Episode-466- Start Thinking about Fall Gardening — 5 Comments

  1. Jack- you mentioned that onions and garlic are not good near beans and peas. Perhaps you could do part of a show (unless you already did it, in which case please let me know) on companion planting.

    As you mentioned, the growing season in Maine is somewhat less than that in Texas.

    Have a great day!


  2. Another great show, everybody like me in the north – michigan here. We are looking fall gardening right in the face with average frost in late sept or early oct. Jack once again being proactive, thanks.

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  4. When you talk about gardening your enthusiasm is contagious. I always get excited. Currently I’m in a 400 sq ft apartment in a downtown urban area, so my gardening options are limited. But someday I’ll have the capability. Great show.