Episode-397- Jack on Truth Brigade Radio — 18 Comments

  1. Pretty or not I found her to be quite rude actually. Along with saying “Isn’t that the truth hmm” in that tone that says to me “I’m not really paying attention to you”, I got thoroughly annoyed when she west into commercial breaks several times by just abruptly playing music over Jack’s conversation. No warning. No “I’m sorry Jack but we have to go to a break real quick and we’ll pick up where we left off”. Just straight cut to music and let Jack figure it out.

    And Jack was right – talk about commerialization! If TSP becomes anything like this truth brigade radio broadcast I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach listening to it. There was probably an hour’s worth of talk and another hour’s worth of advertisements. Blech. I would gladly pay more as a member of MSB just to keep that from happening!

  2. Been listening to your podcast for about a month now,and gotta say it is my personal favorite. Okay, second, Armed American Radio is my favorite, but you come in a close second.

    I have been pushed to think of new ways to curb debt,prepare for possible futures,and become more independent thanks to your podcast.

  3. Jesse: American Freedom Radio where Truth Brigade is aired controls the commercial breaks, its not up to Ms Czajkowski, they host a number of different programs on various but related topics ranging from NWO/Conspiracy/Alternative Wellness/Aliens and then the ‘freedom’ based stuff as well. Stuff the more traditional survivalist/conspiracy communities are into. And so the various commercials you hear tend to advertise that sort of material. But its (from what I know at least) only “aired” online, you can’t get it on the airwaves unless someone sets up a repeater from the net to the airwaves in a particular area.

    Its a highly commercial venture, with a great deal of banner ads sold as well as regular interruptions which the hosts have no control over, they just hear the music start and know they are about to ‘go to commercial’. Unlike the sponsors of ‘The Survival Podcast’ I would take the sponsors of American Freedom Radio with a HUGE amount of Caveat Emptor because over there it is all about the money. I am not saying any of their sponsors are not potentially worth while, but with any company you should do your research and know what your getting, cause it could be solid, or it could be snake oil.

  4. Additionally Christie doesn’t control when the bumper music comes in that is done automatically to accommodate the commercial slots and time limits, that is pretty standard with most radio.

    PLEASE NOTE I didn’t say that there were a lot of commercials as a dig on Christie or on American Freedom Radio, they have no more commercial time then most conventional radio stations. I only pointed it out because SOME of my listeners claim I have “gone commercial” with TSP and complain about my 3 – 5 minutes of house keeping (only about 2-3 of which are commercial by the way).

    Above all Christie was certainly NEVER ONCE RUDE TO ME, anyone who thinks that is simply wrong. Christie is a good person, works hard and just like me and everyone here has some faults. I consider her a patriot because right or wrong on any issue she knows why she believes what she believes and keeps on fighting.

  5. Jack,

    I would love to get a copy of the contract you had with your son. I am trying to come up with something like that for my kids.

  6. A good interview, but it really makes me glad that TSP doesn\’t have commercials. I have to say that many of the commercials hurt the credibility of the show (not the interview) with me. So many of them set off personal alarms for various reasons. I understand that they aren\’t under the control of the host, which is unfortunate. Jack, thanks for not following this model!!

  7. Wow, I always knew Jack was an excellent speaker who drives a point home with the precision of a Special Forces sniper.
    The contrast between him and this “interviewer” just reinforces what a quality product he delivers.
    I have tried to be kind here, but the words “vapid” and “Valley Girl” just keep popping into my head.
    It was a painful listen…I applaud Jack for his stamina and ability to carry her through the interview.

  8. I too would be interested in seeing your son’s employee handbook. My parents tried something similar to get me to do chores. It worked sometimes, but they never ran a business or employed people. When my kids get older I’m gonna face those issues too.

  9. Jack, you have truly spoiled us!! I listened to your interview on Truth Brigade while I was driving to work and I became completely frustrated and enraged with all the commercials and interruptions! I have a whole new appreciation for your podcast and how you take care of you sponsors during the \"housekeeping\" section. Honestly, your sponsors and their products blow away most of the crap that was advertised during the Truth Brigade. Your podcast definitely provide far more \’value per hour\’ then anything else i have listened to. Keep up the great work!!

  10. Jack, this is about the best I have heard from you! You really got across a lot, I mean a lot of very good points to a new audience! Keep up the great work!!

  11. I listen to TSP while driving and doing yard work, both of which make it hard to accurately skip around on my podcast player on my phone. I really tried to listen to this episode, but gave up after about 40 minutes. The commercial breaks were painful and the overall format was disappointing. It makes me appreciate ‘normal’ TSP episodes that much more. I press play and pretty much just coast through it enjoying and learning. Even when I disagree with Jack or think he is off on a bit of a rant. 😉

  12. I’m glad Jack can speak so well and so much because if I had to listen to Christie Czajkowski for one more minute I think I would have to poke my eardrums out with a pencil.