Episode-393- Listener Phone Calls 3-8-10 — 24 Comments

  1. Jack,
    this was a very good show – loved the music – I agreed with the sentiment and best of all I could understand the lyrics! I hope listeners look into the stat about 7 million starving in the Great Depression – I have also run across that information – adult language can express emotion and you have that and that makes you real – a good marriage is price less -there is no other person you will rely on more in every way – Thank you God for my spouse – I would be totally adrift w/o him (instead of just partially) Anyway, just to let you know – good show that I enjoyed-

  2. I’d never heard of the OODA loop either, but it’s the same thing as the Security Life Cycle I use to describe how to improve situational awareness. Observe to become Aware. Use Awareness to form plans. Choose the best Plan and Act upon it. OAPA. It’s not as catchy as OODA 🙂

    Thanks to the caller that pointed this out, and thanks to Jack for passing it on. I’ll read up on OODA since it’s so similar but more thoroughly laid out.

  3. Thanks for playing the tune Jack! I was wondering why I all of a sudden was getting hundreds of hits 😉

    I hope everyone enjoys it. Just so y’all know…I’m giving “Snake In The Wood Pile” away for the first 100 or so folks that register on the website. But if you miss out on that, just send me an e-mail and mention TSP and I will send you a link to the song. I really just want to get it out there-especially to the TSP gang. I appreciate the support! There will be more to come…

  4. ah kids already or will know those words like shit it\’s a matter of context, tell them about using words in context and not to use it to insult someone but honestly they\’ll learn it sooner or later.

    mind when i was young i was sneaking behind my parents back at watching r18 movies, ah good times.

  5. jack, loved the show. but i do want to comment on the “snake in the woodpile” song

    it seems a little too TIN_FOIL_HAT-ISH

    everytime i hear about the trans-texas corridor has been in tin foil hat groups/forums. then again i dont live in texas so i dont know the facts

    second, the part about voting for presidents “but the chips already programmed and your liberties are spent” maybe i interpreted that the wrong way, but if not it’s B.S.

    thats just my two cents. its no big deal to me if anyone disagrees with me. i would just hate to either 1. attract the wrong sort of people to the podcast or 2. give people the wrong impression of what the podcast and community is about

  6. @womule

    1. You are totally entitled to your opinion.

    2. Just to be clear this is A SONG from Gregg Yows of Revolution Rock and Roll not THE SONG for TSP he will be writing.

    3. You don’t need a foil hat to understand the corridor. While the foil hats link it to the North American Union down here where we are directly impacted by it we are mostly concerned with the fact that millions of acres of land will be illegally seized to build it under the guise of imminent domain. The FACT that trucks from Mexico using it will be able to travel all the way to St. Louis before clearing customs is a cause for concern as well. That is indeed a fact.

    4. On the chips, I do believe that many people want the population chipped. Reality is either at least the Rockefellers do or Aaron Russo was a bald faced liar. Of all the people pointed to by the fringe Aaron is one that to me is entirely creditable. Where I differ with the foil hat brigade is that they think we will be rounded up and chipped. My view is one day not to far in the future the majority will be happy to have a chip. You can call that foil hat if you want but in Germany a recent survey showed that already about 56% (if I remember right) think bio chips in humans are a good idea.

    Again though this is NOT the type of theme song I want for the podcast. I have given Gregg a few ideas and one line, “You don’t have to be another face in the crowd, you don’t have to take this lying down”. I am quite excited to see what he comes up with out of that.

  7. @modern survival

    no problem. the song is good.. i did like it. i didnt know that about the texas corridor. i did some light research on it and kept getting tin foil websites. so it was hard for me to determine fact from paranoia. since you said it, i will trust that it is fact. i can see precisely why its a terrible idea. illegal immigration, illegal weapons, drugs, basically all the border problems we have now will magnify. thats just what i can see now

    i have been doing some research on RFID. right now it is being sold as a way to manage inventories and other things like that. it is in “pay pass” cards. it does frighten me that the thought of implanting them in the hand or somewhere in the body, or just using them to create a cashless society. i dont know if that would make any difference since our currency is bogus anyway lol

    thanks for giving me the facts on the texas corridor, keep up the good work!

  8. @womule

    When I write any song, I usually challenge myself to leave enough to the listener’s interpretation so that you have to think about it. The problem with these types of songs (politically-oriented) is that if you leave too much to interpretation, then folks may get the wrong idea about your political beliefs and therefore you have not met the other goal of getting a clear message across. It’s a razor-thin line.

    It’s funny that RFID came up in this discussion. When I wrote the song, there was a scandal going on with Diebold who was hiring ex-convicts to transport the “chips” that held the electronic results to the precinct headquarters. So the programed “chips” I refer to in the tune are the memory sticks used to store electronic ballots. Which, tin foil or not, I will never trust.

    As far as the TTC is concerned, my mother’s ranch in Beeville, TX was directly threatened by this debacle. The contract to build it was awarded to a French company with NO open bids taken. Well, actually, they said there was, but I went to college with the “CEO” of one of the “competitors”. He is no CEO and is actually a lobbyist for our Governor Perry. Out and out cronyism.

    But to re-iterate Jack’s point, this is NOT the song he is planning to use for his podcast. We are co-writing a custom tune that hopefully will shine a positive light on the modern survivalist. Remember…I am a TSP fan and prepper myself! I would not want to write anything that would make any of us look anything but rational folks who simply want to be left alone. That being said, I may put in a line in there about hard red wheat berries and five-gallon buckets 😉

  9. Jack, I do like the show, and its current format and language. It works, and works well, its actually kind of funny because there are Survival Podcast ‘clones’ out on Itunes now, they use almost the same sorts of language, (not exactly but awfully close) that don’t seem to pay respects to this show for providing the style and format. Its almost like listening to ‘The Survival Podcast’ with a different person behind the mic. So you can say you got a good thing going that people are copying you in almost every way for their own podcasts the only way they are ‘different’ is that they aren’t able to do the 5 days a week production schedule you have.

  10. BTW. What is the status of the TTC? Is it under construction or is it still in the planning stages?

    Like I said, its hard for me to find solid information about it. Also the reason I commented about the song was because I was websurfing while listening to the show. I was under the wrong impression that he wanted our opinions.

    I wouldn\’t have a problem with the song, I like it. Just didn\’t think it fitted the show. Can\’t wait to hear what your guys create!

  11. Not sure who said this, but it is a good rule of thumb:

    “I’m not interested in conspiracy theories, I’m interested in facts about conspiracies.”

    Jack, you do a great job in bringing lots of facts to the table. And regarding “the language”…it’s not my job to hit you over the head with my Bible. Thank you for doing what you do.

  12. How about a second show aimed at kids and teens? Maybe getting your kids to give advice to youth, etc. Don’t change the show you do now, just add a second one, granted that would lead to calls to have a woman orientated show, left handed show, etc.

  13. @Robert

    I’m wondering why you (and others who have suggested it) think that Jack has enough ‘spare’ time to do an additional podcast? I can only imagine how much time it takes to prepare for a one hour show, 5 days a week. Add the prep time to the actual broadcast time, the time to produce MSB content, various gatherings, extra shows to have available when he’s on vacation, etc., and it just doesn’t work out.

    I don’t mean any offense – I agree that we would all be a lot better off with more of Jack. However, if we apply the law of diminishing returns to the idea, I think we’d be better off letting Jack keep at what he’s doing to ensure the highest quality.

    And Jack, that’s not to say that you can’t do it – we know that you are the next best thing to Superman. But we need to look out for the superheroes that we have!

  14. Regarding kid friendly shows….

    Jack, I took the caller’s request differently than you did. I thought he was asking for a single show or two targeted at kids.

    I immediately recalled my youth where I attended church with my parents. The pastor would have a short segment every Sunday called the “Children’s Sermon”. This is where he would speak directly with the children in a context to which they could understand. The irony is more often than not, the adults learned a bit from it as well.

    In short, I am right in line with your answer about not changing the overall show. However, I would not be opposed to hearing a few ‘targeted at children’ episodes.

  15. the OODA loop was created for fighter pilots in vietnam. the idea wasn’t to show how you thought, but to point out in order to do something you had to go through the whole process to act. so the pilots were taught to try and get “inside” the enemy’s OODA loop (once interupted you must repeat the OODA loop from the begining) therefore causing the enemy pilot to take longer to act giving you the advantage.

  16. the 7 million number is being perpped by the Alex Jones crowd. While it may have some merit it is prob a bit off. But who knows. As for the starvation aspects during the depression have a look at the Grapes of Wrath and some of the Seibeck novels to see some reality. The do a youtube search and google search of Tent Cities .. They are springing up all over the country etc. We have some serious issues here.

  17. Have people not figured it out yet the way to get Jack to not use dirty words is dont send a email asking him not to use them i just heard the s word more times in 5 minutes than in the last 5 shows.Keep up the good work Jack is doesnt bother me if the s word or the very few f bombs is the worst you do on the show i would say that is pretty clean compared to other shows.

  18. @Dan, I don’t think I ever actually used the F word on the show. I reserved the right but never intend to so my warning is always more extensive than needed.

    I also long ago would occasionally would say GD in the early days. I decided not to do that to avoid a legitimate offense to some of the religious community.

    Now on words like shit, I defy anyone to find a single line in the bible that forbids using the word, ;>)

    In fact even “not using the Lord’s name in vain” has nothing to do with the term GD.

  19. @Zef_66

    Good find! I agree though very foil hat. There is no way 6% of the entire nation starved to death with no records other than Pravda.

  20. The tin foil hat stuff sometimes has something to it. Like the \’04 election some suppose that the Ohio election was rigged by the Bush campaign. Whether it\’s true or not I don\’t know but I don\’t hold out the possibility that it is. In the past (in the early days of our country) elections have been rigged, I don\’t know how widespread it was. Many times people think sure it happened in the past but it could never happen today. I disagree with that sentiment, we\’re supposed to learn from history and when we say, \"Oh, that could never happen now days!\" We are just fooling ourselves, of course it can!

  21. Hey Jack… I’d love to take a crack at a new TSP theme as well. How about opening it up to the general public, I can tell you there are quite a few pro muso types ( me being one of them) here that are fans and would love to contribute.
    that being said, I’d HATE to see the “nother day nother dollar” tune that you’ve been using, go away. It’s very comforting to hear that tune come on, and in a world of really shitty podcast theme songs– it’s a gem. I think it’s kinda branded the show, and you got lucky picking it out! Great tune–

  22. Jack,
    I first learned about OODA-loops from our friend James Yeager. He talks about it on his Fighting Pistol DVD. Maybe do an interview show with him and have OODA-loops as one of the topics.