Episode-318- Listener Questions for 11-16-09 — 27 Comments

  1. About the felon owning a firearm question. I was told that a felon is allowed to own and use a black powder, muzzle loading rifle in some states.

  2. Aw, man… I have a genetics test tonight at 4:00 PST. I won’t even be close to a computer until 7:00 PST. >:(

    Have fun anyhow. Wish I could be there to support you and James. I like his show.

  3. To the gentleman with the DUI:

    Check if your state has a bureau of pardons or some group that helps people with getting a pardon.

    Maybe with nothing further on your record for at least a few years they can help you sort of wipe the slate clean.

    Good Luck

  4. You know Busch Gardens which is a great fun family place to go before or after your visit to Williamsburg / Jamestown.

  5. About the guy who was convicted of DUI and can\’t buy a gun.

    I think it\’s weird how the guy probably is driving to work today….they gave him back the weapon that he used to commit his crime yet he can\’t get a gun. I think it\’s very hypocritical of the US Government…on the other hand I have never been in a cop car and never even gotten a traffic violation and in Canada it\’s a pain in the neck to get a gun….

  6. Jack, I gotta take you to task for agonizing over the guy convicted of felony DUI and not able to own a gun. I agree with you on people who sexually molest children deserving a dirt nap, but on this guy you missed the boat.

    The Bill of Rights documents numerous personal rights that the Bill enumerates. The 2nd is the only right permanently removed if convicted of a felony. You can still speak out, publish anything you want, attend the church of your choice, own property not subject to seizure by the Feds without due process, and so on. Hell, as a convicted felon, you even have “rights” that aren’t enumerated in the Constitution.

    These laws denying a right are a gun-grabber’s wet dream. Get convicted of a felony and you lose a right? Where is that described in the Constitution?

    Once the debt is paid, probation served, and everything is done, you should be a free man, free to live all of your rights, not just those deemed acceptible by the gummint.

  7. @Pathfinder

    It is easy to say that from a comment but not so easy when you are speaking directly to about 10,000 people and start to realize your words have weight.

    So say a guy commits armed bank robbery, goes to prison, etc. When he is done, do we let him own a gun again.

    By the way the constitution doesn’t GIVE US any rights what so ever, it protect rights that are considered granted by our creator. Given one of those rights is “liberty” and given we put people in jail and prison clearly we must both agree those rights may be lost due to criminal behavior. So saying one can loose the right to liberty but not the right to own arms is certainly inconsistent.

    My issue here is more that a DWI was a felony in the first place. Especially if no one was harmed.

    Felons by the way don’t just loose their second amendment rights, they also loose the right to vote. In the end I don’t think a DWI should cost you your right to self defense but if we are going to make a blanket statement like “non violent” we better be clear on exactly what is and what is not violent.

  8. Whenever I hear of someone saying that they don’t get vaccines because of mercury, I ask them a simple question:

    “Do you eat tuna?”

    Because there’s about as much mercury in an OUNCE of canned tuna as there is in a thimerosal-containing vaccine.

    It usually either microwaves their tinfoil hat on the spot, or causes them to swear off tuna for life. Either way works for me! 😀

  9. Chris

    You are correct except you don’t eat a shot. It goes directly into your bloodstream. Let’s see you excrete that.

  10. I have this wonderful organ called a “liver” and it does a great job of that, as well as cleaning the mercury out of my digested tuna. 😉

    Though I doubt you actually want to see me excreting that, this isn’t the website for that kind of thing.

  11. No doubt the liver will remove mercury from your bloodstream. Its a shame that it will store it for pretty much forever.

    Next time you get a vaccine you should just have the doc shoot it down your throat since you seem to believe that everything that enters the body is processed the same no matter what route of intake it follows. 😉

  12. @Chris,

    Here is the thing WHY is there mercury in a vaccine? I mean yea you can get mercury from tuna and all large predator fish. It indeed can build up in the body but it got there not by malice but by the food chain, it is an unfortunate concequence.

    Mercury in a vaccine which is INJECTED into your body is different and while kydoomer is correct that it is processed differently when INJECTED intramuscularly that really isn’t the point. We simply should be asking WHY THE F is it acceptable to put mercury into a vaccine in the U.S. By the way in Europe and many other places that it is illegal to do so. Why do we allow the intentional use of mercury and other known toxins in a vaccine that doesn’t require them?

  13. @Jack

    “Here is the thing WHY is there mercury in a vaccine?”

    As a preservative and measure against contamination – it’s a highly effective antibacterial and antifungal agent, used in multi-dose vaccine vials. Phenols are another series of preservatives used, that are also toxic in high doses.

    There’s a list of vaccines that do contain thimerosal (mercury) available from the FDA:

    Methyl mercury, which we get from seafood, is also handled differently by the body than ethyl mercury.

    To crib from your notes, it’s all part of the threat matrix. Is it possible to have a reaction to a vaccine that contains a mercury-based preservative? Yes, but it’s extremely unlikely, and the majority of anaphylactic reactions to vaccines have been as a result of an egg allergy. Is it possible to get an infection from a contaminated multi-dose vaccine if it doesn’t contain a preservative? Yes, and it’s happened before, such as the oft-cited 1928 example of diphtheria vaccines by Dr. Ewing George Thomson. It was a multi-use vial with an incubation period between the use, and out of 21 children injected on a later date, 12 died.

    It still remains a personal choice to get or not get a vaccine. I don’t feel that there is significant risk from thimerosal-containing vaccines. Like I said earlier, you’re getting more mercury in an ounce of tuna.

    And as long as we can agree that it should REMAIN A CHOICE to get or not get a vaccine, I don’t think there’s any issue there. (Insert Voltaire quote here.)

  14. But then one would ask if you need a metal that would act as a antibacterial and protect from infection why not use silver. It works better and would not be a toxin.

    You also do NOT get more mercury in an OUNCE of tuna. To quote Twain “there are lies and there are damned lies”.

  15. I don’t have an answer for the “why don’t they use silver” – if I can find some studies comparing silvers effectiveness as an antibacterial and antifungal agent, that would be useful.

    For the tuna fish, with 28 grams in an ounce, and using the FDA cited limitation of 1ppm mercury, that gives you 28ug (micrograms) in an ounce of tuna. Even the thimerosal-preserved vaccine contains less than that, and ones manufactured with alternate preservatives or single-use vials have less than 1ug. Math is a harsh mistress.

  16. @Chris no one is saying mercury in tuna is a good thing. What you are saying doesn’t really have a thing to do with mercury in vaccines or the other toxins in them. Mercury is only one problem here is a list of the shit we inject into our children

    Now I am not a vaccine hater, I see the point of them for truly deadly illnesses but that small fraction of risk to me with a flu shot is greater then the smaller risk of death from the flu.

    The reality is there is no good reason for many of these toxins in vaccines other then they make production cheaper and increase margins. As free market at I am I find that to be a disgusting practice.

    I also eat very little tuna and very little of any large marine predator fish. Children in developmental age brackets should be given none.

    You point is honestly stupid, it is like one person saying don’t get bit by a copperhead and you come along and point out being bitten by a rattler is worse. Who cares both are dangerous.

  17. Chris

    The EPA classifies a liquid with 200 parts per billion of mercury as hazardous waste. The limit for drinking water is 2 parts per billion.

    The shot for a 22 pound infant would be 25 times the recommended safe amount.

    I have a two year old. He doesn’t eat tuna either. Because he doesn’t need to.

    Not to mention the aluminum which has been shown to cause Alzheimer’s. Google “Alzheimer’s cases increase” and tremble. I wonder why they are going up? hmmmmmm.

    I don’t mind debate about whether the vaccine is good or bad but I’ve not said a thing to those who choose to have their kids and themselves jabbed. Anyone treating those who abstain from the shots like loonies is an a$$. I’ve had nights of total stress where I didn’t sleep because I choose not to vaccinate my kid. I know the choice I made and made it because of science, not government recommendations.

  18. @Jack

    “it is like one person saying don’t get bit by a copperhead and you come along and point out being bitten by a rattler is worse. Who cares both are dangerous.”

    Except in this case you have to make a choice between which one bites you. Take the risk of mercury in the vaccine or take the risk of catching the flu – some people are on one side, some are on another. You say tomayto, I say tomahto.

    Also, there’s no aspartame in Typhim Vi, so her making that claim hurts her credibility right from the get-go. The additive list for Typhim Vi is publicly available:

    ‘Disodium Phosphate, Monosodium Phosphate, Phenol, Polydimethylsilozone, Hexadecyltrimethylammonium Bromide’

    No aspartame.

    The aluminum … you’re going to get about 5mg a day just from living, breathing, and eating vegetables that are grown in earth containing aluminum salts.

    But honestly, I feel that we’re both at a point where we feel as if we’re butting against brick walls here. In your episode yesterday you said that people are welcome to disagree – and I disagree with the position here. You disagree with mine. That’s fine. I’m certainly not going to throw a hissy fit and say “WELL I’M NEVER LISTENING TO YOU AGAIN” because that’s just foolish for both of us. My own personal survival plan just differs from yours. 🙂

  19. @Chris

    I am fine with your disagreement. I just think the tuna point is meaningless. You want to roll up your sleeve and get a brand new vaccine that was rushed into production to be protected against a flu that appears less lethal then the common cold, go ahead. I and countless medical professionals choose to abstain.

    One thing we do agree on is the choice. The day any foil hatter is proven correct and they ever try to force a vaccine on anyone physically is a day we really have to make a much harder choice. As for me, my choice for that day is already made.

  20. @Jack

    I’m not disagreeing on abstaining from the vaccine because it was rushed into production, or because you don’t consider H1N1 a threat. Those are perfectly valid reasons in my opinion. I didn’t get the H1N1 vaccine – I don’t get the regular annual flu shot either.

    What I don’t consider a valid reason for not getting any vaccine, not just the flu shot specifically, is because of a feared compound that’s far more prevalent in everyday life. That, specifically, is what I consider a flawed argument. Since mercury is the “poison du jour” because of the H1N1 flu, ergo the whole tuna analogy.

    And amen on hoping that it never comes down to making the harder choice of forced vaccinations. I do feel that there is a limit to just how dumb the government is. It might be very high, but trying to force vaccines would be very, very dumb.

    (Nothing like a lively debate to keep you busy while you wait for code to compile, though. Makes those progress bars fly by! 😀 )

  21. About the vaccines….

    I am pro-vaccine and honestly, I have never seen any harmful effects of mercury in my medical career. However, with that said, I was not going to take the H1N1 vaccine for the simple reason it was rushed through production and no one knows what side effects might occur. I also was under the impression that this H1N1 flu was mild. Then, these patients started showing up in our ICU. After seeing about 3 patients in the unit and seeing how sick they were, for me, the risk of being critically ill vs. an adverse reaction from the vaccine was certainly higher. These patients are some of the sickest I have ever seen and almost half of them have died like a rat. It really is quite amazing how sick these patients are. All the physicians in our practice took the vaccine and I don’t think I know any that didn’t receive it. They all thought I was crazy for not taking it initially.

  22. DUI Felony info.

    OK first of all the disclaimers:
    – I am not a lawyer
    – I do not represent the website listed below
    – I have not used them and cannot vouch for them

    OK – having said all that, I did a quick search on: \"dui felony expunge record\" and got the following site which looks pretty good:

    You can sometimes expunge items from your record. There are lots of variables that play into whether or not you can have things expunged. Talk to lawyer or the site listed above.

    Also – a question. Does a felony automatically prevent you from owning firearms? As I recall, if you answer yes on the application there is room for an explanation. I\’d be curious to know if the person posing the question had even tried to get a firearm. NOTE that lying on the form is a felony itself (as recall) – so don\’t do that!

  23. The H1N1 is manufactured … and their is a plan for population reduction going on for decades. Vaccines don’t work and are intentionally deadly. If you can’t figure out that even the medical community – everyone – acknowledhes the skyrocketing 1 in 150 (or higher) rate of autism, etc, than maybe you’ve had too many vaccines and went to public school.

    Not sure why you refer frequently to ‘tin-foil’ hatters when the proof is there if you’re not afraid to accept. Big Pharma is doing everything intentionally – the known facts have been there for decades.

    TSP – YOU need to take off your brainwashed tin foil hat yourself and step outside (with both feet) from the matrix.