Episode-2821- Paradigms Fall, The Media is in Denial & The Elites Capitalize — 4 Comments

  1. I can only wish that I had paid more attention to your crypto stuff in November…not to mention 2014. Your ability to see the patterns of systems is almost supernatural. I’m listening now!

  2. Today was a great show.

    1) Regarding the time we are in similar to those around the Civil War and WWII, there is an excellent book about this I highly recommend. It is called “The Fourth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe. It explains how these cycles repeat in periods of 80-100 years, and this had been happening for centuries. The previous cycles ended with the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and WWII. Cycles break down similar to the 4 seasons, beginning with spring and ending in winter. We are in the winter of the current cycle right now. The last 3 cycles ended in wars. Let’s hope this time it isn’t a shooting war. Maybe it will be an economic war and bitcoin could be one of the best weapons. The book is a very interesting read. It was written in 1997 but you can find many interviews with Neil Howe about what’s happening now.

    2) The guy you were talking about sending the tweets to Elon Musk was Michael Saylor. He is the CEO of Microstrategy. He is one of very few CEOs who has survived in the same company since before the dot com bubble. He was the first to put a large portion of his corporate treasury into bitcoin. I heard today their bitcoin holdings are up to about $3B. Last week, Microstrategy held a 2-day meeting attended by thousands of corporate executives explaining how to do exactly what Microstrategy and Tesla have done.

    If anyone out there thinks you’ve missed the boat on bitcoin, I don’t think so. I passed on it in 2014 when it was in the hundreds of dollars. Then I passed again when it was $5k. I wasn’t ready then. Now I’m buying. Dollar cost average your way in. Of course never invest what you can’t afford to lose and plan to hold on for awhile.

    Thanks for a great show, Jack

  3. I remember being told by a teacher in the 80s that we would run out of oil in the early 2000s.