Episode-363- Listener Feedback 1-25-10 — 12 Comments

  1. Hey bud, loyal subscriber Scott here. Is there anyway you can increase the audio quality for the podcast for subscribers? Just to tinny for me.
    Great information though.

  2. Thank you Jack for mentioning the discount for MSB members. I need to make a correction though, the concealed carry handbags we carry are not custom made. The handbags are manufactured by Roma Leather.

  3. You mentioned how sometimes people in the third world find ways to make things work through adaptation there is at least one site I know (and probably hundreds of others) which covers this sort of adaptation in Africa, called Afrigadget really neat ideas.

  4. Jack – I LMAO about your Uncle and the squirrel. I cannot believe there is another man who thinks like my DH. He trapped a squirrel at my Mom’s house which was nesting above the hood vent in her kitchen (using the vent on the roof as it’s way in and out). DH caught it by opening the bottom of the vent and it fell into a trash can which I was holding. I slammed on the lid and he took it outside. Starting the car he attached a vacuum cleaner hose to the tailpipe. Cracking the lid he put the hose into the trashcan and within a minute goodbye squirrel. My mom thought we put the squirrel in a cage in our car and that we were going to take it to the mountains to a new home. She doesn’t know this to this day! Ah you brought back memories and laughter!

    As always another great show filled with the stuff that keeps me hoping, planning and prepping. Listening to your show is like sitting down on the porch with a good friend. Thanks! Barb

  5. Not seeing the last 2 episodes on Zune Marketplace. No big deal I just downloaded them from here but thought you might want to know if you were not already aware

  6. I dont think is sounds tinny at all.

    but to the point, you said you’d put a link to the texas mom thingy… but no link. Any coming?

  7. Hey Jack. I keep seeing you mentioning the 22 rifle book but I haven’t heard you mention the audio version of “Lights Out” in a long time. Is that still a work in progress? I was really looking forward to it. Thanks.

  8. I downloaded an equalizer for my sound card and was able to adjust the sound to my liking. Keep up the good work bud.

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  9. Did the contest and this is how I am introducing TSP to a couple of people that I have only moments of contact during a week but have a very congenial relationship with. I will burn a couple of discs of the podcast and tell them to give it a spin with all the contact info included. Here is another idea I will be doing: you know how when people have their house up for sale and they have a little info box out front with literature in their about the house and a “Take One” sign. I will do that but will have literature that will include contact info on the podcast as well as other pertinent info referencing survival, constitutional, economic, political issues.

  10. Trapping Squirrels: A tip. Using rat traps is common, so is SPRUNG rat traps and no squirrels. Look at what is called a weasel set. Essentially, it is a large victor rat trap enclosed in a box/jug/something, that doesn’t interfere with the trap’s bail. Add a 2.5″-3.5″ entrance hole to the box (depends on your target species) directly in front of the bait pan. The animal enters the trap because it smells the bait. It’s first step is right into the kill-zone. This minimizes empty traps, which is the whole point. The size of the entrance minimizes non-target kills.