Episode-345- An Interview with Christopher Nyerges — 6 Comments

  1. Great show! I read Extreme Simplicity by Christopher Nyerges a couple of years ago. While it is very different from my situation (He is urban, I live on a farm , I recommend it as the best urban homesteading book I ever read.

    Would love to see a follow up with you guys on Money and the Fed.

  2. The podcasts from the car were louder. From your home I can’t hear them. I am going to buy some speakers and see if that will help. I am on a laptop.


  3. Great show…I enjoy your guests and I like how you, Jack, show the common areas between various communities. Highlighting the “prepper” thread.

  4. Looking forward to follow up interviews! This was a great show… I’ll be looking to buy his books, too.

  5. I don’t analyze dreams or read poetry, (maybe I’m not describing well), I didn’t think I would like this kind of show; but now I look forward to a follow up.

    I just listened for the second time and was mentally stimulated. The philosophy that was introduced brings a much deeper meaning to what it is we’re doing.

    Thanks Jack and Christopher!