Episode-361- 7 Events to Keep an Eye On — 12 Comments

  1. The one thing i think the news has right and im sure most will agree that a lot of others that have had deaf ears to the the people are going to have a wake up call Harry Ried being one.

  2. The “H1N1 vaccines are going to waste” link is broken.

    Today I went back and listened to a bunch of your old podcasts while doing a little cleaning out back. Great listens.

  3. @Dan Hunter,

    Thanks man, link fixed! That bad link was really a weird thing, I have no idea how that happened.

  4. yeah for Brown – I hope he stays strong. Agree that fear has no place in our lives – much of this fear mongering and conspiracies come right out of washington and the intel community (imho) – in my opinion and in agreement with some others, alex jones is one of their assets – seems he is trying to be bill cooper for the masses -Yes, I am a member of the tin hat brigade – the mind games are played at various levels to grab the naive, more informed and those in-the-know. I love this country but the system is absolutely crawling with rats. –
    Keep up the good work – you have a solution for people – independence – eventually, this could tame the wild beast of what we now call our govt.

  5. MA resident checking in here…

    Scott Brown’s election was a vote against ObamaCare most of all, despite what many sources would like to think. We already have mandated care with a public option, and it’s awful. We’re right behind CA and NJ in terms of a budget crisis as a result.

    I sucked it up and voted for Brown instead of the Libertarian since it got so close (amazingly), hope I wasn’t wrong in doing so. Only time will tell.

  6. Jack just threw down about the peak oil and food connection. Nice work! How do we get that clip between about 38 and 40 minutes on national TV? That would be huge.

  7. I agree with Ben. If I could get a few short clips like that and post them on facebook I could probably draw more listeners to the podcast. There was another great clip near the end as well.

  8. Thanks for mentioning about how the yuppies ruined Montana and Wyoming by buying up all the land for pennies and now selling it for millions. Damn assclowns make it hard for us working class folks to buy anything except rent slave to an apartment. I really hate real estate agents dressed up like cowboys and driving 40k pick ups. Bottom line: to be a cowboy, you have too have cow shit on your boots!

  9. The Monsanto seed is supposed to be a sterile seed. It is not supposed to be able to be reused, which gives Monsanto a monopoly on seed production. There was a farmer in Canada (Sask. I believe), who did not have the Monsanto seed in his field, yet his neighbour did, the plant reproduced, and blew seeds into the first farmers’ field. He got charged by Monsanto for using their seed and not buying it. Even though, he did NOT plant it, and it is supposed to be sterile, he was charged, and Monsanto won the court case.

  10. The final speech of this podcast, from 55:30 or so on is excellent. I have been trying to find a balance between the our current world, the conspiracy world and the world I want to live in, and your words in that speech is the closest I have come yet. Thanks