Episode-339- Listener Feedback for 12-17-09 — 8 Comments

  1. Great episode Jack!

    On the subject of UK gun ownership, the largest semi-auto you can own is a .22 Rimfire. You CAN own a pump action or semi-auto shotgun but these are limited to three shots when listed on a shotgun certificate. You CAN have greater capacity if you have it listed on a Firearms Certificate but this is not straightforward to achieve. Underlevers are another option in pistol calibres.

  2. For growing close to the coast in pots, here are a few potentials – that\’s a TALL order, being salt tolerant is tough enough, plants small enough to tolerate pots that are edible is even harder to find:
    Coccoloba diversifolia or Pigeon plum.
    Sea grape (Coccoloba uvifera) possibly, big pot.
    Sesuvium portulacastrum, Sea purslane as Jack noted, likely.

  3. Some info for the guy wanting a Gun Safe at his BOL.
    You could easily put in a floor safe & disguise it to look like part of the floor so it couldn’t be found easily.
    Another option is a Gun Wall Safe that will fit inside the wall between 2 studs. Install it & then hang a tacky picture over it. Here’s one place I found a few to look at.
    I would recommend that you keep no more than 1 rifle, 1 shotgun & 1 pistol there. I would also fully document their serial #’s and keep those at your home.
    I saw another safe that almost looks like a Bow Case that mounts in between your wall studs but I can’t seem to find it now.

  4. Thanks for answering my question about the gun safe at a BOL. I have a full-time neighbor with a commanding view (field of fire?) of my place; he is a retired Marine sniper. In the spring, we neighbors are planning on putting up a gate at the entrance to our places. This would prevent vehicles from carrying in heavy theft tools and carrying out heavy goods.

    Since the cost of a floor or wall safe is more than the guns I would keep there, I’m thinking about a good traditional gun safe draped with a sheet or something to conceal it.

    The thread on this, if anyone is interested, is;topicseen#msg129447

    Thanks, Jack. And, yes, I am a dork.

  5. @Heavy

    A line of sight neighbor changes everything. Bolt the damn thing to the floor. Let the jack arse try to steal it and make an old man’s day.

    Seriously if you have that going on then you may want to visit our sponsors get a hand held a base station and a few sensors. Give your buddy the base station and you can use the hand held to let em know your are there so he doesn’t make any mistakes. Hell get two hand helds. I will try to get a video up of the gear I bought this weekend. I really like having this stuff around our house.

  6. The person that attacked the burgler…..the burgler wielding a knife with 54 previous convictions….he gets jailed.
    You know USA is looking like a really nice place after I finish my course.