Episode-2679 – Disconnecting from the Psychotic Loop of Media Content — 9 Comments

  1. I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I am right there with you based on the topic headline.  Coming out of last weekend into Monday this week, I felt downright awful.  Very depressed.  And extremely pissed off at all the stupidity which is going on.  I already don’t have or watch TV, but on Monday I stopped checking the Internet news.  I am feeling calmer & more balanced.  And last night I actually made it through without two hours of tossing and turning.

    I can’t imagine how people plugged in to the 24×7 Covid channel are handling it.  Does their life lack such excitement that they need to get it through hype from the media?  Or have they reached the point of having a chip implanted in their brain so the media can directly do their thinking for them?  Has it become an addiction where their physiology is chemically dependent on whatever endorphins are generated watching the drama play out?

    To be completely transparent Jack, if I am not close enough to smell the smoke then I don’t know there is a fire.  I know you don’t want this to be the ‘Covid & Protest podcast’, but I am counting on you to keep me current on what I need to know vs. what the media wants me to believe.

    Thank you!

  2. I’d just like to state for the record that “Nate” and “Nathan Kirby” are different people.
    And the 40% was just what my neighbor who is a teacher told me from her school, like I said in my original comment. I can’t prove the validity of it nor did I get it from the news. (I haven’t watched the news in years)
    I’m also not trying to argue that taxation to fund school is needed. More like trying to get your opinion on how the difference in parental involvement would impact a child’s education in the system that you were describing in that first episode.
    Carry on.

        • I don’t see anything inherently wrong with being me. If it’s in regards to my differing opinions about some subjects, then I do hope it’s not expected that we all think alike and have to agree. We all come here for different reasons and we all take away what knowledge we see fit for our lives. That is all I ever do here.

        • “I don’t see anything inherently wrong with being me.”

          No one knows you, your words are being judged not you, but the fact that you can’t see the difference says something about you.