Episode-312- 8 Easy To Identify Native Medicinal Plants — 9 Comments

  1. Hi

    First time I’ve contributed to the site although I’ve been a regular (almost daily) listener for 6 months. I’m a family physician in Ontario, Canada and I’m looking forward to listening to today’s show on my commute home for obvious reasons. Canadian listeners might be interested in a book on this topic, currently available in Canadian Tire stores for $29.95 CAD, “Edible and medicinal plants of Canada”. With loads of colour photos for the horticulturally challenged like me. (No, I don’t get a commission on sales). Have a good weekend.

  2. Hey Jack,
    Enjoyed today’s show.
    One thing to add to Black Walnut.
    If you use the wood, try to avoid breathing the fine saw dust from sanding or whatever and try to avoid getting the fine dust in your eyes. Use goggles and a dust mask.
    It can be uncomfortable at best and much worse if you’re sensitive to the properties of the black walnut.
    Thanks for another great show!

  3. Jack,
    Great show! You might want to consider adding the botanical names of the plants you talk about. The same name could mean a very different plant in different parts of the country, and will often confuse gardeners. Botanical names are consistent across the whole country and I think world wide.

    Please do more herbal and plant shows! 🙂

  4. From my understanding the dandelion is native to Europe and Asia? Just what I always heard and read. Just wondering.

    Also from the native Americans from where I came from always said NOT to drink pine needle tea while pregnant! It could cause you to abort! So if you are pregnant that is your disclaimer.

  5. Hi there.
    Love the show Jack. Awesome to hear my views and ideas more intelligently expressed than I could manage. I’ve listened to about a quarter of your shows by going through the archives. Thanks very much for doing this.
    I’m 50 now been under martial law twice before I was 21. Once in Canada (FLQ crisis) and once in England (IRA bombing campaign). Also have lived through three power outages of a week or more. Yeah I’m prepared

    Either we are both color blind or the fruit of the american mountain ash are orange. Actually almost the same orange as some vitamin C tablets lol.

    Peter, Just to add, the book is by MacKinnon and Kershaw and others and published by Lone Pine Publishing.

  6. Jack,
    Great show, as always, just wanted to ask if you are familiar with Red Oak bark tea? I was told about it years ago, and googled it to little avail. Your podcast reminded me of it. It is suppose to increase healing. I may have to try it and report in…

  7. It\’s kind of ironic that this is the podcast right when the Health Care bill gets passed through the House. The wisdom and simplicity of medicinal plants v the overwhelming stupidity of Health Care Reform.

  8. @ Jetta,
    All pregnant women should check and double check before taking ANY herbal supplement, not just pine needle tea. There are quite a few herbs that can cause a miscarriage. You are quite right to be careful duing pregnancies!

  9. Jack… loved the show and found it very interesting. I have just received my copy of Kyle Christensen’s book on Herbal First Aid and Healthcare… you’ve inspired me to get to reading and studying… and digging up the roots of my lazy susans from the front flower bed 🙂