Episode-349- Listener Feedback and Events for 1-5-09 — 11 Comments

  1. I have to LOL at the slingbow. Back in 1979 or 1980 my brother and I were shooting arrows with our Sling Shots. Brought back a lot of great memories.

    Always something great in your shows.

  2. @Dan Hunter,

    There is no doubt the mods Dave has done to his will get the job done. I shot one myself at DT09 and I have no doubt about good killing power out past at least 15 yards. Dave has also taken Corican Ram with the sling bow, mainly because hunting deer with one is not legal in Ohio where he lives.

  3. Jack,

    I’m looking forward to your Mastering the .22 e-book. I just recently got a .22 rifle and I am looking forward to learning how to use it. However, as a new shooter one topic I am woefully ignorant of is how to field dress and/or consume small game. If SHTF and I had to shoot some squirrels for supper, I would have no idea how to properly prepare it. I hope your e-book will cover this information in some depth.

  4. I don’t have blog-reading time,so I’m glad to know you’ll be bringing good excerpts to audio.

    Here’s one from dustinsgunblog:
    I just read a well stated editorial from the Washington Times on the forgotten virtue of firearms. It discusses the one-sided nature of the mainstream news as it relates to criminals using guns. If it bleeds it leads, leading to the primary focus of headline news being placed on stories of criminals attacking defenseless victims, while the vast majority of crimes stopped by law abiding gun owners don’t lead the news as there was no blood involved – simply aiming a gun at the bad guy was enough to stop the attack in 98% of the cases of self defense. When self defense uses of a gun are reported and covered at all, they seldom go beyond a small story buried deep in the local news.

  5. I can only get 14 seconds of the podcast from my end. Does anyone know ,how do I fix it?

  6. I found an other computer that does download the podcast, must have run into a firewall problem with the other computer.

  7. I’m a beginning beekeeper and will try to get a colony living in a top bar hive this summer.
    To collect honey on a mainstream hive (landstroth), you spin the honey out of the frames/foundation using an extractor. This keeps the comb undamaged so the bees can use it again.
    On top bar hives, since the bees make the comb ‘freehand’ w/o any type of frame/foundation, you need to crush the comb to get the honey. You end up with less honey this way, but more wax for other projects. There is less honey to collect because bees eat honey to make wax and they have to make fresh comb every time.

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