Episode-346- Listener Questions and Events for 12-30-09 — 12 Comments

  1. @lonestar – Thanks man. Corrected it, the file was numbered correctly just the title of the post was wrong.

  2. Jack,

    Been trying to download this podcast to my blackberry via the survival podcast website. Error message says \"object too large\". Do you know why? Can you fix this? Is it something I need to fix?

    I love listening, and missed the show yesterday. I hope we can resolve it.


  3. I haven’t listened yet, but I don’t understand why Monsanto hasn’t gotten the stink eye from the DOJ yet.

    the only reasons I can think of require the application of heavy duty foil.

  4. I hear you say your mobile recording equipment. What do you use for your mobile recording? Laptop or a self contained system? Thanks for the great show(s)

  5. Monsanto owns 90 percent of the seed?
    Do I hear monopoly?
    so where are the protestes? Or do protesters
    only take down our ability to survive.

    keep up the great work.

  6. I think you are making a huge mistake. I lived in Asia, I have been a farmer before. Monsanto has hardly any present here. Most of the seed are produced locally. In China, most are peasant who grow rice using their own seed from their own research institute(China produced their own rice seed as Malaysia & other Asean countries are studying the viability of Chinese rice seed). Rice is our stable here.

  7. Great show…
    Seeds of Change, BTW is owned by Mars, though they seem to be a great company. Seed Savers Exchange is doing fantastic work indeed.
    Monsanto\’s Terminator Technology and nuclear wastes, what else might have such an negative intergenerational legacy? When Jefferson said \’intergenerational remote tyranny\’ – he was talking about these kinds of things, I think.

  8. Jack,
    I’m currently looking at a dual system (wind/solar) for my house in Rockwall. I’m curious if you think these PnP solar panels from Lowe’s could be put on stands, say in a backyard, and “piped” in? I know I’ll lose some energy on the way in but I’m thinking expansion capability, directional control, etc. Thank you for the show, wish we could have sat down over a beer before you got out of here.