Episode-391- Individual Revolution and Freedom — 7 Comments

  1. I would surely like to hear your thoughts on the education system. You could do another whole show on retirement. My work just brought in the Fidelity 401k stooge, I gave him a grilling, but wish I had heard some of the points you made today before he visited. Thanks for the great show!

    Jason from Philly

  2. I\’d LOVE to hear your opinions on the school system, as you said. I realize you probably purposefully avoid this topic, but religion would be an awesome topic as well. Personally I don\’t care what a persons religion is, as long as you can logically back why you believe it. Anyways, not what the show is about…

    Great show, keep up the great work.

  3. Agree with the ones above me that I would love to hear your thoughts on the education system. I am in a family of teachers, so I am always interested in what others think of our education system and way that it can be improved.

    Great show and keep up the amazing work! Thanks!

  4. Hey Jack, I book you might like related to a portion of this podcast, “The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap” by Stephanie Coontz. Great Show!

  5. Good Show. I would love to hear your thoughts on education. I was shocked to hear you mentioned that there is something wrong with age segregated schools. I am in full agreement. It is destructive to age group kids. It is not natural. The public schools are designed to create dependent learners, non-thinkers, kill creativity, kill dreams. The public schools were established by the coal and steel industry, by the elites of the 19th and early 20th century to create a controlled, ‘scientifically managed’ society, that would supposedly be more efficient than a free society. Our private schools unfortunately are just better copies of the public schools. I have been a principal of a couple rather elite classical Christian schools for many years, but have quit an am getting ready to launch a one-room school house in the fall: multi-age, independent learning, focus on entrepreneurialism (Horatio Alger stories, and much more), classical literature and science. I could go on, but I would like to hear your thoughts.

  6. Jack, the single best show I’ve heard from you. I identified with the show on so many levels and it puts to words why we have changed our lives to be more self sufficient and self reliant. I never though it was revolutionary, but your point is taken, it is.

    If anything can change the zombies from going to their 9-5 in their 17mpg hummer and dropping in at mcdonalds for the $1 burger … this show can!

    Keep up the good work and make sure this episode is heard far and wide as the call to the american people to become revolutionary … revolution is personal revlution!