economy works. I look forward to hearing him again in a couple of weeks. It helps me and my family when hearing facts from people who are like you Jack. Helpful, honest and wanting to help people. Please do not pay too much heed to negative comments about the show. Opinions are like belly buttons, we all have them. I found it eye opening when Mike stated he believed the Dow could hit to 4000! Oh my gosh, it will be devastation like the Obama administration will never had planned on. Micro farms will become the norm and people will take on small jobs and barter as much as they can because if the government finds out you are getting by on your own they will want to stop it!

    There is much more work to do. Purchased two guns today from a local gun show, an Ithaca M-66 SuperSingle .20 gauge, 28 inch barrel, good shape and shoots great. The other was a non-planned purchase of mine, a “legal” short .12 gauge coach gun made by Columbia Arms. It looks rough and shoots great also. Those will be put in the safe and will help protect and provide food when needed. Building food supply, have water filtering equipment in place. Putting back money in cash and moving some out of the bank slowly so as to not come up on the bank’s radar.

    You and Mike help all of us and my wife and I thank you and give thanks to Mike.

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  22. I liked the interview – Mike is great, and interviews bring added dynamism to the show as only conversation can. At least we have some sort of time line here.

    The Dow to 4,000 in 18mo to two year! Pffiou! that’s a gloomy statement. And a brave one to make, not so many people risk themselves with forecasts like that one on records. At least we’ve been warned: the second dip is coming fast, and this time around there is no safety net. The events may unfold at terrible speed.

    As for the skill one should learn, I think you already have the answers: survival, permaculture, low-tech solutions, medicine, DIY… Knowledge is going to be our most valuable assets of the next decade or two – or maybe more.

  23. Well, I hadn’t actually checked in here after my episode aired and it’s fun to see so much debate.

    And for everyone’s sake (including you Jack) the stuff about me coming off as “pompous” or whatever is all taken in stride. I’ve been in this “life” for 30+ years and I’ve been called worse. On a fairly regular basis (thanks to me traveling to all parts of the world), it is always interesting to me when people feel compelled to say to me “You’re a real genuine New York-er” because I know it’s their way of saying something else. I always have to figure they must actually mean I’m either loud, obnoxious, an a**hole or worse. In any event, I’ll confess that East Coast/New York-er types can come off as kind of abrupt in many other places, so if any of you found me to be too gruff, please accept my apologies.

    But on a better note, all thanks to Jack for working so damn hard on building such a community and enterprise from scratch. As I guy who has run his own business for 21+ years and is more survivalist than many would believe, this is a tremendous forum and resource for people. And that is to be commended.

    So hopefully I’ll come across as less arrogant and pompous on the show where I talk about hunting, trapping, gardening and wine making 😉

    Seriously though, thank you to everyone for the comments. The U.S. is a democracy and I will always defend with my life everyone’s right to speak with freedom.


    Mike Gasior

  24. Excellent response Mike. Thanks for not getting butt hurt over us chewing the fat. 😉