Episode-403- Listener Feedback 3-22-10 — 4 Comments

  1. In re: Rust Removal.

    For surface rust only, where the metal hasn\’t oxidized to the point where the metal is pitted or etched, use a pencil!

    Simply sharpen the pencil and move it as if you were \"chiseling\" the rust away. The pencil \"lead\" is just hard enough to gently polish or scrape the surface rust away without damaging the finish.

    I know, it sounds silly, but it works. I learned it a long time ago from a very old gunsmith.

    Hope it helps.

    The Professor

  2. In addition to the “mass exodus” of Democrats from Congress, there will be a mass exodus of quality physicians from the practice of medicine. As patients we can’t stop this erosion of health care quality but there are things we can do from our side of the doctor-patient relationship to keep it healthy.

    If you have a good doctor (or healer, or nurse, or acupuncturist!), do whatever it takes to make sure you appreciate him – as his freedoms erode, your access to good care goes with it.

  3. Well I turned on all my lights all my TV’s and every thing else pulling electricity for earth hour. I just couldn’t resist. I didn’t go all the way to tape it. However the hippies were crying about it. 🙂