Episode-429- Listener Feedback 5-3-10 — 11 Comments

  1. Jack, the Washington Examiner actually is a conservative publication.

  2. I remember the debate over the tanning tax.. they originally had a “botox tax” but of course that was taken out so that the plastic surgeons wouldn’t be angered. I’ll just work in the garden and get my farmer’s tan I guess..

    And why am I not shocked that Fannie Mae is right in the middle of another controversial scheme?

    Thanks for the kudos on my tax savings- and I do plan to spend it wisely.. 🙂

  3. Hi Jack,
    I have not yet listened to the show…I’m always a couple of episodes behind. I did read over the cap and trade patent and it seems pretty narrow to me. In that regard, it strikes me that a would-be competitor may be able to design a non-infringing way to achieve the same result without too much difficulty.
    Thanks for the great shows.

  4. The companies who are letting those copiers go out with sensitive information on them really have no one to blame except themselves.

    We’ve got some Xerox machines here with drives – and they’ve also got the DoD 5220.22-M three-pass wipe feature enabled. You might get the very last document scanned if you hit Start and then pulled the plug on the unit before it was done printing. Maybe.

    Even if you don’t have that, if you’re going to sell a drive or give away an old computer, give it a pass over with DBAN ( a self-contained disk sanitizer.

  5. Fanne Mae & Freddy Mac, just like Amtrak are all government run “Programs” that, since their beginning have never EVER turned a profit. Government run. With all of The People’s Money backing it all up; Not ONCE have any of them been able to stay running without perpetual cash flow from the American Tax Payers. And I don’t mean Customers, but government subsidized bail out after bailout. Freddie & Fanny are not part of the monthly housing reports, even though they are the biggest problem with it. Just like this Non-Existant Economic Recovery we have going on here. It’s not a Recovery; IT’S ALL A COVER-UP !! And yet we still keep electing the criminals and putting them in High Offices to run our country. VOTE OUT “ALL” INCUMBENTS IN 2010 AND 2012. Toss the bums out !!

  6. “Advice for young people joining the military”
    It exists to fight wars, this means bloodshed and killing go with the job, esp. if you are combat arms.
    It is NOT a jobs training/educational foundation.
    If you join any branch, it’s 90% certain you WILL be deployed to a combat zone, esp. if you join the Army, Marines & Air Force.
    People do get killed, will visit a friend who resides in a military cemetery, courtesy of an Afghan IED soon… Food for thought.

  7. I\’d say if any currency does ok, it might be the Australian dollar, but really, commodities are the way to go.

  8. Hey Jack,
    Another thing for women that want to go into the military should consider is the possibility of sexual harrasment and assault by the enemy and fellow troops if they\’re deployed. I\’m not bashing the troops, but if you google it you\’ll find that women have died of dehydration because they\’re too scared to drink too much water because they fear going by themselves to the bathroom at night. Sad but ture.

  9. RE: Tanning tax;

    The original idea was to tax all cosmetic medicine, but it seems the only market segment that didn’t have good lobbyists was the tanning market so they got left holding the bag.

  10. Cryp. Gattii

    I have been watching this story with great interest as I live in Oregon and my wife contracted it last year. She spent over 60 days in the hospital, requiring a feeding tube before it was all over.

    My sister works for King County (Seattle) Public Health, infectious disease division and I will share what I learned about it. It is nearly impossible to track down the location it was contracted given the incubation period. It is treatable, but the drugs are extremely specific and expensive. The diagnosis requires a lung biopsy and culturing of the fungus so as not to confuse it with other crytococcus species.

    I am not one to worry about the prevalence of it, just letting you know that it does happen.