Episode-352 Call in Friday 1-08-10 — 11 Comments

  1. I haven’t listened to the show yet but the bullet on pressure canners and the All American brand caught my eye. I just purchased, arrived yesterday, an All American 930 pressure canner from Amazon for $239 with free shipping. While I have not used it yet, based on the quality of construction I can say that for at $239 it’s a true bargain. The thing is extremely well constructed with excellent fit and finish. I can’t wait to use it.

  2. I just bought a new battery for my bike and the acid comes in a container that you add to the battery. To throw away the extra acid you take baking soda and add it to the left over acid nullifying it. (Lead acid batts)

  3. As far as living in a rural area and working is concerned:

    We live on 8 acres with pasture and woods. We keep sheep, chickens, and quail in addition to dogs and cats. We have an acre of land dedicated to gardening, and we are only 4 miles from town.

    Its surprising what you can find close to town. You really don’t have to move dozens or even hundreds of miles out to find your self in a great homestead.

    Keep looking, keep your mind open, and you will be surprised what shows up.

    Great show!


  4. Jack, for reconditioning batteries, there are battery desulfator modules or DIY kits.

    basically hook up the battery to the module and charge it and the module is supposed to \"pulse charge\" the sulfate crystals away.

  5. As the above post suggests, baking soda will do the trick but will produce large amounts of CO2 and the solutions will foam. For a small amount (1 battery worth), this would probably be ok, but if you want to do a larger portion it will make a hell of a mess. A diluted solution of sodium hydroxide should take care of the acid. Before disposal the pH of the solution should be checked. Each state\\\’s department of health or similar should have some basic guidelines for disposal.

  6. there are many many uses for sulfuric acid aka battery acid. It is the number one industrial chemical. the H2SO4 out of a lead acid battery is contaminated with PbSO4 (lead sulfate). If your battery is completely out of power the only liquid in the battery is water the solid particles floating in the battery are lead sulfate witch is used when you recondition your battery. here is the chemical reaction of your normal lead acid battery

  7. Beechwood Casey Gunscrubber is awesome.

    It comes in two varieties: black and grey. Black is the regular Gunscrubber. Grey is synthetic-safe Gunscrubber. I learned the difference the hard way. I used black on a CZ-75 with plastic grips. They melted. But grey doesn\’t melt plastic or other non-metal gun parts. So that\’s what I use on everything now.

    It\’s funny: when I was listening to the podcast on the topic of gun cleaning supplies at a BOL …. I was organizing gun cleaning supplies at my BOL.

  8. I lived on a 300 acre wheat farm six miles outside city limits until i was ten. It will suprise you how many kids come around when your next door neighbor is a 1/2 a mile away.There will be plenty of things for kids to do out in the country.

  9. Jack,
    for a handy universal protable cleaning kit I have used and reccommend the OTIS FG-85211
    Deluxe Law Enforcement Cleaning System from I have 2, one I have used for years for deployments and such and one i keep at home in my go bag. they are small enough to fit in a cargo pocket, or they can be mounted on web gear. It is designed to be used for multiple calibers and I have even used it to clean a 40mm on occasion. it should fit anyones needs and runs about$67.