Episode-336- Listener Questions and Feedback for 12-14-09 — 28 Comments

  1. Your right about the home improvement loan.My dad did the overdoing it thing his house ended up being worth 70,000 but only got 49,000 out of it.All the ohter homes were older and only worth 35-40,000.A lesson well learned.

  2. How about the title: “Editor Whole Life Preparedness” or “Life Improvement Editor”.

    Your mention of PEI (Prince Edward Island) didn’t touch on a few pertinent facts. PEI is one of the 10 Canadian Provinces (analogous to a US State) and its economy is mostly farming and tourism. They have a lot of farms and produce and export a lot of food. The kicker here is that even though they produce/export food, that doesn’t make it easily accessible to the local population. The majority of the population still need to buy from their local grocery stores which mostly have their food shipped in by truck from their buyers/supply warehouses.

    Most people would probably go hungry even if they lived right next door to a dairy farm.

  3. You need a moniker that gets people interested and tells it like it is:

    “Editor of Practical Preparedness”

  4. I am a life-long resident of Prince Edward Island, and I can vouch for the fact that the winds did blow over the weekend – the highest gusts were over 80mph.

    This was certainly a reminder that imported fresh food will be the first thing to disappear if transportation is interrupted. It is amazing to me how people live differently now than even 30 years ago when I was a child. we always had a good store of cole crops set away just as had been done for the last two hundred years here. It seems that many people though need to run to the grocery store three times a week just to stay fed.

    In any event, we aren’t likely to starve this winter. The potato harvest here this year was close to 30 million cwt. As long as the ketchup stocks hold, we’ll survive.


  5. A basic overview, in my opinion, of what you’re doing is a)sustainable lifestyle and b)preparedness (could be for disaster, sustainable living, etc.). As such I think any moniker you come up with should address both, “Sustainabile living and preparedness guru” would be very close to the mark in my opinion.

    I’ve heard several people, Jack included, talk about keeping a regular hunting shotgun for home protection rather than a home-defense type shotgun. This goes back to the perception of one over the other. I would tend to agree. However, I’m fortunate enough to live in Texas, though that doesn’t mean I’ll be 100% immune to an over zealous D.A.

  6. NORTH wall in a greenhouse is the no sun wall, not the south wall. Think of where you put solar panels, facing south where all the sun is. You want the south wall to be one of your big exposure wall. Sun goes across the southern sky, and never makes it north.

  7. Here is some names for your column

    Freedom for all
    The Preppers Report
    The Freedom Report
    One Guy’s opinion

  8. Editor of Survival/Preparedness Philosophy?

    You’re big on the mindset and mental aspect of preparedness. I’d try to represent that.

  9. I\’m teaching a friend to hunt. This is solid advice. We\’re trying to bag him a deer before the end of the season this month, but I will be training him up on small game as well.

    Also, On the whole fluoride thing, I\’ve drunk well water all my life. Both homes I have lived at ran water from wells. I have never had a single cavity or dental issue. So forget what the \"experts\" say.

    Great show.

  10. Preparedness Editor

    Good advice on the home improvement loan. We got a real bargain on our house and did some remodeling on a home equity loan. In our area we’ll get every penny back. OTOH we know people who bought at the top of the market curve and then got a home equity loan to remodel on and bad things started happening. They are now upside down on the house and 100K plus in CC debt.

  11. “should you bother with a pistol grip or stick to a shoulder style stock”

    Shoot a shotgun slug with a pistol grip… That will cure any infatuation with those infernal things!

  12. Jack you were right on the first time – just use “Modern Survival Editor” (or even Modern Survivalist Editor). Anybody whose been around any of the survival sites/forums/communities will know immediately that it’s you and they will connect. You are what you are – and basically that is your title anyway. Blessings – TBM

  13. Jack, don\’t even bother trying to \"define yourself\" with a title. Just call your by-line, \"From the Backcountry\" and list yourself as an editor.

    PS: Yes that by-line title was used before, but that was over 15 years ago so I think it\’s ok to use it now.

  14. In regards to the remodeling, I might also suggest getting more insulation in your attic & checking the insulation in your walls to. A little weatherstripping on your doors can also make a world of difference & cost is minimal.
    When getting your new windows installed, make sure they insulate around them & seal them with caulk inside & out.

  15. Editor of…
    Contemporary Homesteading
    Survival Homesteading
    Modern Homesteading
    Internet-Age Homesteading
    Everyday Survival
    Prep. in Practice
    When SHTF

  16. Survival is already in the title of the magazine so I think you could drop that part of your title.

    Editor of Practicality