Episode-262- The Long Term Value of Silver — 5 Comments

  1. A good place I’ve done business with over the last 10 years for silver/gold is Bullion Direct. They charge 1% of the transaction to buy and another 1% to sell. Free storage of your metals. My family bought a sizable quantity of silver locally and paid way more than what they should have. I like doing local business…but I don’t like getting raped by somebody when I buy form them.

    Hope this helps somebody.

  2. So I bought some silver rounds from American Tea Party and had a fantastic idea that they would make outstanding gifts. (The actual “Tea Party” rounds) They will give me an opening to explain the “Prepper” point of view! Of course the conversation will start out with over taxation (and government over spending thats leading to it) then lead to how a person can become more self reliant and less dependent on government!