Episode-392- Listener Feedback 3-5-10 — 20 Comments

  1. Re Jetta Diesels.

    I’ve been driving my Jetta TDI Diesel Wagon (Sportswagon in the US) since last March and just love it. However, I doubt it would burn corn oil or any practical alternate to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. The newer TDI engines are very tuned to use ULSD and even certain types of biodiesel can cause it some grief.

    Wonderful car and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  2. Leaving my gun out temps theives and murders ?
    Is that like having a tree in my lawn temps someone to chop it down ? Help me here , I always thought that people should be responsible for their actions not the potential of there possessions . Jack or anyone ?
    But I do get the point , Monsanto IS Wrong.

  3. @radar

    Yes if you leave a gun out in your front yard you are at least partly responsible if it is stolen and used for an evil purpose. Why? Firstly because the law says so, second because EVERY SINGLE RIGHT comes with an EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    It is reasonable that any person in possession of anything dangerous would take reasonable precautions with it. Now I am not for requiring gun safes, trigger locks, etc but if you leave a gun sitting on your front lawn you have certainly failed to meet the responsibility that comes with your right.

  4. @Marcel

    Good point and one I hadn’t thought of, my Jetta is the last of the old generation that came out prior to ULSD.

  5. I have worked in the business office in a district for 20 years. There is only a small percentage of the funds that don’t already have strings attached. Programs such as NCLB, Special Ed, Bilingual, Compensatory ed all take the lion’s share of the funding. That is from the feds and the state (TX)alike. Local districts have very little flexibility in spending. When you take away funds and send them to private education, those “special programs” won’t have the funding they need. Let the districts have more local control and you improve your schools. Local control has nearly become non-existent.

  6. Being a revolutionary means taking accountability for your childs education.. Get them out of the tax funded daycare center public schools and start educating them at home. They will thank you for it later.

  7. I came here to comment about the VW Jetta diesels burning canola, biodiesel, or waste vegetable oil, etc. Models 2006 and earlier no problem. 2009 and up you can only burn 5% bio before you ruin your warranty. There are
    more details on if you’re interested.

  8. @Rowdy,

    Sorry man that won’t fix the problem and “those special programs won’t have funding” is the same lie we here over and over and over again.

    Take children out and take less than is spent on them when you do with them and you end up with more per child left in the system. I am a product of two stupid concepts from the experimental days of public ed. “Look-say whole language” and “new math” but I can still add, subtract, multiply and divide. Math doesn’t lie and the numbers all work.

  9. @Brian, if you look at the comments above you will note it was already mentioned. That said thanks for joining in.

  10. Jack,
    I have to disagree with your cross-dominance answer. You are right, but I think incomplete. If you want to train on firearms, learn to shoot based on eye dominance (like was stated in the podcast). If you want to fully train on firearms, learn to shoot with either hand. That is really advantageous for situations that are less than range quality.

    Great podcast! Have a great weekend!


  11. @ModernSurvival, yea sorry for the duplicate I just chirped in quickly. I\\\’m very stoked about my Jetta TDI and was dissapointed when I found that out. But does have a lot of useful info if you haven\\\’t seen it yet.

  12. Jack, good advice on cars in general. going for fuel efficient small cars is not only ecologically friendly but also makes sense financially.
    However one thing you failed to look at is the car’s reliability. according to Consumer Reports (which i trust for their car reviews more than other publishers) have consistently ranked VWs as one of the least reliable cars. On the other hand cars by Honda, Toyota, Huyndai, Nissan and Ford have topped the list. My personal experience and people i know seems to validate their conclusions.

  13. @dax,

    Fair enough BUT I have never met even one unhappy TDI owner. You should note with this that it is kind of a club so to speak. No TDI owner notices another without talking to them. How long, how is it going, any mods, etc.

    I have talked to people with new ones, 15 year old ones, etc. Not a single unhappy owner and I trust that a hell of a lot more than “Consumer Reports”.

    The TDI is not just a VW, it is a different type of VW. In 86K miles now I had one problem it was the alert for the emergency break and it was fixed for free even though the warranty was 5K over because the dealer said, “there is no excuse for that” though I was willing to pay and didn’t complain at all.

  14. I know why people have such a passion for their TDIs. In fact in my business trips Jettas were my choice of a rental as they are such fun cars to drive. the interior screams quality and it outperforms all its peers in handling. However, that aside, i have seen VWs developing too many problems later on. Thats why CR rates VW pretty much dead last as a manufacturer. and Jetta is rated well below average in reliability.

    although your TDI reaching 80k is respectable. Accords/Civics/Corollas/Some Nissans/ and of course Lexus/Acuras/Infinitis reach 200k quite easily. I think the new Ford sedans will probably join that club as well.

  15. @dax,

    You and I are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. There are so many TDI’s with over 200k miles on them out there it is almost unbelievable. The problem with Consumer reports is what they consider a “problem”. When you judge the critical components, the motor, the transmission, the entire drive train and all the things that a car actually needs to run there isn’t much to pick on with the TDI.

    Also try this one, see how many parts you can find for TDIs in junk yards, very few because very few of them end up there.

    Typical issues with the TDI are often things like “sluggish acceleration”, the general cause is a bad fuel filter that went bad early because it did its’ job and saved the owner from bad fuel.

    To quote Ed Wallace when he was asked about this, “so how many of them do you see on the side of the road”?

    Last look at resale value.

  16. Oh and watch what happens to customer satisfaction with these hybrids when they all start to crest about 80-100K and those over priced golf cart parts start needing service.

  17. regarding the cost of education…I took responsibility for both my children\’s education early on – they both attended kindergarden through 3rd grade, and my son made it through 5th grade. Through a series of events, I took both out of the school system and homeschooled them. Even though my son chose not to complete college, I can proudly say that my daughter entered college at age 15. I was a working mother who\’s husband worked from home, so someone was here all day, and we easily spent less than $500 on education materials. A good education doesn\’t have to cost a great deal of money. Children will learn despite all the problems that exist, as long as the parents make it their priority.

  18. IN MY EXPERIENCE (hope that’s clear enough ;)) VWs tend to have more electrical gremlins than mechanical. Power windows, door locks, mirrors, fancy electronics, those are the trouble spots. The other category of failing VWs are the turbo gasoline models – usually some 18-year-old assclown puts 20″ wheels and stretched-out tires on, and then cuts his springs to give it that “low rider” look, drives around like an idiot and then wonders why the car falls apart and no one wants to buy it off him.

    The VW diesels, though, just keep on chugging along.

  19. I was a teacher in the ’70. Disillusioned with the public schools, in 1982 I opened a private preschool program for 3 and 4 year olds. The parents were very concerned with having their children in the public schools. It was then I began advocating homeschooling. My own children homeschooled through 8th grade and in that time we met many other homeschoolers. I believe the homeschooled children will be those who rise to the top in our society and take the reins to lead us out of the mess we currently face. It was parents willing to take their children out of the public schools in those early years that has set the wheels in motion to change the public school system. With government budget cuts the public school system is facing the reality that the tax paying public doesn’t have their back and we well may see a different system emerge.

  20. A good area for affordable land and libertarian politics is Idaho. I\’m moving there, even though I currently live in Montana. Montana is full of Obamanoids, establishment republicrats, and other vermin.