Episode-316- 8 Easy To Identify Non Native Medicinal Plants — 4 Comments

  1. I just ordered some lambs quarter seeds from Seeds of Change. I figure there is no better way to learn a plant, than growing it.

  2. @Hraz
    It grows as a weed in most farm feilds free for the taking but you’ll be able to ID it real easy after planting it.

  3. SAS Survival Guide from John Wiseman, on page 82, published 1999

    Rowan or Mountain Ash has small clusters of small orange berries,..

  4. Jack,
    I intend to clover over some of my land (1000sf) with white clover . Should I put down cardboard first , then clover seed , then a fine layer of dirt or potting soil ? How would the roots make it through the cardboard?