Episode-255- Mixed Bag Wednesday for The Survival Podcast — 10 Comments

  1. The host would like to remind all that any racist comments posted are quickly removed. Since we had some all responses to them were removed, it had NOTHING to do with the tone of the responses, it was only that with the hateful comments removed your responses made no sense.

    To the twit that made the racist remarks (which by the way accused this site of racism) you would do well to read this link.

    Racist comments are not permitted here. Racism is not based on the direction it flows. Just because a Hispanic is saying the things about white people doesn’t make it any less racist. No racist speech is permitted on this site. Calling Obama an ass clown is not racist, Bush was an ass clown so was Bill Clinton, Bush Sr. Jimmy Carter, I can go on back to Andrew Jackson before I run out of Ass Clowns!

  2. I watched Colony and questioned if the members should even have allowed the truck through the gate. I wondered if they could have conducted their barter outside.

    Another point (positive): While it wasn\\\’t very smart for everyone to leave the safety of the building to barter, at least Mike (?) was wise enough to say something like:\\"Only send out 8 people, the rest of you stay inside\\". At least if the situation was real, the (possible) bad guys wouldn\\\’t necessarily know whether there were more \\"defenders\\" or not.

    They still need to be more organized in everything. Perhaps schedules or something – like: This is what I plan to do today, or, this is what we need to get done today. Who is doing what and when and where, etc.

  3. Very entertaining show today! Some good laughs in there.

    About the Martial Artist Lady, sounds like she belongs to a McDoJo, meaning fake worthless martial arts. I believe the best are considered sports, like boxing, wrestling and Judo, yet still not that great for combat. Rapid Assault Tactics designed by Paul Vunak is more practical. Four moves to master, headbutt, knees, elbows and thumb in the eye, this can be learned in a few hours. Along with that she should have taught strategies like Surprise, Fakes, Deception, and Control. I like your comment on escapes and grappling. To me that falls under control, never to let your opponent gain any, and to break it ASAP.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Pittsboro is local to me and there are a few things that most of the national media coverage has missed about the Plenty. This is the second go-around with “the plenty” the first one was about 2002. It was created with the idea of keeping local dollars local, encouraging citizens to use the plenty at local farmers markets and establishments who would then use it to purchase supplies locally — it never took off. In 2008 it was revived by the local oil barons and a few like minded others, they wrote an awesome press release and it was picked up by some national news sources. I still don’t think it has taken off. Pittsboro has about 12,000 residents plus another 10,000 in the surrounding areas — $15k spread over 22,000. . . people you do the math. I have never seen one – nor has anybody that I know.

    Yes we have a piggly wiggly – I don’t think it has started taking Plenty. One of the local Cafe’s does take it, so does the oil refinery, the over-priced Co-Op market and most of the vendors at the farmers market. A couple of the shops on main street take it but I don’t have much use for incense, local folk art or used ladies’ clothing. You can exchange Plenty for US dollars at the local bank, 1 plenty will get you $.90 back. So if a merchant accepts a plenty as payment and can not give it back out as change they take a 10% hit on what you bought (crazy to hurt local biz by “helping” them).

    This summer things got a little crazy after an oil-refinery employee who is paid in Plenty attempted to pass one at a barber shop as currency after the service had been performed – the barber shop refused it. The employee then got on a local e-mail bulletin board and called for a boycott of all local merchants that did not take Plenty – chaos ensued.

    Honestly I wish this thing would just die.

  5. Animal attacks: in the tropics, one of the most notorious rabies carrier is the mongoose. Normally they fear humans. We’re taught that if it doesn’t flee immediately after you’ve established eye contact with it, then it might be infected with rabies.

    Perhaps there’s a lesson here for those who live in areas with foxes, raccoons, etc. Play defense if the animal doesn’t move away from you.

  6. I stumbled onto a youtube today where Peter Schiff was trying to explain inflation to one of the people quoted in the WSJ article. This CNBC interview was done in 2006. Once again Schiff was proven correct – he talked about inflating a housing bubble.

  7. I hope my comment would reach some who care, I live in Asia so rice is our staple. Earlier the article on putting unpolish rice in hot water for 12 hours then another 12 hours in cold water is not eatable. Normally just wash & put the rice under water overnight then just press cook, any longer the rice will start to smell. All meat & bones can be compost, dig about 6\\" below a fruit tree & buried it then we get good & sweet fruit. A cross bow has advantages over the gun when in jungle or wilderness because in riots the best is to retreat into jungle, if there are several enemy crossing into your territory then you can ambush them without them knowing which direction the attack is coming from until all are killed.

  8. Great show Jack. I always appreciate your insights…But slipping in and out of that southern accent is like listening to fingernails on the chalkboard!