Episode-359- Can You Feed Yourself — 16 Comments

  1. Will not be able to listen to the podcast until I get home, but wanted to FYI…if you are in the DFW area, both Home Depot and Calloways have just received their stock of fruit trees in just the last couple of days. Saw a BEAUTIFUL fig that I have to wait until next payday…and a good spot for it in the yard! Get them sooner rather than later!

  2. Jack…this is one of my favorite topics (food sovereignty) and you rock when you cover it. I’m going to try and grow more food this summer just because it has become the most revolutionary thing I can do. Thanks!

  3. GREAT SHOW!!!!! I was just talking to my mom today about what we were going to plant this year. I can hardly wait to get my garden going. And this year is going to be a greenhouse and the fruit trees too. YEAH!

  4. Wake up people! Watch what is happening in Hatia~ NOW is the time to prep if things go wrong here in the USA!
    I’m looking at seeds for this season that I don’t already have…& more ammo!

  5. Since I may be in an apartment soon, I’m going to look for a local CSA and order the large package and can the extras. I think a 600.00 family CSA order will actually be cheaper than buying land and starting up a garden.

  6. @Chad

    You said, “I think a 600.00 family CSA order will actually be cheaper than buying land and starting up a garden.”

    That may be one of the most insightful statements I have ever read. Wonderful contribution and I will read it on the air tomorrow. The math bears it out.

    600 a year for 50 years is 30,000

    Can’t buy much at 30 in the way of a few acres and a house now can you? It may not be for everyone and it may not be the best solution for everyone but it is a damn fine alternative. Thank you for that contribution Chad,


  7. Hey Jack, make that one thousand and ONE gardens started by listeners, my first garden was last summer!

  8. @TTex

    I do 5 shows a week if you don’t like the subject matter of one once in a while listen to one of the other 360 from the archives.

    I assure you I won’t be changing the way I do things around here anytime soon.

  9. TTex…why don’t you get your own bloody podcast so you can do it your way?

    You are what we refer to in this neighborhood as an assclown.

    I would ask what you mean by “get back to the basics”, but since you aren’t smart enough to be clear in your initial statement to begin with…I don’t really care.

  10. Wow, Jack, that’s what I do. I think the podcast is great, have been a lister for a long time and an MSB member from the start. I just felt like this episode got overly preachy. Just my two cents. One of the things I have really enjoyed about the TSP is that it has focused on non-political survival issues (I share your views so it’s not a matter of disagreeing)for the most part but over time you seem to be interjecting more of your personal views (hey it’s your show) and I believe that takes a little away. Keep doing what you’re doing. As a long time listener, I was just making a small comment. Ann on the other hand sounds a bit like a sheepole. Many people are looking for someone to follow blindly and it appears she has found someone. Keep it up, great podcast.

  11. Just catching up on episodes…loved the greenhouse ideas…fantastic re the chickens and the fish! Where would you or how to get started with a fish reserve?