Episode-261- The Debt Prison vs. the Survivalist — 13 Comments

  1. I just wanted to put my two cents in on Enterprise. I also am not happy with them. I have rented cars from Avis and not had any problems with anything at all. At Enterprise, I have not had luck getting picked up on time, and there has been questions on the rates in my case as well. I actually bought a small car instead of renting from them again. It was not what I wanted to do, but Enterprise is the only car rental in my area.

  2. I got screwed by Enterprise about 20 years ago. My car broke so I made a reservation and they said they would drop off a car in the morning. Around 10 I called to see where they were, they said they didn\’t do drop off but would pick me up in a few hours. I got a ride from a friend and then they said they were out of economy cars and I could wait for one or pay more. After I blew my top they gave me a free upgrade but still wasted hours of my time. I have rented from them since but only because of limited options.

    My only worse experience was with dollar. I made a reservation for my honey moon in Australia. They refused to honor the price in the reservation and said it was a mistake in the system and complained to me about americans wanting a price that was too cheap (I was not the only one with a similar reservation). It was miles to another car rental and I opted to save the time for more important things. That is one company I will not do business with.

  3. Jack,
    A good book to read for everyone that I thought was interesting was: The Millonaire Next Door, Surprising secrets of America’s Weathy by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danke
    Describes how millionaires shop for used cars, pay a fraction in Income taxes, raise kids who are unaware how weathy the family is until they grow-up. They live below their means and reject the big spending lifestyles.
    I found it interesting that after reading this book, I could look at a person and pick out people who were doing well and who weren’t. Its almost scary.

  4. More Enterprise hooey to report in.

    Feeling safe and secure in that Impala you rented, because it’s got standard side airbags? Not from Enterprise!

    They special-ordered a fleet of 66,000 Impalas without the side airbags, and then proceeded to sell them off down the line afterwards without telling anyone.

    All to save $175 per car. Evidently that’s what your safety is worth to them.

  5. I’ll never use Enterprise again. After the massive hail storm we had April 08, my car went in the shop for body work. I had a car promised, just call us after you check your car in and we’ll be there. So I call. It went something like this:
    “Sorry we have no cars available”
    “Excuse me, I have one reserved, you promised me a car, said there was no problem getting me one”
    “Well, we’ve had a hail storm (no news to me) and we still have over 100 people waiting on cars from yesterday, we’ll have to give our next available cars to them, we will call you as soon as we have one available”
    “Why didn’t you call to tell me you had no cars ahead of time? Instead of promising me one?”
    “We don’t have the time to call that many people. We’ll call you when we have one available. Click.”
    No time to call? So they’d rather talk to angry customers when they are waiting to be picked up?
    I made other arrangements. Several weeks later, I get a call from Enterprise, “we now have a car ready for you, Do you still want it?”


    Several years back my kids were watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. His TV was broke. He said what do I do? I have no money to buy a new one. Oh, I know, I can use my credit card. He buys a new TV set. No where in the show did I hear anything about paying it back, etc. Maybe I missed it, but I learned that you need to monitor even kid’s shows to see what is being taught.

  6. I see a lot of negative comments about Enterprise here.
    I am sorry that some of you had bad experiences with Enterprise, but I have rented cars from Enterprise for a very long time, and I have never had a bad experience with Enterprise.

    One time they picked me up at the airport to go to their offsite location so I could pick up my little econobox car to do some business. When I got there, there was no econobox available, so they let me have the brand new Chevy Tahoe that they picked me up in. Same price as the econobox. I was very pleased.

    This problem with the Impalas came as a surprise to me, I have always thought of Enterprise as a reputable and trusworthy company.

    I guess it depends on the location you are dealing with, but I\’ve always had real good service and no hassles like with the other much more expensive major rental car outfits like Hertz or Avis etc.

  7. My daughter was getting her car fixed and the shop arranged for her to get an Enterprise rental at their expense(if you are in the San Jose, CA area and need an excellent Mazda mechanic let me know).

    It was clear on all the paperwork that the shop was to be billed but SOP they needed her credit card as well.

    A month later she is billed by Enterprise for the days she had the car. She protests to the credit card company but is rejected as her signature is on the agreements.

    We checked with the shop and they says we paid the bill. We get copies of the shops paperwork and then spend 45 minutes to get it resolved. No answers as to why or an apology, more like “Opps you caught us” response.

    We report back to the shop and seems this is not the first time it’s happened.

    We have been in the habit of using Hertz Local Edition now. Use to be Enterprise was the only option for rentals without going to the airport and paying all the airport imposed fees on top of rental costs. Not anymore…..

  8. Jack, great show today. I have been living this lifestyle for the past few years now and people look at me like I am crazy. I cannot tell you how many “debates” I have gotten into about how you need credit to buy a house and I am foolish for not playing the debt game. I’m going to be spreading this podcast around to those around me. Hopefully you can get through to them when I have failed.

  9. I found your show on
    They present yours shows in a very organized manner.
    As for my Geo Metro, The money saved by not buying and expensive diesel car can be put toward
    survival food, weapons, and a cashe of gasoline.
    There is a risk in everything we do. You tangle with a semi in a geo metro or your car and your chopped meat. I fly Cessna’s and drive motorcycles. Are they anymore dangerous than driving a geo metro? This is a matter of choice.
    I was only saying that more people can work on gasolene engines that diesel engines. great show.
    your a man on a mission.

  10. Great show and I do like that you continue to re-iterate that debt is cancer; I know you mentioned that CC’s are bad (and I agree); the issue is that at least at the moment in Canada, I don’t believe the Bank Card/Debit Card with a Credit-Card logo (for use in securing car rentals, etc.) are available here. So at the moment, I can’t get rid of mine or my wife’s.

  11. @BlackMacX,

    That is to bad and if it is indeed the case the damn thing may be a necessary evil. Even if so you only need one and it should only be used for that one purpose and in my view when you settle the bill do it with a debit card or with cash.

  12. I can\’t remember the last time I rented a car or who I rented from. I\’ve never really had any issues though. I do believe that service and doing \"what\’s right\" are probably some of the most important aspects of a business in a consumer driven market. If I have a choice I\’ll spend a little extra to be treated right if that\’s what it takes. I\’ll also share my experiences with others like Jack did. Unfortunately for Enterprise, Jack has a lot of friends (loyal listeners). If one of my friends has a legitimate problem with a company, I keep that in mind when making my choice. Unfortunately for Enterprise, that means they\’ve likely lost my business in the future.

  13. Enterprise sucks. Hertz was out of cars and I was forced to use their lame service. After waiting 20 minutes in line, the guy looks at my ID and sends me to the other line. The guy tries to upsell me everything from a bigger car, more insurance, gps unit, etc. Then asks me to rate their service. I tell him that I am moderate to slightly disappointed. He then begs me for five minutes and asks me what he could do – give me the freakin keys so I can get out of this hole.

    Then, I needed to keep the car for an extra two days. After calling and being on hold for 30 minutes I hang up and call back. Sorry, we’re closed (8pm at airport location?). No message machine, no 800 number. The rental receipt says the car is $66 a day “special” rate, but if I don’t turn it in on time I will be charged $22 an hour extra. So, does this mean if I keep it another two days I will be charged 24 x 2 x 22= $1,056?

    So, I log onto Hertz and they now have a car available. Back to the airport to switch cars – another verbal attack for not liking their service. Finally, I said “I’m leaving, give me the reciept.” Hertz car is waiting in the gold lot, key in the ignition.

    Next time, I will take a taxi before I rent from Enterprise.