Episode-458- Listener Phone Calls 6-18-10 — 12 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,
    We are pro-photographers and we use a website called to produce some slick videos for our clients. You may want to look into it for your Revolution videos. It literally takes minutes to produce a pro quality video.

  2. @Gerald,

    Well the work is done now but for the future once you do up the video can you download it as a like a mp4 or wmv or something.

  3. You should do the Cherry Pie, and do it in the solar oven. Bet it would be awesome. I’m building one right now. Maybe I’ll make one and put it on youtube.

  4. Yes, You can download full res DVD’s, web only versions, they have full compatibility social networks too. We always get compliments on our videos and I feel guilty because they ere so easy to make.

  5. Animoto is cool. I agree with @Gerald. Even my 13 year old uses it to make cool presentations for school projects.

  6. Archer just asked me to mention (he’s not at a computer right now) that the “transom knot” from the book “Everyday Knots” by Geoffrey Budworth is good for tying sticks together.

    The “transom knot” originally hails from “The Ashley Book of Knots”.

  7. PVC screw collars are FAR from waterproof.

    I’ve had one, tried it, and besides not being waterproof.. they are HARD to unscrew.

    I suggest getting a ” test plug “… they are two piece red pvc, with a black rubber inner ring ( that expands ) and a wingnut on top.

    Put this plug in… take a file and only take the sharp edge off of your pvc pipe… then grease a standard cap to slide over the end…. check for ease of removal.

    This is bullet proof.

    When you retrieve your cache, turn the cap… it’s lubed with grease, and pull it off.. then loosen the wingnut on the waterproof plug.
    Everything inside is cool and dry.

    Hope this helps… the test plugs are about 4 bucks… red pvc with a big black rubber O ring and a wingnut.

    Good luck to all of you.

  8. Jack and All…..

    I use 4 gallon HDPE food grade buckets I get from my buddy with a donut shop. They previously stored Lemon and bavarian creme filling, so they smell wonderful, and already have a nice O-ring’d lid!!

    Anyway!! For my Long term storage, I use 1 gallon Mylar bags with a small 02 absorber in each, Ironed shut, and packed into the buckets. This way I can pull out a small ammount of store, and do not have to worry about the rest getting contaminated. These should also be useful for a barter item in “S” should ever “HTF”

    I also write on the mylar bags BEFORE food goes into them. Date, contents etc. There is a sheet inside the lid of each bucket that is written in black sharpie marker the contents, so you can see it through the translucent HDPE lids.

    This is my altermative to gamma seals, or resealable buckets, and the 5 gallon bucket liners.

  9. Something I found out just last year- I have what I thought was bamboo along my house, and have seen it in a lot of areas here in Maine. Turns out it is actually Japanese Knotweed, which looks like bamboo, but isn’t. According to one source, it’s only purpose is to make money for those companies that sell products or services to get rid of it. I do believe I read somewhere that the young shoots are edible. I am glad, Jack, that you mentioned about the running types of bamboo- from what I have read, you need to do some serious containment for those types.

  10. Great advice on the resume being dead and the power of branding yourself.

    At my old company I befriended an industry college on Facebook. She later needed a source for a story she was writing and was on a deadline. I happen to have been signed on and gave her a few quotes.

    A month later I am quoted as an expert and our companies product mentions were sprinkled through the article. At least $10k in free press from accepting a friend request.

    Folks giving me advice on my last company upgrade (notice- not job change) were telling me to close my social networking accounts etc… I said screw that. Who I am is who I am, if I have to hide how I live, or worry if someone will get offended because I’m not milk toast enough for their liking… I really don’t want to help them make lots more cash.

    There are LOTS of companies out there that need folks that can and do know how to make thing happen. Starve the dinosaurs, withhold your services until they come to you.

    Keep telling it the way it is! The info revolution is here.